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  1. im surprised alot of teams dont look at vegas model and try to model after them, it's like they are stuck in their own ways. i mean i think fans are so obsessed with rookies because they think they are going to change the franchise around but dont look on the other side of the coin that rookies can hit a wall and hurt you in the long run, i think that's why there's very little rookies on the vegas team because of that rookie wall and just have experienced players.
  2. you have to get the right players, you have to sign players that have won championships, i think that's the problem with this team this season, there's too many unproven players on this team that's trying to figure it out, i think that's why we are struggling, like whatever young players that fletch is good with next sesaon that's fine but we need more vet championship experience type of players on this roster, that's what we are missing right now.
  3. and you know something im glad howie did that because we would never won that super bowl. for this to work with the flyers, the players they have to target for this work and im just throwing names out there is ovi, saad, krejci, hamilton, bonino, martinez, gudbranson, perry, coleman, paquette, bozak, brassard, frolik, rask they all won cups that's how the eagles won it this way, most of them won sbs accept alshon. i mean that's the pipe dream but if fletch somehow gets rid of every big contract and work these players within the cap, they would a cup contender no doubt.
  4. yup, i can go back to the games before hak was hired, we were always having problems scoring goals, i mean at times we had on offensive outburst but after that we were never an offensive threat to anyone which we were a one and done team in the playoffs, it was we were winning games because of mason like he was always shutting teams down and we were barely scoring goals. i think that's why mason was getting frustrated with the fo because he wasnt getting the goal support which from what i see now i can understand why goalies are failing here and breaking under pressure because the fo doesnt go
  5. it goes to show this team is not offensively gifted. hextall drafted players that arent snipers.
  6. all the vet forwards have to go, but cf has to get some vets on d and let the younger forwards develop, i mean look at carolina, they have a very young forward core with experienced d. there's no other way, not unless you want to tank for 15 years and hope star forwards fall to us, you dont want that either. put it this way we are a 500 team when vet forwards dont show up, that's good we just need more d and great goaltending and we are fine.
  7. i feel like it's a bigger issue with young and vet players on this team not meshing at all. that's why im suggesting try to get rid of the bad chemistry vets and some young players that dont mesh and replace them with players from fa/trades that can mesh.
  8. i dont understand why are some fans are so afraid to move on from this core? i mean they are not young, we are not winning, we are getting worse every year like why hold on to something that's impossible to win with? if they do this and play more young players and dont pan out, we are going to become the redwings, sabres, oilers of bad because we have nothing to build from. i really dont care if they move on from alot of players, it's more cap for us to spend and to improve the team. that's why this offseason is so important because we have assets to bring in proven talent to buil
  9. it's like they are afraid to put their bodys on the ice, like what's so hard about it? like on the pp what's hard about shooting? it's like they forgot how to play hockey.
  10. wtf was myers doing on that ovi goal? like slide, what's so hard about that?
  11. when the season started they didnt play well and av kept calling out the leadership when they werent showing up, i mean it's the same issues in the playoffs and the same issues right now and it's affecting the other players in a negative way, it's gotten worse in my opinion. the only reason we were playing well last year was because our goaltending was bailing them out and other players were stepping up.
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