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  1. im going to throw this pipedream lineup what do you think forsberg, hertl, tarasenko?
  2. this grit and grind style is the reason why this team is bad, it's not working anymore, you look at the kings and islanders they are grit and grind teams and they are falling apart. it's not the gms are bad, it's the styles that arent working anymore. more teams are taking skill over grit. until we have more skill players, we arent going to be successful.
  3. fans dont point what's wrong with this roster, i am our transition d is terrible, they dont know how to get pucks out of zone, they keep soft passing instead of flicking them out of zone, that's not coaching, ellis can do that but he's injuried, our centers cant win draws, they cant get the pucks of zone right either, they stand around dont defend, that's not coaching either. i'll tell you what we need, we need two great centers that know how to win draws, know how to pucks out of zone, defend and score, we dont have that. our d is mess, i mean name one defender on there that's gre
  4. we just dont have the difference makers, that's why you see so much passing because no one knows who will make a play, i mean if you had a crosby and malkin on a first and second line, it would make a huge difference because they know who will make the plays, we just dont have that.
  5. i think our success over the years has alot to do with what positions this team values over the years meaning when it comes to experience. goaltending, defense, center positions, we never went away from that, heck that's why the blues were won a cup, tampa won two cups, it's about controlling the middle of the ice, if you have inexperience players in these positions, it's going to be a blood bath, exhibit a: last year's short season team, didnt get centers, defense, we were a laughing stock. this year, we get centers and defense, goaltending, we are a much better team. i think if w
  6. calgary is good team, they have a good goalie, they have good defensive forwards, you are acting like this team is going to score 5 or 6 goals a game against good teams, it's not happening sorry. tampa isnt going to be easy either, they are a good defensive team and vasily is fantastic, im expecting a low scoring game. we were shooting over 40 shots on markstrum and we couldnt beat him. it's just how it is, if you dont like boring defensive hockey then dont watch it.
  7. this is what im predicting if the flyers dont make the playoffs, i do see alot of vet wingers getting moved including cam i think he has alot of value to get some good prospects back, im not sure they are going to move giroux or he's going to walk in fa or retire. i dont see him coming back, he's not the same player, i think they are going to move tk and a dman maybe sanheim for a center for maybe larkin and hertl depending on who's out there because of the health of hayes. to replace sanheim i think they are going to trade for another star d man. i dont think they are going to rush york in t
  8. at some point you got to stop pointing fingers at the coaching staff and just accept the fact that this team isnt good enough because changing coaches has done nothing, fletch is doing everything he can to get this team into a contention, at some point the players from last year have to step up, if not then there's nothing you can do about accept, just trade players for better talent. talent level on this team can only get them as far as they can go., it doesnt matter what coaches you fire and bring in, it's not going to change anything.
  9. what frustrates me is that we get rid of every coach and they go elsewhere and they are successful like i dont understand how that says that coaches are bad and the players arent? to be honest with you, if av goes to vegas or tampa for example, where there's talent he will be successful. i dont think it matters who comes here, it would be the same issues because of the talent level on this roster.
  10. i hear ya, i want to win a cup as badly as anyone on here but we just dont have the depth to compete for one. i think the players that fletch wanted probably didnt want to come here which is why you got to have a good farm system so you dont have to rely on outside help. fletch had to rely on scrap players on our depth lines because his picks arent ready yet. i cant blame fletch for this at all, he's been dealt with a very bad hand in this. like i said if hextall hit on players especially on d and not have to go out and get ellis and risto, i think it would make fletchers job so mu
  11. hate to say it but you are not going to win cup if you dont hit on players aka hextall's picks. i think this team competing for a cup is going to depend if fletcher's picks are major hits.
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