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  1. then he's not ready if they dont make the playoffs, that's reality of it and i think the organization sees it too, that's why he's not playing, he's 21 years old, you cant rush this kid to be bernie or else or it will the same problem with the other goalies that had potential that crashed and burned because the fanbase and front office has no patience in developing games the right way, let him be backup for a few years, get a starter, let him get the confidence to be the starter slowly and maybe by the time he's 25 or 26 he can take on that role.
  2. who knows maybe hart will lay an egg too, i mean consistency has been a problem with both of these goalies.
  3. now, i know why the bluejackets wanted to get of voraeck because of his lously work ethic and we paid the price for that and why toronto let jvr walk and why i hate giroux's contract and as a player because of his lously work ethic. yes he scored a goal late in the period but that didnt matter, where's that effort in the first period and not when we are losing? it's exactly the reason why are never going to win cup with them because their work ethic is pathetic, they have no fire, they show up when they want to because it's all about a paycheck, im sick of it. they better not be here next year because i cant take another year of these bums not showing up when it matters, that's why we are in the wild card race and we are always going to be there until they go and we get someone that can take this team to a new level. sorry for the long rant.
  4. it's not like we were one goal away from winning the cup, we still had to go back to chicago which we couldnt win there to begin with, we probably still would have lost, this team was out of gas.
  5. yeah, when we are down 3 goals, they step up, not in the first period, how many cups has this team won under this leadership? 0, how many playoff wins has this team won under this leadership? 0, stats dont equal to cups, scoring goals and winning games does. no offense you dont seem to care about this team ever winning a cup because all you do is defend them like they are lindros and leclair. is what apologists do, defend bad players and blame the coaches every year.
  6. our stars giroux, voraeck, and jvr have to step it up every game if this team wants to make the playoffs, they are just not showing up when it matters, that's why we keep losing to less talented teams. it just seems like they want nothing but a paycheck, the inconsistency started with this leadership.
  7. even if the flyers dont make the playoffs, im very confident in this team going forward especially with alot of young players on this team, av has them playing at a high level even if we lose some vets and heck no ghost, it tells you alot about this coaching.
  8. goaltending, i know everyone wants hart to be that guy but he's very inconsistent and im not saying anything about getting rid of him. im saying relying just on hart is a big mistake and it will cost this team games just like elliot is. if we get somehow get rid of jvr and jake's contracts, i would use that money on goaltending. i still want hart here but i also want a proven goalie for few years until hart proves he can handle that pressure of starting alot of games, right now he's not ready for that starting role and he's only 21 years old plus him getting injuried is a concern as well.
  9. [Hidden Content] im sick of his excuses, did ovi or crosby care what side the played on even though they score goals?
  10. sounds like that was ghost's last game as a flyer.
  11. everyone is blaming fletch for not playing more prospects, how is that his fault when hextall throw money at jvr and jake? and now they want fletch gone, it's like what was fletch supposed to do?
  12. nothing is going to change until we get rid of giroux and jake and bring in a talented difference maker, i dont care about the age because tanking for one is impossible and you need alot of luck. i would just keep going after talented older players until a younger one is available and go after him.
  13. he's bad enough where you are down a goal or two, it's guarantee this team will lose because he wont step up. if look at this team when they had lindros and john c, you wouldnt have to worry about whether you are down a goal or not because they will always step up.
  14. plus if we had last year's verison of hart and elliot playing better we would probably be third in our division, our goaltending has not stepped up, this team has the talent we just dont have the goaltending. if we trade some of the vets, i think we should spend on goaltending in the offseason.
  15. giroux should be dropped to the third, fabree, hayes, courturier, pitlick, laughton should be bumped up, they deserved it.

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