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  1. fans are still living in the 90s where were able to get every star on market because there was no cap, after the cap situation, it was difficult to get a star besides briere on this team because of the cap, most of the stars that the flyers went after were trades, it wasnt free agents and sometimes it was luck that they wanted to come here, most of times when we after zach p and sutter, they didnt want to come here even though we paid top dollar for them and still went to the wild. in this era, you cant go after stars in fa unless they want to come here and trade for them and it has to fit under the cap,it's not about paying top dollar anymore.
  2. st. louis didnt make big splashes and won the cup, i think the fanbase is still living in pre 90s era where we can get every star possible and not getting in this era, that we cant because of the salary cap, it's not about making the flashy signings anymore, it's about making the right ones focusing on cheap depth players that can fit in the cap, if they just make big flashy signings, alot of things can go wrong like losing alot of players and relying on phantom players to fix this team, that could really make it worse since the pressure is on them to step up which is a bad idea. i mean anyone that actually watched this past year's team before the moves were made, relying on the phantom players, no one stepped up, it put pressure on hart which caused him to collapse, which results in more losing. do i think fletch is done? no, i think he will make more moves, he will add more vets in cause the young players cant play yet. im very confident this team will do better, if not then adjustments will be made, no firings probably just more young players going back to phantoms and just adding more vets. a flashy move wont fix it.
  3. im thinking they are going to sign some vets on cheap deals for depth and i think this team will be really good, if anyone is mad about fletch not blowing alot of money on players it's because you need depth to win, not just one guy. stars dont win championships, depth and goaltending wins championships if you look at the bruins, blues, kings.
  4. what's more concerning is that the star players not wanting to come here because of what hextall did and didnt do? havent heard anything about the fa's wanting to come here, sounds like hayes doesnt want to sign here, trouba doesnt want to sign here.
  5. you know what, i dont care about hayes, if signs here great if not, no big deal, im confident in our coaching staff, whoever comes in a reasonable deal young experienced or old player, he will do well in this system. st. louis didnt have stars, we dont need stars, we just need good players all over this team.
  6. hextall created a losing culture by not making any moves, not getting rid of the coach, letting this team go to the dumps last year, if hayes goes to the columbus that tells you everything about the culture of this team. not fletches fault and now he has rebuild it by making alot of trades and start winning next year so fa players can come here. fa players always came here because we were always winning, making moves, showing accountability by getting rid of the coaches, hextall did none of that, he has to be held accountable for that.
  7. plus gudas is a third rounder and niskanen is a first rounder.
  8. if hayes doesnt sign here that's why and if they dont make any moves, i would say no.
  9. cap space is lame excuse because bryz wanted to come here when we were against the cap and that's why they traded richards and carter, what great players in the last 5 years wanted to come here regardless of cap space? give me names besides jvr?
  10. i hope im wrong but something is telling me where are not destination for free agents, i know jvr came here because of philla ties but everyone else because of what hextall did to this team, i dont know if anyone wants to come here if hayes doesnt sign.
  11. hextall got himself fired for not making any moves and not firing the coach, there's no point in keeping him if he's not going to do anything because you saw the team was going downhill. the other thing is homer's moves is what brought us to the stanley cup finals and almost won it but fell short of injuries to our goalies, if emery stayed healthy, i bet homer would get alot of love but of course it's always he's a bad gm, tear this thing down etc mentality with the fanbase, what else could homer have done? it's not his fault we couldnt get kane and towes because of the lottery not falling our way. at some point, you got to stop pointing fingers and just move on and improve the team, that's all you can do and hope it works and not sit around expect inexperience prospects to become your stars, they could bust and we are back to square one. you have to take chances, take risks, there's no other way. if you want this team to tank, go luck with that, not every draft class is going to have mcdavid, the oilers learned the hard way.
  12. yup, one word that matters when it comes to young players is chemstry because when they have chemstry with the prospects in the minors, it really develops their potential, especially when you bring them up because they know how to play with each other. that's why im saying dont bring any way prospects up, let them develop in the minors, so they have chemstry with one another when the time comes, you can bring all three up on the third or fourth line, the coach doesnt have to figure out where to play them at. familiarity is such an important aspect when it comes to a team sport. getting the right players can make a huge difference.
  13. if hayes doesnt work out, i would like the flyers to go after kadri and instead of getting trouba, i would try to go after marner, nylander or kap if they are available because they played with jvr in toronto, they would be good chemistry and just go after two defenseman in fa like stralman and girardi in fa, since they played together in tampa and av connection plus they might cost less.
  14. that's a sick lineup, now as the defense, if fletch somehow does that for the d and they stay healthy, and hart plays like his rookie form, we will be cup contenders
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