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  1. our defense was crap, you actually wanted him to run this thing back and expected something different? like what did you want to fletch do? what moves would have satisfied you?
  2. we sucked with these guys, what is it that you dont get? our defense suck, these guys you listed suck. your solution is run this thing back and expect a different result? nothing has changed for 6 years doing that. you dont seem to care about the result, all you care about is these players that got traded personality, all you do is make excuses for them why? where has it gotten us? fletch is doing this to win to cup is that such a bad thing now? did the 2010 cup finals loss make you lose your winning mentality and just cater to players and picks? this is not a social gathering, it'
  3. who do you prefer? dougie wasnt coming here, jones wasnt coming here, there's no other options, the other option is run it back and B### about this team again next year.
  4. dont worry bro, it's been reported that jake wants out, so he's next.
  5. some morons on twitter are saying running it back like did these idiots just watch the kraken draft?
  6. jake is going to be moved tarasenko or not, they are probably going to take some salary back and include picks, it's the only way.
  7. eichel is a cancer? that's news to me, i dont know much about him, um no it's not about distracting you from anyone im just throwing out a star names even though i dont know much about them, that's why im asking for your opinion on them, if you are against it that's fine, if they are better fits for this team im open for that.
  8. i understand your reasoning, the only reason i put this up is because if you want bring in as much talent depth as possible without going over the cap is play the rookies since they are cheap while having proven talent on the roster, this is just an example i know that's not going to happen but i just think this a good way to rebuild your team without tanking. what's your lineup ideas? im open for anything.
  9. you want morin on the third pairing?
  10. how about this for the heck of it, i'll call bluff on the rumors until i see it lindblom eichel allison farabee danault konecy forester hayes brink desnoyers laughton wisdom provy-jones hagg- hamilton york- braun
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