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  1. jake debrusk is on the block, would you trade for him? some fans on the forum says we dont need him, we have players that are better than him like seriously are fans so obbessed with the prospects that you wouldnt trade for talent when it's available? like that's crazy.
  2. yes i think ghost is gone he doesnt fit with av and i believe this team will win a cup in a few years because av's successful defensive system that works in the nhl that's why he was my number 2 candidate if q didnt come to come here, they just need few more players that will fit and believe this team will win it all.
  3. im not against playing the young players, i just want at least a proven young or old impact player to help these young players grow.
  4. yup and every line needs an impact player with younger cheaper players around them.
  5. our bottom 6 has to be cheaper players and top 6 has to be fixed, not to mention our top 4 has to be upgraded as well, it's going to take alot to improve this roster.
  6. remember our bottom 6 guys he brought in will go to free agency, if he says anything bad about the top 6, the value of the players go down and the reputation of the organization will go down as well. he said he will make trades so im believing it's going to be some or one of the top 6 players.
  7. that's the issue with these prospects, they are no game changers, that's why im saying if there are game changers are on the block, trade them for those players because relying on them and not producing can really set franchise backwards, heck there's no guarantee there's going to be game changers in the top 5 draft heck you could be drafting nolan patrick again.
  8. if they strip the c or trade giroux, you think kevin hayes would be a good candidate for captain since he would listen to av and has good relationship with his players?
  9. yeah they are always sticking up for the players and blaming the coach, im surprised they didnt eat crow when berube won a cup with st.louis like these fans on that board so closed minded that's it's always the coaches and not the players. berube winning a cup with st.louis proved the fact it is the players.
  10. they have to shop giroux, jake, jvr and see what they get for them and bring in new talent, heck i would throw tk in it, he sucks too, i think they need a complete rebuild accept i would keep hayes, myers, and provy, fab and throw the rest to the garbage.
  11. yeah, i apologize for that remark, i wasnt thinking clearly, if only av had a crosby and malkin type of players on this team, i dont think there would alot of pressure on him to win in the playoffs. something the rangers and canucks never had when he was coaching those teams, hopefully fletch can somehow bring someone like that on this team.
  12. sometimes i dont get this fanbase, how many coaches has this same group of players been though? this is the 4th coach. how many more coach firings is going to take to you to get that it's the players? even coach q couldnt get florida past the first round, he wouldnt make a difference with this team either. i mean give av credit for actually getting this team so far against a very good islanders team but i dont think talent is good enough to beat tampa, tampa is on another level, we are not going to beat them. you know i get that you want these core players to win a cup, i get it but you have to come to reality that these group of players arent talented enough, if they were, they would be winning cups 8 years ago and we wouldnt going through these coaches. we are in the same position as florida, we have to retool this team to get better talent on this team, it's not enough.
  13. i know this is an overreaction but would anyone be open to trading tk for bigger younger talented winger like laine?
  14. it's on the players, it's not on the coach, all right fire av and hire next coach, team plays like crap, fire him, hire new coach, same result, it's not going to change until we change the leadership and we werent going to beat tampa anyway. not playing for sixty minutes is on giroux not the coach, that's why you have a captain on the ice, the coach cant play for them.
  15. if hart plays out of his mind and our offense shows up we will win.

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