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  1. it's like not giving wentz the receivers and not giving hart an elite defender next to provy and 3 elite goal scorers.
  2. they had a chance to get laine last offseason but of course like typical philly strategy they always back out and overrated our own guys and backfires. hate to say it but i think this is the philly culture accept the phillies, no outside stars allowed on philla teams accept it has to be our own players.
  3. it's the whole roster in general from hextall's drafting defensive first players with no offensive skill, that's why you see alot of passing and no shooting because they have no shooting skill. i mean you see it in the shootouts where there's no skill in these players at all. not to mention, the goalies in general are alot bigger than it was 10 years ago which makes it harder for players to put pucks threw the legs since they have a larger reach advance which is why they need players with shooting skill to elevate the pucks and not shooting at the pads.
  4. if this team has a bad record this year do you see them canning fletch if another great gm is out there or does it have to do with our bad cap situation?
  5. if the fo doesnt have a pulse, they probably will.
  6. there's so much pressure on our bottom 6 because our 3 main players giroux, jake, jvr arent producing. i said this on another forum, if they dont show up, we will not make the playoffs because of every team that has 3 elite forwards that produce make the playoffs.
  7. remember hextall drafted most of these players, it's pretty much a grind team and not sniper/skilled team.
  8. i wonder how much it's going hurt us especially if we need a new core to build around, im not confident in patrick and frost, if they arent our core players, this team might go downhill fast. fletch really screwed himself up on this one.
  9. yes fletcher's moves werent good, but im talking about the forwards that were drafted by hextall accept hayes/fletch addition they all lack skill.
  10. hate to say it but you have to put on this on the management hextall/homer, all the players they drafted and traded have no skill, everything was about grit and grind for goals, it just doesnt work anymore, now fletch has to clean hextall's mess by drafting more skill players. i guess whenever we get cap space back and hopefully he adds more skill players, i dont see this team competing for another 2 to 3 years because of what hextall/homer did. that's why tampa won the cup, steve adding skill players not grit and grind players.
  11. they should have never signed giroux and voraeck and instead trade them and i hated those contracts the minute they were signed because i knew for that for the fact they werent going to get us over the hump.
  12. on the other forums, the consistent complaining that it's av like ok, how many coaches have been fired for this same roster, same problems? 3 and if av cant fix it, you dont think maybe it's the bigger elephant in the room that built this roster aka homer/hextall for the reason of the failures?
  13. i just watched nhl network they have us ranked 17th in nhl prospects like what? freaking bias hate against the flyers. are they expecting us to have top 5 picks in the farm system or something?
  14. if barzel is on the block, would you trade for him if the price is right? because our top players are going to regress and we need some young core players to build around eventually.
  15. if we dont make the playoffs, we have to trade jvr and ghost to clear cap at the deadline so we have the money to spend on new core players, im not trusting fa because players have their own ideas on where to go, trading for these guys like homer did in the summer of 07 is the way of improving the team without relying just on fa is a dangerous idea.
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