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  1. it is a good win but the core has to really step up for this team to make the playoffs, cant afford no off games or else we will be picking in the lottery, i dont know maybe we will get new jersey's luck in getting Lafreniere and this team will take off next year.
  2. these core players have to go, it's just frustating so see these players not do anything again and again. like i said we are not going to the playoffs if they dont step up and what frustrates me more is twitter defending these players and going after the coaches, like how many coaches are going to get fired over this core to find out it's not the coaches.
  3. unless the core shows up, this is pretty much what im expecting.
  4. the coach can only do so much, it's up to the players, i said in the beginning of the year, if the flyers want to make the playoffs, it depends on the core players stepping up. if they dont show nothing at the end, they have to go and that's the reason.
  5. it's amazing how the vets accept the core ones are speaking the truth and the core players is talking the same bs. i think we all know what the problem is.
  6. sounds like it's time to move players in the offseason, if they dont pick it up.
  7. even fletch never said anything about this team being a contender and about making the playoffs, it's all on them if they did and he's right. because you cant keep changing coaches every year and expect anything to change and hextall drafted these players that are on this team. i think alot of young players are just going to be ahl players and called up when needed and fletch will probably bring in more experienced players in offseason which is why he has to dump the core to get more cap space to fill the bottom 6, d, and backup goalie
  8. giroux, jake, jvr, it's all they do is pass, it cant be just the young players doing everything, the leaders have to step up and the excuses i hear from another board and twitter is that they are on the wrong sites on pp, it's like what does that have to do with them not shooting the puck, it didnt matter to ovi, he's was scoring at will. thing is it's not this year, it's been this way since lavy got fired, we changed the coaches four times, nothing has changed, it's their mindset. like i said, if we dont make the playoffs it's because they didnt step up and that's why they have to be traded, cap space and getting players that want to shoot and be the difference makers, if they dont get traded, it's going to be the same result, heck it's been the same result for the last six years and there's no accountability with them.
  9. if the wild had a star goalie and a great coach, you think they would have beaten the blackhawks and la? i just think they never had a star goalie, that's why fletch had to trade for a goalie and he had to settle for lously coaches.
  10. i get why there's alot of hate with fletch when he was with the wild but isnt more a fact that he didnt have the coaching that got him over the top?
  11. no, i think he was favoring it the whole time it just wasnt that bad, i guess at times it bothered him, at times he didnt, because at the beginning of the season he looked good, he looked fast, he looked confident then he started looking shaky, something didnt look right, he's not going to say im hurting a little and i dont want to play. he's thinking he could play through it. it happens with alot of players. im not making excuses for him, im just saying maybe that's why he struggling with his five hole
  12. hart didnt look 100 percent, maybe that's the reason why he's struggling, he didnt look fast on his skates, maybe when he's fully healed he'll play 100 percent and he'll play like last year, i just think he didnt want to sit out and play through the injury until it really bothered him.
  13. problem is hextall never went after those players like ror and dougie and that's why fletch had to sign hayes because patrick couldnt stay healthy because hextall wouldnt go after ror, if he actually went after those players, we wouldnt be in this position. and giroux and jake have to go, they never been the difference makers, if they were, we would have won cups by now and not getting kicked out of the first round, it's plain and simple.
  14. yup, you look at teams like redwings, sharks that hold on to their star players too long, they start regressing and hurting your team and you dont get nothing back from them, you are in a complete rebuild where boston, they didnt hold on to their players too long and traded them to get high value picks and now they are back in contention. the flyers cant be like the redwings and sharks or else it will be a tanking frustrating years to come, this summer it's time to retool this core and give it to courturier, tk, hayes, provy.
  15. im getting the feeling that giroux, jake, and jvr are slowing down , everytime they are in ice, they look like they are gliding on the ice, not even skating hard, i dont know what the issue is.

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