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  1. There is no talent on this team. Couple of good players here and there, that's about it.
  2. Not only did they can Hextall for doing it, they didn't let him do it properly, or he thought he could do the impossible, compete while retooling. Trading Giroux now is, whatever, trading Giroux 5 years ago would have been a bold move and would have netted you far more in return.
  3. Because the Flyers think all their prospects are going to be the second coming of some Flyer great of old.
  4. How do you think the Rangers got those skill players? They got a lot of picks and pieces for trading the guys from the last time the team was good (Zucharello, Nash, Brassard, Hayes, Stepan, Grabner, Miller, McDonough. When have we ever cleaned house like this? If we had a McDonough, we would have kept him until he was a broken old man and then given him a coaching job. They traded Hayes, we signed him and gave him 7 years. Who won those moves? I was on record here as wanting to trade Couts at the deadline last year. I could be wrong, but I don't see any
  5. So they loose 5-3 instead of 2-1. Sounds exciting. I want to gut management.
  6. Keep telling yourself that. I mean no one can prove you wrong. But plenty of people said that even if all these things happen they were no better than the teams over the last decade that made the playoffs and never showed anything.
  7. You think we replace AV and this current roster is a contending team? I think that's insane. I have no allegiance to AV, but the roster and the entire system is devoid of talent. An out-of-warranty Giroux with 160k miles is still our best player.
  8. That wasn't a rebuild, it was a "reload". Holmgren said so himself, they tried to be competitive and the players they got back were supposed to contribute right away. The Rangers rebuild was a rebuild. They sent a letter to their fans asking for their patience and telling them we're not trying to win now. They traded older, established players for picks and prospects who weren't going to play right away. And guess which one looks like it might work?
  9. The Flyers haven’t rebuilt over the last 10 years. Hextall tried to be competitive while getting the team out of cap hell. Rebuild would have been trade Giroux 5 years ago for a boatload of picks. Trade Simmons in his prime for young prospects. Trade Couts instead of resigning him. This franchise won’t accept any narrative except we are competing for a Cup.
  10. They aren’t just a couple of moves away from anything. Letting current management do anything will only make matters worse.
  11. I would like some evidence that the Flyers have enough good players, because I don't see it. Why should they be better than .500? This team has been roughly .500 for a decade and continued to draft in the middle of the first round bar a couple of higher and lower picks. Their picks always are sold as "complete" players who play a "200 ft game", yet we never end up with truly dynamic game changing players (please don't give me Farabee or Provorov or Konecny).
  12. Oh, god no! Nothing is going to change until Clarke and Holmgren are dead and gone.
  13. It's not that difficult. The consistent theme the last 10 years is: 1. they aren't that good, and 2. they are jammed against the cap so they can't do anything about #1. Team needs a total rebuild.
  14. How could I forget: 18. Refs have it in for us since the days of the Bullies.
  15. 14. We built a building that exceeded the height of some other building, thereby angering the hockey gods or something.
  16. When posters complained in the offseason about management (Scott, Holmgren, Fletcher) and the moves that Fletcher made, some said it was too soon to call whether the Flyers would be good. We're now nearly 25% of the way through the season. In honor of this tradition, this thread is for listing your excuses why the Flyers are bad. I'll get us started: Old Man Ellis caught the LBI working in the holler and things ain't been the same. Injuries to .59ppg $7M Hollywood Hayes. This was still a good signing. It's an odd year, so Provorov is bad. Next year he will be good. Wait
  17. How is Hayes going to get to his 45 pts if he is injured all the time?
  18. I wish fans here would have one percent of the anger they had for Voracek for Flyers' management.
  19. The Flyers' offseason moves were lateral at best. This team is not talented. The organization is rotten to the core.
  20. I know Braun was acquired to be a third pair defenseman 3 years ago but I'm sure he's going to be fine being the Flyers' #2 defenseman for an extended period of time.
  21. You seem to be implying that because Beach didn't kill Aldrich when he tried this stuff, Beach must have wanted it. That is messed up. Hope people you care about are never in this situation, but I'm sure you'll be sure to ask them for the entire story and get all the answers before supporting them and I am sure they will be very thankful to have you around. Jesus.
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