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  1. If I had to guess; he'd let KK come out in relief and depending on his play determine if he is good to go against the Devils. If that happens I think we are going to see if this team is trying to make the playoffs or trying to get a higher draft pick.
  2. From Russo KK is starting tomorrow in NJ
  3. Respect. It'd be nice to see everyone on this site realize they are all a little delusional themselves. (Especially Bruins fans )
  4. It's too bad he's having such issues. I thought he'd have a pretty good year this year, and could develop into a huge issue for opposing teams to deal with given his size and skating ability. Hope his migrane issues don't become permanent.
  5. I like Twarynski and being that the Flyers are my 1B team (behind the wild) I am excited to see how he grows. I don't think a trade involving Zucker and JVR helps both teams, but if Philly sends us the right supplementary pieces I think it could work.
  6. If I'm GMBG anyone that will get me a decent return is on the block.
  7. If we are taking that JVR monster salary; I'd like to see a prospect in the mix as well I like Twarynski, but I'd prefer to see Morgan Frost in there. To me ideal deal for the Wild would be Zucker Brodin JVR Twarynski/Frost 2020 2nd or 3rd (depending on which prospect they are sending) I agree with Tropical Fruit Girl on not really being intrigued by Ghost because we don't really have a need for him. To me Dumba is very similar when at the top of his game.
  8. HARD no for me on that JVR contract.
  9. If I had to guess? Scandella and a mix of picks

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