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  1. i muted the sound. i dont like the national announcers
  2. typically i can watch the pregame on the Nhl.tv, but i still cant see the feed. it just says game will start soon. anyone else?
  3. at least they are stealing a point from these refs. terrible officiating
  4. the refs are calling a one sided game here. i dont normally say this, but there is a lot of non-calls on calgary and a lot of bad calls on the wild
  5. anyone else think kunin would be a professional wrestler if he wasnt a hockey player
  6. why was that a valid goal. he did not attempt to move his stick down and clearly redirected it with his skate
  7. its weird everyone is marked as day to day. isnt spurgeon out a couple of weeks, and pateryn is out for most of the season after the surgery. I thought there was a setback or something. i dont remember. my memory is mush anymore
  8. is there any place to see about the updated injuries. it feels like half the team is hurt right now
  9. i like how greenway is always smiling. he scores a goal and the nurse slashes him and he smiles at him. Him and nurse get in a fight, where it looks like nurse got the upper hand, and greenway is smiling at him. It has to get under their skin. it would get under mine. haha, i love it new streak beginning. go wild!!
  10. I'm going to keep think positive. they lost their best defenseman and their captain the same game. I still have faith in them

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