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  1. Saudi Arabia Buys $500 Million Stake in Live Nation, Stock Rises ... 4/27/2020 by Alex Weprin [Hidden Content]
  2. Live Nation/Ticketmaster decision to withhold refunds 'reprehensible,' say fans, members of Congress [Hidden Content]
  3. Ticketmaster still won't provide desperately needed refunds to families during these unprecedented times ... [Hidden Content] "Absolutely revolting" [Hidden Content]
  4. Thanks for the link. Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today laid it all out there perfectly. I hope these giants that are holding the money hear the town folks coming to the gates with pitch forks in hand, "We want our money"!
  5. We have to stand up to these billionaires and say enough is enough. Are fans addictions to the game like crack and we allow these billionaires to control us like minions?
  6. I understand that they won't refund the postponed games, thanks. The point I meant to make is why not refund now, cancel or no cancel, and return desperately needed cash to the loyal fans and families? Furthermore, to put the onus on the ticket holder to resell the tickets for rescheduled games is also abhorrent under these trying times. With the number of people unemployed skyrocketing there are millions of families with kids that need any cash they can get now. I just believe it is rude and greedy, to put it politely, for the NHL and resale sites to hold all that ticket money back when there are so many families/people in precarious financial positions especially when it is their own money to begin with. NHL, do the right thing and return that money back to the purchasers! Think of the positive press the NHL and resale sites would get if they did this for the fans.
  7. Consider the current economic situation caused by COVID-19 where U.S. economists expect jobless claims to accelerate to more than 1.0 million when this week’s data is published. A lot of families will need money to survive. Families that have supported the NHL by purchasing game tickets through resale sites like Ticketmaster have money locked in because the resale sites won't provide refunds on postponed games. Why? To date the NHL has postponed games that effectively allows the resale sites to hold "your" money indefinitely. We are likely talking about millions of dollars that families could use now to survive. U.S. politicians sold investments early on insider knowledge about the severity of the approaching COVID-19 pandemic yet the fans can't get their ticket money back? Something is not right! The NHL and ticket resale sites should show compassion and refund the money to their loyal ticket families now. Should fans, or will fans, return to the arenas after they know how the NHL held their money? This isn't like the lockouts regarding the players and owners salaries but it is about the fans and their family needs. The NHL and ticket resale sites should show empathy and release the postponed ticket money back to the families now. What do you think?

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