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  1. Looks like the Islanders are improving picking up Zach Parise Wayne Simmonds is now a Buffalo Sabre
  2. Not liking either these trades. Pretty much ho-hum doesn't add much of anything. The Caps got more dangerous the Penguins got more dangerous. I would love to see them trade ghost to Toronto for kap
  3. I didn't see anyone posted this. I was reading the article today pretty intriguing. I would do it in a heartbeat if the price is right [Hidden Content]
  4. I love the Reading Terminal Market but thank God I don't live close to it I'm out in the suburbs. I would have no self-control and would wind up on TLC's my 600 pound life
  5. If you want a good lunch I recommend going to John's Roast Pork they have phenomenal cheesesteaks and the best hot roast pork sandwiches besides dincs at the Reading Terminal Market. Gino's Pat's they're all just tourist traps
  6. Man this team is pathetic. Where is the leadership on this team. They all look terrible.
  7. this is depressing. Another year with high hopes same disappointment. the Flyers are just full of third-line players that's it
  8. So one year he hit 50 points out of six years in the NHL. Sorry that's still way too much money and too long of a contract
  9. Giving a guy that kind of money who's never even hit the 50-point mark is absolutely ridiculous. Another Flyers season I'm really disinterested about another season of mediocrity another season of no Stanley Cup. The Flyers are the only reason I have cable TV it looks like that may change in the near future. Now we have two Paul Holmgren's's in the Flyers organization
  10. As good as he is he's coming off what two serious injuries one being an Achilles injury and pretty much disappeared in the playoffs this year with low Point production.
  11. I did not see this trade coming one bit but if it helps by out Andrew McDonald I'm all for it. The biggest knock I had against Gudas his stupid penalties and getting suspended for illegal hits.
  12. I really don't post much but I'm pretty depressed watching former Flyers go to other teams and win the Stanley Cups. Watching Berube Maroon Schenn hoist the cup is disheartening. It just shows me that there's some serious issues with the Flyers organization. In my own opinion until ownership changes and all the former Flyers good old boys Homer Clarky are gone nothing will ever change on this team. I've been a Flyers fan since my dad took me to my first game in 87 32 years of being a Flyers fan. I'm just tired of watching this team come up short year after year.
  13. Congratulations St Louis depressed Flyers fan

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