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  1. Oh, now I get your avatar! (I swear to God I only saw your location after seeing the jersey and then the avatar) My Ducks wore a... shade of purple? Once. And people loved it too. But, well, it didn't match the team's best phase, runner-up campaign apart. Nor did Kings' purple, despite the Miracle on Manchester. But the Ducks had a good reason for that purple jersey. To me, the best jersey in NHL's history will always be Whalers', so, if Seattle wish to keep the same colors of Sounders and Seahawks, they could do it in the same shades Hartford did!
  2. Well, the Lakers wear purple. And if you count the minor leagues too, the Hershey Bears wear brown.
  3. It could but then it would look like Detroit's Al the Octopus.
  4. Yeah makes sense but I think the main problem may be the league/the owners want an "brand new identity" to the franchise. Seattle and the old Metropolitans are not like Winnipeg and the old Jets, that were still alive in fans memories.
  5. I would love it but I don't think they will. I hear some ideas like Seattle Kraken... gross! They could call it Seattle Chiefs and use Chief Seattle as a logo like in the flag plus teal jerseys.

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