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  1. Although I'm not really sure about this play itself, it's funny how some people think that an interference will happen only if you hit the goalie and gets him off balance. Some people are also complaining that if it was interference, why didn't Gally get a minor? But interference does not always result in a minor, does it? Sometimes the call is just a face-off... it's up to the refs.
  2. Here's the disallowed goal: The last time I saw a Gallagher this p'ssed, Oasis disbanded.
  3. This is great, my friend. I love the AHL too. Long live the Monsters.
  4. If they reprise everything that happened that year, can't hardly wait for the draft.
  5. And would be called Toronto something too? Like Toronto Toros or Toronto Legacy?
  6. And yet some people even talk about a second team in Toronto itself!
  7. There was. Some people say the Cleveland Cavaliers broke it in 2016 which is completely unfair. If someone did it, it was the Lake Erie Monsters (now Cleveland Monsters) earlier that year. But yeah, Laine was an asshole. He doesn't deserve the Whiteout fanbase.
  8. Leafs are experienced in that, right?
  9. That said, it's so crazy that might just work. Maybe Torts would prefer a dude that talk back to him instead of some guy that just sits on the bench and later says "Yeah I gotta get better. Please trade me." Or maybe not, I don't know. Who understands him anyway?
  10. This. I wonder how long until Laine shows the same "laidback" behavior of Dubois and Torts shouts his brains off.
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