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  1. thank you for sharing this. It is always interesting for me to read these kinds of perspective insights. I noticed that the experience still varies even to players of the same sport.
  2. Lol this was funny. I've heard a lot about fights in the NHL in the past and it seems that it really needs to have a watch. I've seen the fights and they were insanely violent and sometimes there were not even people that exited the game due to them. They continued to play the game with big cuts which is amazing to see that they still had great games.
  3. Classic. I've heard a lot about fights in the past being more violent and my god they were not lying. It seems that people do need to look back at this to see how far ice hockey has gone. There are still fights here and there but you can never really reach the heights of the fights of the past because they were extremely violent compared to the clean cut players that we have now.
  4. This was a great glimpse into what is happening in the NHL. I've seen a lot of people detail some history about teams and breaking news. This is great to see because the NHL does not have the same coverage that sports like football and basketball have. Hopefully, this can be the best source for people when you want to see a place for Flames news and other teams as well.

  5. This was awesome to see. I know that hockey is the place to see physical fights between sports athletes. Of course, MMA and Boxing are there but they feel so refined. If you get fights in hockey which is a regular event there, it is an awesome experience. Also you still get the highlights of the ice hockey sport itself which is a fast-paced game that can actually play well.
  6. I'm going to play safe and say Letang. The man's got better track record.
  7. I know they are both good players and I know they are almost of the same age and that makes it a good fight. However, is it not time for these players to retire already? I mean I know they are naturally strong but I think for their age they should no longer be in the ring, they might have heart attack or something. Just let them play video games LOL.
  8. I don't think that's appealing. I mean I sometimes look at the sweater of other people but I do not take time tonread what is written there. That seems creepy, having someone stare at your shirt for more than 5 seconds? Much more awkward for girls like me. That is not a nice idea at all, just go advertise somewhere else LOL.
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