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  1. It's not weird at all. Those two teams were laden with veteran talent and stellar goal tending not a bunch of young kids trying to find their game at the NHL level. I have said ever sense the disaster in the bubble AV was not the coach for this team.
  2. You hit the nail on the head with this post. Playing a team over and over exposed AV as I coach that could not make adjustments.
  3. Give it a rest buddy. You know damn well AV was an utter failure as HC. Hey I know you have a man crush on him but he failed as HC.
  4. We need a proper GM before looking for a HC.
  5. Seriously? They honoured Voracek. Why oh why......lol
  6. Just got to tune in to the 3rd period. There is absolutely no structure to their game. Pee-wees play better positional hockey. Unbelievable how bad they look.
  7. Yeah I was pi$$ed too, and to make it worse the both wan a cup with LA.
  8. You talking Richards and Carter? Yeah I thought there was more to that story too.
  9. Not Tortorella fan at all, but he just might be what this team needs.
  10. You are kidding right? No HC would agree to have somebody else select his assistant coaches or positional coaches for him it would hamstring him from the start. Face It AV and his coaches from top to bottom were failures. Oh, I forgot your big argument......it's the players fault, they are playing unmotivated hockey right? Well it's the HCs job to motivate and instill a sense of team to the dressing room and change the culture of a bad team. If he is not doing that he is failing at his job. AV was a failure and so are "his" positional coaches.
  11. Did AV do anything to change the culture of this team? No he did not. Or is that not a HCs job? Did AV teach his young players structure? No he did not. Or is that not a HCs job? Did AV improve this team through smart coaching? No he did not. Or is that not a HCs job? It's AV assistant running the show behind the bench, no wonder it's the same old, same old. Are you AVs agent or something? You sure are sticking up for poor coaching. You know damn well AV never used Ghost in a way to utilize his skill set. As he never did with any young player
  12. Lol, you are kidding right? Bad coaching can ruin a young player quickly destroy his confidence. Why has Ghost prospered in Arizona on arguably a worse team?
  13. So like GratefulFlyers said, why have players like Sanheim, Konecny, Gostisbehere and Provorov all have taken a step backwards? If it's not coaching in your opinion what is it? Maybe all the youngsters lost the will to win or forgot how to play? All the coaching staff still remaining are AVs staff so it's no wonder things haven't changed. Like I said any HC worth his salt as HC would never allow a GM to force a coaching staff on him. This is AVs mess and until a new HC is hired and brings in his own staff it will be status quo in Flyer land. Fletcher dosen't have
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