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  1. I thought this place would be a good place to talk hockey with other Flyer fans. As it turns out I was wrong. Most on here are incapable of civil conversation. If a person dosen't agree with their point of view they are insulted and ridiculed. Well I'm out. Go Flyers Go
  2. Like I said nobody is going to give that for Giroux as a rental. First you have to get him to wave his N/T clause. But hey keep living in your fantasy world. You keep saying trade the whole team, fine and well, but how do you do it? You have to have a trading partner. No GM is going to give a better player for a lesser one. So you retain salary and give draft picks and prospects, well there goes your rebuild. You have just hamstrung the team for years to come.
  3. Even with Giroux do you think as a rental he is worth that much? He is a UFA after this season has a N/T clause. I just don't see it but ya never know I guess stranger things have happened. You know as long as the Leafs don't win the cup I'm ok. lol Cheers
  4. Mattered enough that you commented on my post. Ok I'll play your game, what player on the Flyers is worth a first rounder and a top notch prospect? Aside from Hart, Provorov and Couturier and you aren't trading any of those three.
  5. What my opinion doesn't count? Do I need to bow to your hockey wisdom?
  6. Not going to happen, Ovi is a Capital for life.
  7. No way you are getting anything close to that for him, or that matter current f Flyer with the exception of Carter Hart. Too much wishful thinking on here not rooted in reality. IMO.
  8. Honest question, why do you all think any other GM is going to trade top notch players for our scrubs? Yeah we could add draft picks and prospects or retain salary but that in turn hampers a rebuild. Makes little to no sense to me to completely gut the team. Hell nobody wanted Ghost for free.
  9. Here is a list of players over 28 What are you going to do with them all? Justin Braun Born 1987 Sean Couturier Born 1992 Brian Elliott Born 1985 Claude Giroux Born 1988 Erik Gustafsson Born 1992 Kevin Hayes Born 1992 Alex Lyon Born 1992 Michael Raffl Born 1988 Jakub Voracek Born 1989 JVR Born 1989 Plus there are a few getting close to your cut off number. That's 9 players on a 23 man roster, I didn't count Lyon. How on earth do you plan on turning that many players over?
  10. Tell me who you trade Jake to? Nobody will want him. What do you do with Ghost? Nobody wanted him for free. What do you do with the rest of the team that has been here for a few years? You keep babbling that the players have sucked for 10 years, then why have numerus GM's kept them around? You would think that in 10 years one of them would have thought "these guys suck maybe I should get rid of them" buy hey they didn't. It is much easier to try a new coach than it is to replace a whole team. It has been done multiple times in the NHL. So why is AV more qualified than Babcock?
  11. That's kinda funny in a way but also very sad.
  12. As of March 2021, he is the only coach to gain entry to the Triple Gold Club (Stanley Cup title, IIHF World Championship title, and Olympic gold medal in men's ice hockey). He guided the Red Wings to the Stanley Cup in 2008; he led Team Canada to gold at the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships in 2004; and he led Team Canada to gold at both the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Babcock is the only coach to win six distinct national or international titles. In addition to the three distinct titles described above, he guided Canada to gold at the 2016 Worl
  13. Not at all, Just think he is the kind of coach this team needs at this point and time, and he is available. Heck he might tell thr Flyers to take a flying leap but IMO he is a better coach than AV.
  14. Ok, fair. So the whole thing is on the GM's from the past 10 years for keeping these crappy players and giving huge contracts to undeserving players. While I don't think you are entirely wrong, all the GM's must have seen something in the players. For the record I think Hextall was on the right track with this team his downfall was refusing to fire Hakstol, who should never been a NHL HC.
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