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  1. Well, I am not a big fan of Merrill or Nemeth. I try to imagine how good they would look with upgrades to those two in particular. I’m enjoying watching the youngsters. Larkin; Fabbri and Zadina are all something special. Would love to see Mantha get back into game shape(je is getting there) and can’t wait to get Bertuzzi back. I like where Stevie is going.
  2. The Wings have been looking much better recently. The Defense corps is the weak link, rarely do we see any poise on their breakout passing. I believe Stevie will bring in a couple of stalwart defensemen next year to couple with Hronek and Seider. With the growth of our young forwards this season, they will compete for a playoff position next year, as long as they bring in a couple of solid D-men. Here’s hoping the trade deadline brings a bit more talent !!
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