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  1. Agreed, only problem is the highlight reel of guys skating past him while he waves his stick in the air is a lot longer. Maybe I shouldn't call him a weak or soft player he's just another one of those "when I feel like it" guys and they drive me nuts. And on top of that we gave a whole lot to get him.
  2. Fkn Fletcher are you kidding me? We get this half-ass D-man wannabe who plays about as weak as you can play and still remain active in the NHL...and to get him Fletcher gives up our 1R pick plus a perfectly serviceable 7th in Hagg (and another pick? i'm losing track). Way to go A-hole you really know how to build a team. Throw Gostisbehere to the desert for absolutely nothing and give away - I can't count them all - how many picks in the process? And now this Risto bust of a trade. Look I get it nobody wanted Gostisbehere. But he played well after for the Flyers when he
  3. That sums it up for me too. I like losing JV's contract and I guess this is the best CF could do. I'd like it a lot more if the Flyers were getting back a younger player (by about 10 years). Hopefully Atkinson finds that scoring touch he had a few years ago...
  4. the only thing that'll derail is this forum. His teammates, his coaches and the community where he donates his time for various charity events all seem to like him. But I'm convinced he'll be gone after the draft. Not for any reason generally given here but because he's too expensive for top 6 player who averages ~20 goals. His salary has to buy you a goal scorer.
  5. JeezHC Tarasenko. Unreal. The Voracek haters are gonna *love* pouty little Vlad.
  6. Well he was doing it the year before and when he played a handful of games his first year with the Flyers. His strength and positioning and even more his speed were why everyone was raving about him. There were "Pronger-like" analogies tossed around and sure, way ahead of schedule, but you could see it was there, the aggressiveness and the "Fk You" attitude. But I agree too - the Flyers are better today. Only time will tell how much they rue giving up Myers.
  7. Exactly - that's the other part of this. The Flyers needed help defending Hart, clearing the crease - putting a frkkn BODY on the guy in the paint once in awhile. That isn't Ellis' game at all and if you're giving up a 24-year old D-man with all the natural ability Myers has you should've filled your real need. Of course Ellis will help the Flyers...he passes the puck out of danger very well - that always impresses me about him - he doesn't get rattled. But as it stands right now Carter is still basically unprotected back there.
  8. Sorry if I'm echoing everyone (or no one) but I skipped reading most of the thread. I don't like this trade at all. Ryan Ellis is tough and experienced but he's 30 years old and he has what ... 6 more years at $6.25 mil per. That alone should've been a hard pass. Not the $ the 6 years. Ellis, from what I've seen of him, can play the game, no question he's a good D-man. But to gain a 30-year old and give up a 24-year old...considering where the Flyers are now in the timeline toward winning the Cup...this was a stupid move. Giving up Myers should've been a hard no. So the
  9. I see, you take the leading points producer on the team (along with Giroux and JVR) and stick him on a checking line. Yikes. And who do you like better on the RW top line? Does Giroux skate 3rd line minutes as well? Look I'm all for betting on the youth too but until Konecny gets his game together and JF is more than a one-year sensation I think we'll need to stick with some experienced scorers on our top lines. Are any of the 3 the best money can buy? Of course not. It just happens to be who the Flyers got - and for a few more years. Maybe the Kracken take JVR I certainly hope so.
  10. So it's G5 and wouldn't it be something if ... then back to the Bell. Tampa is so clearly the better team but stranger things have happened. And it sure would be nice to see a more competitive series. A Montreal win tonight makes it one. Easy bet that TB wins the series eventually but if they don't tonight...
  11. This is emblematic of Flyers' fans (and Rangers' fans and Islanders' fans etc). Nobody is ever happy with the last guy but the new guy always sucks even worse! LOL no offense Tucson this rant isn't at you, it just happened I was thinking as I read this thread..."I wish we hadn't bailed on Hextall." I don't have time to scour the web but IIRC when Hextall joined the Flyers as GM they had zero homegrown defenseman on the roster - no Flyers' draft picks who came thru Lehigh playing night in night out. Is that a crime? Maybe not but what team ever won the Cup on borrowed talent alone?
  12. Ugh talk about a bad beat…that 3rd goal just cannot happen. And the go-ahead goal, another one same thing. But it was the Vasilesky show tonight he stole that game. Montreal played so well but 2 goals in 2 games… I heard the team up 2-0 in a best-of-7 only wins the series 90% of the time so hey anything can still happen. Seriously I hope they don’t get swept - I want to see more hockey.
  13. If the Habs best players keep making cross-ice passes up high in the O-zone they will. TB will keep taking advantage of them. Minus the TOs the teams looked a little more evenly matched. If Montreal quits giving away the puck so easily they have a chance, otherwise 4 or 5 games will be enough for TB.
  14. Bad beat for the Isles...hard to test Vasilesky if you don't have the puck. Credit TB they played their game and clamped down the neutral zone tonight. Sucks losing on a shorty and by Yanni Gourde of all people...ha! The champs were the better team tonight and they were the better team in the series. Congratulations Tampa Bay...at least Reggie's record is still INTACT!
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