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  1. McKewan looked good last night - much better than I expected from the little I read about him beforehand. He broke up a great scoring chance by diving btw the circles and tipped a cross-ice pass, sending the puck out of harm's way. This was in the 3rd when it was still a 1-goal game. Not sure how he snagged #17 but whatever.
  2. This is a valid critique of Myers based solely on last year. Hart, Konecny and Myers' regression were all the evidence I needed that something weird, something beyond hockey was happening to the Flyers last season. Those 3 were poster boys and the poster's title was "WTF?" It was almost certainly the issues dealing with Covid, which obviously affected the whole league but for whatever reason just destroyed the Flyers. Maybe they were ripe to fall off the cliff who knows... Anyway my point is when I think of Myers' game I dismiss last year. Completely. I may be wrong but
  3. First game back - first game in a new city RR wasn't so terrible last night, couple nice hits as expected, out of sync with Sanheim also as expected. Sanheim got a bad break, puck off his skate right to Kuhlman. But he lets Kuhlman setup behind him for an easy tap-in goal. If he's more aware and doesn't allow that there is no "bad break." He's young a work-in-progress. I would tell him to showcase his puck-rushing skills later. This year he should concentrate on becoming a better defender.
  4. Climate Pledge Arena... whatever the story behind it - uplifting and heroic I'm sure - that is one goofyass name.
  5. Gotta love the instant chemistry that line is on fire. Let's see the Flyers now have 3 fwds on pace for 82-goal seasons...not too shabby!
  6. Thanks Corky yeah your Bs looked a little rusty...didn't they have a long layoff before tonight or am I confusing them with another team? Anyway the Flyers took advantage of their mistakes and there were a lot of them, unusual for the Bruins esp all the TOs. I expect the rematch whenever it is they'll look more like themselves.
  7. shut me up - he was outstanding esp early when the Bs were all over the Flyers. Impressive win for the Flyers nice to see them racking up goals. To be fair Boston didn't look like they were in sync much of the game - lot of TOs from guys who rarely turn the puck over. Not taking anything away from Flyers they capitalized on the TOs - i think every goal except Farrabee's on the PP was off the rush - how great was that to see!? and Jones shut them down in the 3rd.
  8. ain't that the sad truth... Hayes says he was playing through pain, fine I don't doubt him. And he did play better his first year with the Flyers. But I hope it's not an automatic that he's 2C and DB gets kicked to the curb once Hayes is ready to go. I always liked Brassard back when he was with the NYR. If he's not the player he once was he still brings great vision, good passing and experience/leadership - what the Flyers said they needed and early indications are they did, they do.
  9. well he got hurt...and that was stupid. lol.
  10. You have to rely on your backup of course but there's no point in throwing him to the wolves. The Flyers can beat Boston or FLA if they get great goaltending. Starting Jones against either one seems like giving up before the puck drops. Plus if you're driving all the way from Rochester, NY you deserve to see Carter Hart. My goodness that's a long haul.
  11. IMHO using a fake vaccine card to b.s. your way into places where only documented Covid-free people are supposed to be is deadly serious, as stupid as stupid gets. No surprise it's E. Kane.
  12. Grubauer got hung out to dry tonight but no doubt better rebound control would've helped his case. But my god the Kraken D was so slow they didn't even pretend to defend their net. A lot like the Flyers last year. Nice to rack up some numbers for the boys...nice seeing Konecny connect and Giroux too.
  13. I heard he used a fake vaccine card. If that's true he should never be allowed in another NHL locker room again. Fkn moron.
  14. I imagine AV is relying on the 14-28 connection. And I understand not breaking up a potent top line with good chemistry. It's also the best place for Konecny to regain his scoring touch, with those 2 guys. I'm not saying "don't try it" but I can see why AV is hesitant. Brassard's line played well in the 1st the other night. Nobody played well after the 1st so he fit right in. Who else is there (besides Giroux)? Brassard can prob carry the load till Hayes is back; a few more games we'll know for sure. JVR on a grinder line makes no sense. But putting him on the 2nd line
  15. Watching the goals-against... If Hart has his skate tight to the post he erases 2 goals - Pettersson's PP goal and JT Miller's. The snipe from Podkolzin was unstoppable (except by luck) Chiasson just outworked Sanheim and Braun. I cut the Flyers' PK some slack bc they were down 2 men but that goal was too easy for Vancouver. Okay I'm done with this game.
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