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  1. well sure if that’s all you’re going on…
  2. Ah okay so it’s not quite so bad then. I still can’t get to once-in-a-blue-moon stick eye = abdominal-whatever with Ellis, but Elvis has left the building on that one. Mr. Ellis does seem determined to ride it out (or them as the case may be), whatever’s ailing him, and forgoing surgery. An update would be nice for Flyers’ fans who are once again watching other teams compete for the Cup.
  3. Then I guess we'd be talking about Chara's career-ending injury... Poile did give Ellis away in this sense: had Ellis been healthy all year (or the year before) I don't see that trade happening at that price, do you? I take @radoran overall point about Big Name players; it complements what @SCFlyguy. But comparing Pronger's injury history with Ellis' - how much time did each player miss? Pronger played all 82 almost every year (4 of 15 he missed >4 games)*. Playing 82 was his norm. For Ryan Ellis it's the exception. He's missed long stretches nearly ever
  4. Yes it is but who said that? I suppose not but only because suffering a career-ending injury is a risk all NHL players take, right? I don't think Pronger was any more susceptible to it than other players, particularly guys who play big minutes. No less either. Back when the Flyers traded for Chris Pronger I don't remember worrying about his injury history. When Fletcher signed Ellis it was the first thing I thought of, mostly because Poile practically gave him away. You mentioned his wear and tear as a red flag; Poile's price was another.
  5. Okay - I can see the first part that's a valid opinion. I don't share it but I won't try to argue it. The 2nd part? To me it's a stretch to think his prior injuries played any part of what happened here.
  6. Rangers 40 minutes away from a tie series and it’s no wonder. They’re doing basically everything better faster and with more confidence than the Canes so far. Home ice is so nice. wow save of the game there Igor…Rangers really don’t want to give one up early. Jeez what a break for the Canes Pesce blocks a shot and refs blow the play dead wtf?
  7. I agree with your overall point about another Flyers halfass rebuild under a new name but the example of Pronger confuses me. His injury story is not at all similar to Ellis’. If you meant normal wear and tear well every NHLer pushing 30, or 35 in CP’s case will have their share. But Pronger will forever be one of the NHL poster boys for a freak injury ending a career. Not Ellis. You noted he had a but that’s a far cry from a hockey stick to the eyeball. So, two different players with different injury histories. I guess I just missed why Pronger gets a mention.
  8. Giroux playing for the Flyers again? Only if the headline reads Hometown Discount Shocks NHL!
  9. No offense to whoever came up with this - and it is an interesting thing to kick around I guess. But before the Flyers make the phone call they already know the answers to the What if X and What if Y questions. The NHL is a small world in that sense; everybody knows everybody. If the Flyers were unsure how a candidate handles struggling players he wouldn't be on their radar in the first place. For all of Dave Scott's "blank check" talk I bet the discussions will be almost entirely about the contract.
  10. wow 2 goals waived off. Just a matter of time now before TB gets 1 legit. too bad FL couldn't play this desperate energized hockey in G1-3.
  11. The Rangers are halfway to Raleigh tied 2-2. Shesterkin 1st star. Except for the backhand goal that he wasn't ready for, which rattled him for a good minute; after that it was all "EEE-Gor!" Rangers blocking shots. Someone during the TB game mentioned Stamkos' commitment to blocking shots, why he's got multiple Cup rings. Rangers were commited today, especially in the 3rd. Double-teaming Aho was good coaching not sure how Brindy can counter that in G4. Anyway we got a series now...!
  12. I'm a big fan of his too. Practically anything other than what they did would've been better. An 8-year contract benefits Couturier of course; the Flyers not so much.
  13. Sure and of course before Brindy has to make that decision the Rangers have to win some games, push it to G5 at least. At that point if they're both good to go it could get interesting. But it's all up to NY now, whether their scorers can get some SOG (Z, Kr and Pan have like 5 combined) and bury a few. So far the 'Canes D has snuffed out Panarin's play-making and they've clogged below the dots so well the Rangers' snipers haven't even had a whiff of paint. The Rangers have a lot of comeback wins this year so I'm not counting them out just yet. Should be a great G3!
  14. Wow talk about shut-down D...credit the 'Canes and extra for their PK. They were in front of every play all night. Whatever the Rangers tried, flips, dump-ins, the 'Canes there first. Pretty impressive. Will the Rangers go down in 4 or 5? I doubt it. Will they win 4 out of 5? I doubt that too. But I still think they'll need 7. Just read Andersen is skating no word when he'll be ready. Be great to see him in the POs after the year he delivered. Tough decision once Freddy is ready. What a steal to have them both for $6.5mil combined.
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