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  1. Faaak...was hoping Reinhart would land in Calgary somehow... Totally agree with you that Florida is getting significantly better with each move they make, this is a prime example - and like @Brewin Flamessaid above, they already have so many of the top draft picks of recent years, including our Sam Bennett. Yeah I totally believe they a Cup contender now
  2. Hopefully we can get him back next year though we his contact ends...
  3. Other picks look good too, LW William Stromgren, C Cole Huckins, D Cameron Whynot.
  4. Seems like a good pick, anyone called The Bison is what we want in a player, saw his interview and he tries to model himself after Braydon Point so that definitely a good sign
  5. Tweaking things with the intention of fixing a broken system is good, but don't you think that even after the changes you mentioned, both sides will still find ways and loopholes that will make one side complain that more tweaking is still needed to avoid bad deals? I think most salary regulations have to removed and let the free market punish both sides for bad deals. If teams can't control themselves giving lifetime contacts then let them go bankrupt.
  6. Totally agree with everything you said about hockey is a business not a game, and also about work for pay etc. I'd just rather not have these caps and taxes and let owners make bad deals that hurt their teams, because it usually the richest teams that make these bad deals - and as a Calgary fan when other teams make bad deals it help us in Calgary Also thorough I understand that players have to be greedy and get as much pay as possible like lifetime deals that pay them into old age pension haha, I don't blame them at all for making owners look dumb - owners don't have
  7. Totally agree with what you said. I just meant that I don't care if owners make stupid deals that benefit players.
  8. Still not loving police...

  9. Seattle made good picks and very conservative didn't take any expensive contacts that seemed obvious to take and even didn't take contracts that were pretty reasonable either - such as Domi and Holtby... Picks they took especially on defense were solid, and I like the Gourde and Appleton and Tanev and Donskoi picks too. I wonder why they didn't take a veteran goalie like Holtby that want too expensive, Drieger is ok but for another million a year I'd rather have Holtby. Not taking Domi is odd too, I think Seattle has to get more forwards because just relying
  10. I agree with what you saying about nobody owes anyone anything, least of all owners don't owe players a lifetime deal nor do players want to be paid less than the maximum they can get. We can compare players to roofers, but we all know that roofers are in less demand than players, so players will be able to command a higher price based on what it will cost to get another player of similar value. Personally, I rather just abolish all the salary cap rules etc, and let them all make up whatever contact they like - if you want to play for free then good for you, if you want
  11. I say don't protect any, let the free market reign and let teams keep paying for dumb contacts. If players can get set for life, good for them. If owners can get players for under market value, good for them. Makes more sense than inventing all these rules that lawyers find loopholes around anyways.
  12. Yeah, Edmonton exposing Larson didn't make sense either - but Seattle benefited from that. Other Seattle picks I like are Olesiack and Gourde and Eberle and Donskoi too. They should taken Domi and Holtby though.
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