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  1. It's now end of the 2021 year and even though Tkachuk didn't have to he still did fight kassian and the whole feud seems to be over. I think kassian is a coward not Tkachuk, kassian only picks on guys smaller than him, look at how kassian refused to even respond when Rinaldo challenged him from the Calgary bench. Tkachuk doesn't have to fight everyone he gives dirty hits to, fighting is optional in hockey, but being hit with body checks isn't optional - like Tkachuk said, if you don't like getting hit stay off the tracks. Personally, I don't think any of the
  2. Totally agree, the speed of the entire play is what makes it more amazing.
  3. I hope we keep them both, under Sutter the whole team playing better consistently and getting better with each game - Calgary will be better for sure next year and has to keep players to keep going with Sutter system.
  4. Yeah, I liked 1000ch since he was in Boston and won cup in Vancouver! Hated that Edmonton got him, then happy that we traded neal and got 1000ch! Hope we can keep him for next year, and keep tougher players too like Rinaldo and Ritchie etc. I wish they'd out Rinaldo in line up more often too.
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