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  1. Lucic vs Deslauriers pretty even no damage to either, but Lucic looked more dangerous and got in the better shots.
  2. No damage to either, but Lucic looked dangerous and got in the better shots, gotta think if refs didn't step in he would of destroyed Deslauriers.
  3. Calgary with another loss after again dominating the play for vast majority of game, at least we got one point though. Lucic fought Deslauriers and while no damage done to either, Lucic looked dangerous, I'm disappointed that he didn't get the C or A... Coleman looked good in his first game and his goal scored was very clutch. We better best Detroit on Thursday...
  4. Disappointing loss to Edmonton, but from what I saw Calgary played good Sutter hockey dominating physically and controlling most of the even strength play. Really Edmonton did not have any answer to the size and toughness of Calgary, except to try to avoid confrontations - even Kassian wanted no part of any pushing and shoving, this really is Sutter tough team and week disciplined not taking any bad penalties, even the Rasmussen penalty on Yamamoto was not a bad penalty although it was the turning point score wise. Overall, I'm happy with what Sutter done to make this t
  5. Holy F Sam Bennett with hat trick tonight against Islanders...you guys stole Bennett from us...good for Sam tonight Saturday Hockey Night in Florida
  6. Holy F Sam Bennett with a hat trick for Florida against Islanders good for him
  7. Can't stand those chrome dome helmets, and now LA got the same in silver...uggg
  8. https://www.thescore.com/s/19332103 Silver chrome dome helmets just as shiny as Las Vegas build chrome domes...uggg
  9. Really hoping Seattle can pull off first ever regular season win tonight against Vegas - cheering for Giordano first captain of the Kraken
  10. Definitely the best choice for Seattle they definitely had this in mind before even talking him from Calgary which also would explain more about why Calgary could not get Seattle to agree to any deals around not taking Giordano(and Calgary would not expose others instead)...still hurts that they got him...honestly as much as I like Rasmussen and Hannafin I'd rather have kept Gio and that's saying alot because Rasmussen and Hannafin are the future of Calgary - I'd rather be a worse team in future but be able to honour our past in the best way and to me that would have been keeping Gio at all co
  11. Definitely, but I really think they'll do good, Sutter built the team he wants and this season will show why Sutter hockey still works. I look at other teams especially Edmonton and I see skilled but weak teams - especially defensively. Defence for me still wins hockey games, not every team can be Edmonton/Tampa/Colorado - but every team can play better defensively of they choose to, and this is where we should succeed. Other teams should expect hard fought hard hitting games when they see us, I don't see any team out hitting is this year - so at least there
  12. Very happy with Calgary winning their last preseason game, seemed like Sutter hockey throughout - Ehlers and Morrissey didn't return from some scrums, so must mean we playing harder than the opposition haha. Overall I think Calgary is noticeably tougher noticeably more of a Sutter team, and that's a good thing - not just by getting Zadorov and Gubrandson, but Lewis Coleman Richardson Pitlik are all creating a tougher team identity that Tkachuk seems to fit in with. Calgary is definitely one of the tougher teams now, it's not just Lucic - it's Lucic Ritchie Zadorov Gub
  13. That's awesome if you go it's good atmosphere there If on lower bowl section M is right in the middle which is I think the best since you can see clearly both ends of ice, the rows you can choose as low as ice level right up against the glass or as high as the nosebleeds - like I said before I think section M about 15 rows up is perfect, but if you go higher to second bowl or third I think right at the railing is best since no one in front of you. There's a restaurant in the Dome too, you could eat while watching of you want, the tables have good high views of entire i
  14. Calgary controlled most of game played well, bad calls less to the loss...
  15. Good preseason win against Vancouver tonight All the veterans looked solid pretty much controlling the play the entire game, Vancouver only had half their regular players dressed, but still Calgary looked very good and strong and tough - even Gubrandson beat someone up
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