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  1. Markstrom with strong game and Calgary being tougher and stronger - could tell no one on Florida wanted to fight Calgary heavyweights they didn't even want to fight Ritchie or Zadorov nevermind Lucic or Gubrandson Sutter boys getting it done defensively again
  2. Haha LOOCH Well even if Calgary lost at least Lucic beat someone up
  3. Yeah, Markstrom bad first goal and bad on breakaway too...
  4. Hopefully the 3 day break will help turn Calgary around...
  5. Was good effort from Calgary, good game, but just couldn't keep up with Florida tonight...
  6. Not in tonight line but hopefully soon now he healthy again...
  7. Brett Richie finally activated off injury reserve today, so hopefully he back in line up tonight
  8. Man...Seattle already struggling...wish Calgary could get him somehow have both Tanev brothers and team...
  9. Bennett won and dominated, he gets slashed from behind doesn't know who slashed him and jumps Sanford with flurry of solid shots - man wish Bennett was still with Calgary he a Sutter boy for sure McDermid got takedown and won had better reach but no damage to each.
  10. Trouba won, Trouba smart fighter can really fight.
  11. I think that's what Demelo was doing here, he certainly got the major penalty and it was the turning point of the game for Winnipeg to win.
  12. Faaak, Calgary going into virus protocol...hope they can recover and get well soon
  13. Thinking Calgary should be able to beat Chicago easily tonight to break the losing streak...
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