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  1. ..that selecting Nolan Patrick with the #2 pick in 2017 was a franchise-altering mistake. That is all.
  2. Actually, I was specifically referring to their 1st pick that year on 2017, the one where they got lucky in the draft lottery and secured the second overall pick. Additionally, if I recall, some draft analysts were surmising that Cale Makar was potentially a generational defenseman, and that there was some discussion that Devils were considering selecting him with the top pick.
  3. It’s far-fetched, but if the Flyers are gifted with good luck in the draft lottery, if he’s there, they should grab D Owen Power, University of Michigan. While it’s true that they could use a high-end scoring forward, this kid is the next Victor Hedman, a defenseman who will at long last be that franchise guy to build their defense around, and be in the Norris Trophy conversation for years to come.
  4. Hard to believe that after getting so lucky in the lottery that year, and with their defense in shambles, that they passed over both Miro Heiskanen , and Norris Trophy-favorite Cale Makar. Help!
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