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  1. This is a great PP unit, but our PK is so damn bad…..
  2. Me too unless I wake up to a miracle. I might watch Calgary though. They are fun to watch IMHO. I still think we can be successful next season and be a fringe playoff team with some of our youth moving up. I’d trade Dumba and Fiala and get what I could. We should have Addison and Rossi up here next year at a minimum. I think Dewar can play full time too.
  3. Well, I’m going to bed. Hopefully my doing so changes our luck.
  4. I mean, I know Zuc isn’t a d-man but damn! Stand your man up!!!
  5. That was so ****** BRUTAL. How do you let his ass skate in there like that without putting him on his ass???
  6. We should decline every penalty against the Blues.
  7. Great response after that game 1! Let’s take game 3!!!
  8. I hope before this series is over D-Lo or someone beats Schenn’s ass. I can’t stand him.
  9. Sometimes when Kaprizov is working his magic, I wish he’d just use his speed and drive hard to the net rather than floating down the boards and looking to pass.
  10. If they get the next goal, we are in deep $hit…
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