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  1. Agree about the first line. Overall I thought everyone played well in the offensive end with the possible exception of Greenway, who I thought looked a step slow or uninterested. That might be a little harsh and I didn’t specifically key on him on his shifts, but when I did notice him, he looked slow. On the defensive end, we just allowed way to many chances in front of our net. That has to be shored up. And all those penalties….well, we can’t do that every night and be successful.
  2. If tonight was any indication, we are gonna have some fun and exciting games against the Jets this year.
  3. Need to tighten up the defense around our net but overall, I thought a solid period. I love what Kaprizov did. Jets have taken some runs at him so he picks out the biggest guy on the ice and takes a run at him. I like that grit and fearlessness.
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