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  1. Wild take the Carson Lambos at #26. I’ll trust BG but I’m lukewarm on this pick. He was best player available on ESPN’s board but I’ve seen others rank him as low as 27th. That tells you it isn’t a bad pick at 26 but he’s coming off a medical procedure and a season where he didn’t play much. I would have been happier taking Pinelli, Chibrkov, Stankoven or Olausson but who the hell am I to argue with BG??
  2. Appears to be a shrewd move by BG and the Wild. I was really disappointed that Svechkov wasn’t there but being able to get Wallstedt here AND hang on to the other first round pick was a great move.
  3. So when do you think we move Dumba? Sooner or later?
  4. Yes, we do, but the good thing is there are plenty of options. I’m hoping we resign Cole. Outside of that, I’m a little intrigued with Jake McCabe. I know he’s coming off an injury but he’s got size and toughness which I personally think we need a touch of in our lineup. I’d do back flips down the street if we could get Martinez but the cost is going to be prohibitive. Alex Goligoski would be acceptable.
  5. This was a huge mistake by the league. No way these selections should have been leaked before the show. I was going to watch, but not now. I’ll be watching the baseball game instead. This could have been a great opportunity but it’s gone now.
  6. Russo is also now reporting that it is Soucy whom the Kraken have selected.
  7. Russo is reporting that “it looks like” the Kraken did not select Khakonen. Not 100% official though.
  8. New report just out says Kaprizov has a contract offer on the table from the KHL’s CSKA Moscow. Poker game starting to get interesting between the parties involved.
  9. Report just out via Trade Rumors that the Wild are likely to sign Nick Foligno.
  10. So, curious as to thoughts on how we address the glaring hole in the middle. Do you think we are serious about Eichel? Even with the buyouts I think the dollars with him are just too much. I don’t like the idea of throwing too much money into 3-4 players and having chicken feed for the rest of the roster. I’ve also seen some speculation about Christian Dvorak. He’s under contract for I think 4 more years at under $5M per. That would fit in more with our cap situation but point production wise he’s about the equivalent of Rask. Heard someone on NHL Network mention Tomas Hert
  11. This is where I am too. Lock him up for as long as possible but if 4 is all you can get I think you have to do it. He might be open to an extension later and after 4 years the cap issues are gone. If he makes it clear to the brass that he isn’t going to resign, trade him in year 3. If he performs like he did this past year, he might be one of the biggest trade pieces you will ever have. You’d get quite the haul. Do you think this is all about years and dollars or is Kaprisov potentially dragging this out some to see how we address the center position to help him??
  12. I don’t know about Soucy over Dumba. I believe BG protects Dumba. But I would not be shocked to see Sturm on the protected list and Rask exposed. While I’ll bet in private BG doesn’t want to loose Rask, the Kraken taking him saves another $4M in cap space.
  13. It’s going to be a challenge for sure. The only big money contract coming off the books next year at first glance is Rask at $4M, but are you resigning him?? And while I’m glad they have found a way to keep Dumba for now, don’t discount trading him at some point in the future if Addison and Mennell, if signed, develope like they are hoping. You could get some young, cheap pieces back for him at some point IF you wanted and remove close to $6M in cap space when you.
  14. Hello Wild fans! First post as I just found this site. Looking forward to being a regular visitor and hanging out with you. I’ll chime in and say that I’m pleased and impressed with the move BG made yesterday. It’s time to look to the future and get young, more athletic and skillful. I’m excited about this move even with the cap implications after this coming season. It was time for Parise to go for sure and Suter is too slow for today’s game and where it is headed. It’s going to be an interesting month of July.
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