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  1. Lankinen not been great but not as bad as his stats make him look like he has few really good games, where he has stood on his head, been best player on the ice. Thanks, its more the merrier i guess
  2. Thank you. Winnipeg / Manitoba have big & strong roots what comes to Finland, thanks to one Finnish Flash Not sure thou how your current team is handling with my kind, no offence, I hate PoMo for starting it all Yeah, Canadians and Finns tend to like each other, very similar folk i believe, spirit and all, comes with cold harsh winters i guess But in sports...we are not always as friendly to each other, but its sports, nothing compared to real life, its big and important to us both, (hockey, sports) but real life i
  3. Yeah, moderators there are not good people, most of them anyways are not. - not impartial anyways
  4. Thanks to you all from the reply's. Felt like a warm welcome. I might have few, who'd probably join if i'd ask Yeah, it was great place, it sort of still is, but not really, it has just gotten so big, just hoping that Canucks official message boards never folds - because 100 000+ Canucks fans would brake any board just kidding. But if most was to migrate to HFBoards, it couldn't handle the amount of new members, it already haves 300 000+ members, another 100 000+ would push it close to half million. I mean, there are 1
  5. Hi. Newbie (rookie) here. | I'm still a vacant member at the HFBoards, so i haven't completely left that place. - man that is so toxic place these days, staff bullies members and vice versa, fans bully fans, and the advertisement bombardment and the ever changing rules... that place has grown too large | Hows things here? Hawks boards here still alive? I'm about 40, male, from Finland, you can call me AJ, into lots of sports, most actually , but hockey & football (aka soccer) the #1 & #2 After about 20 years, i got bac
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