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  1. To me, unless they go all in before 28 and 93 are too old (if that hasn't already happened) and sign some big name(s) they go with status quo. Take your lumps this year with the kids. Play 53 with 9 like a few years ago FWIW and perhaps trade away 53 at the trade deadline. At worst I think you could still get a 2nd rounder at the deadline if not more. Focus on the best possible outcome for the expansion draft ensuring 5, 6, 11, and potentially 19 get the contracts they need. Since 28 and 93 haven't lead them to a cup I don't think you can go all in especially with the uncertain
  2. Yep (Originally Toronto)! And its 31 here today for all those Canadians in celsius.
  3. I'm thankful of where we are now. I know I don't post much. But when I do, I prefer hockeyforums.
  4. Agreed; but there were so many mistakes made by the skaters on that play include a botched 3-0, Provorov pinching and a blind back hand pass up the middle by Konecny after botching the 3 on 0.
  5. At this point I want to see a cup win in my lifetime and I'm up for them dealing anybody, including Gritty, to make it happen.
  6. Interesting enough it was in the 2nd period when I fell asleep. When out of the tv there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the couch to see what was the matter. Away to the remote, I flew like a flash Woke up in the third to see Manning's still trash.
  7. I love the alternate uniforms. There, I said it. It is my favorite and I know that is sacrilegious. No more being ashamed to admit it. I love the black shirts. The sleeve numbers could be a bit smaller however the entire uniform reminds me of the Alabama and Penn State uniforms. Simple yet strong.
  8. Happy for the two points but man that game put me to sleep...literally. That is the first time that I can remember falling asleep watching the game. Now, when I was 10 or so I would fall asleep sometime in the 2nd period trying to stay up for Hockey Night in Canada. That was me just being a young kid being up past my bedtime. Glad the see the Flyers are winning the games they "are supposed to" win.
  9. I've always valued Hagg higher than most I've seen in fandom. I've always thought he could develop into a well rounded defender, never great at any one particular thing, so somebody who will likely be retainable at a decent market value. You need d-men like that in general in order to keep your higher end d-men talent in the salary cap era. I'm glad he is getting some recognition. I've always cheered for those who do yeoman's work and I think Hagg is a good example.
  10. To my eye Vorobyev looks like the 2c. Now if you balance line 2 and 3 it just becomes semantics about which line is which. IMHO he's outplayed Patrick. VBV looks so cool with the puck and has great vision to find the open man. Either way the Flyers are strong down the middle. I'd put JVR with Vorobyev. JVR is a goal scorer and Vorobyev is more of a set up guy. To me that would be a great combo.
  11. Has anybody seen Bundy since they've announced Gritty? Coincidence?
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