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  1. Compher with the touch tonight. VERY poor short side play by Husso. But, he was getting praised by Panger before that goal. Had to see that coming.
  2. And not a smart play by Manson. Poor 2 on 1 play. Some NHL teams need to have some of their dmen suit up and play goal during a practice or two, face some 2 on 1's, and allow them to see how much more difficult it is to move to your side and make a save than it is to square up to a shooter and make a save. It amazes me how many NHL dmen simply don't know or understand why they're told to leave the shooter to the goaltender. It's a simple tactic in a 2 on 1. If the pass is tried, it is on you to tie up the receiver's stick, and not allow a quality shot to take place.
  3. Great move by Manson. Smart play. And good for the Avs to finally have Compher get a point in the series. Solid net front presence by he and Aube-Kubel. Husso can't allow that rebound to go right back out to the slot, knowing those two are in that area.
  4. I like the player that Lindholm is. Skates ok. Average work ethic. Very good faceoff guy. Good hands. Good passer. And, has been a pretty solid finisher with a pretty consistent shooting % the past few years. I absolutely agree that one thing he certainly should not be is a Selke nominee. And, I'm sorry, but he's simply not a sound defensive forward. He never has been in his career. And, that defensive liability showed itself in these playoffs. He has strong qualities to his offensive game. The defensive side of the game just is not his strong suit. Yes, he's not quite
  5. More great reading. Sorry. Tried to give you rep for the post. But, I've hit my limit for the day... Really have to get rid of this. I'll give the rep when I can. One part that I will disagree with: These stats are primarily because of their even strength points they produced, not because they are sound defensive NHL players. Gaudreau +64. 115 pts. Only 25 of them on the PP. Lindholm +61. 82 pts. Only 19 of them on the PP. Tkachuk +57. 104 pts. Only 29 of them on the PP. While these three are at the top 3 in the league for the re
  6. Not all of us want him, at all. Especially not at the price he'll be asking for. His play should have clearly shown NHL GMs that he's not worth what he'll be demanding. The problem is here in Philly, we don't have an NHL GM. We have Chuck Fletcher who is clearly blind to the obvious.
  7. Just hilarious. They go to commercial break just before the Nurse goal. Come back when it's 2-0, and Boucher is praising Markstrom's play. And, on that same shift after the commercial break, Nurse scores. Puljujarvi just over 2 minutes later. And 6 goals scored in the rest of that period after Boucher's jinx. You'd think a goaltender would know better than to talk about goaltenders playing well. Or maybe you need to have actually been a good goaltender to realize that. Since Panger does the exact same thing.
  8. 12 straight playoff games involving Carolina in which the home team has won all 12. First time in the history of the NHL Playoffs.
  9. They need Freddy back ASAP. Canes could also use players like Kotkaniemi waking up and deciding to show up in these playoffs. He looks like an AHL player out there in the few minutes he's getting.
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