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  1. Hart might eventually be the one but right now he's no better than any of the previous goalies in the last 15 years. I don't pin that whole game on him but 3 goals in 15 shots isn't getting it done. Flyers came out strong and with 1-0 lead needed a big save and didn't get it. That let the air out of the building and ushered in the the Flyers of old. Does Chucky start thinking trades? Because I'm starting to think if this ship doesn't turn by the end October, it's time to rattle the core.
  2. During the preseason, I bet many of you would have welcomed a 2-2-1 start with this awful schedule. In fact, there were even parts of games where they actually looked like a better team then the last few years. A whole new coaching staff, new system, 5 players on the team that weren't last year. To me, a sub-500 start was inevitable but thanks to the loser point, they are better than what I expected. The next 7 games (3 home, 4 away) are Dallas, Vegas, CHI, CBJ, NYI, PIT, NJD. I want to see what they do in this stretch before hitting the likes of the Leafs, Canes, Bruins in November. Lets see if they can string some wins together and start to get some constancy. PS. Hart minus the flashy save or two is looking rather average so far. Maybe the jet-lag is getting to him too...
  3. Why did he put Jake as his first shooter? He took him off the top line and made him sit a few shifts. Jake isn't playing well yet. Why put him as #1? Bad choice.
  4. Am I the only one that's not willing to say franchise goalie yet? Definitely hope I'm wrong but I'm so jaded and he is so young that I just can't do it yet. Wednesday's game was a complete effort by the whole team and while he made 1 or 2 great saves, the rest were what non-goalie starved fans would expect their goalie to save. I fear (again, hopefully wrong) that we as fans are loading so much hope on Hart that if he doesn't hit elite status, we will consider him a bust even though he might be a completely serviceable NHL goalie in the end.
  5. [Hidden Content] Not sure who accurate this is but.....Flyers at the 5th hardest schedule according to that site. Another good site for number nerds: [Hidden Content]
  6. March is the same as November and ends with 3 games in 4 nights in April. January is really light - only 11 games. Who comes up with this ****.
  7. God this is a boring way to start the season.
  8. JVR is going to be tired on the power play..... I actually like the first two lines except JVR and Lindblom should be switched and probably will be at some point. That third line is still not much better than last years unfortunately with Patrick being out. Flyers lose 5-2 and people lose their minds.
  9. starts around 24 minutes for those that only want to hear Richie. "Legion of poon" lol. Good interview
  10. I'm in the same boat. I used to depend on BSH but I'm not sure what's happening over there with them. The rest don't seem too good. So my commutes are much..... quieter.
  11. Yea, a bit scary to see. Was not expecting that at all. Hart gets pulled at 16:56 of the 2nd. LOL.
  12. Well, now we know it's something he can't control. Let's hope he can work through this somehow because the roster is stronger with him in it.
  13. I was actually thinking that someone might claim him. He played decent so far.

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