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  1. Well at least Wayne got sent to a team that has a chance to go far in the playoffs. Fletcher didn't make the Flyers any better with the trade. Going to miss Wayne "Class Act" Simmonds. Good luck, I hope you win the cup.
  2. Also, didn't last year Hextall said that if you made the team, you weren't going back to your Junior team? IE T.K. & Provy
  3. For any of you who are fans of Dr. Who, Barry Trotz looks line a Sontaran. Head, and body, but no neck.
  4. Welcome Hookah_75, I'm from Medford originally but live up near Wilkes-Barre since '89.

    Graduate of Lenape High in the year '76. Don't want to show my age ,but Gene Hart taught

    there when I was there.  This is a great forum, enjoy conversing with a lot of fans of the Flyers

    and many other teams (including the Pens yuk) I live about 4 miles form the arena here where

    the Baby Pens play, but there are many Flyers fans up here.  

  5. I watched the game on TV (Back & Forth with the Flyers) and I thought they played well. I live just outside of Wilkes-Barre and had season tickets the first year (1999). From what I saw the Phantoms looked much better than some of the previous teams. The defense looked much better and I hope that some of them are ready soon, the Flyers need help! 3-0 lead against Montreal and losing the game in the 3rd period, terrible!
  6. Back in '74 I remember a team which could not win a game at Boston Gardens, but yet they won one and won all their home games to win the cup!! All they have to do is win one game at MSG and all the ones at home. I think that they can win at MSG. The playoffs are a different animal all together!!
  7. Flyskippy was right, there is a link to this on his blog on Hockeybuzz and Poulin20 & Adamflyers this was very well done and quite imformative Thanks, for all you efforts!!
  8. Looks like Bryz is prepares to go to Russia http://www.csnphilly.com/hockey-philadelphia-flyers/flyers-talk/Bryzgalov-to-join-KHLs-CSKA-during-locko?blockID=775717&feedID=695
  9. Picked Pronger because it doesn't look like he will be playing again and we can pick a new captain and move on.. His cap hit will come off. I think I would have picked Bryz, but we don't have a replacement for him,not Leighton please!!
  10. And the worst thing about this (except for not getting Weber) is that the large market teams (Flyers, Red Wings,Rags etc) will be helping to pay for this guy through revenue sharing, because Nashville never makes money.. I think that SUCKS!!
  11. Can Weber be traded to anyone after the year is up?? I thought that the offer sheet was a way to stop some of the other teams (Rags, Pissburg, etc.) from getting him.. And do you think that the Preds would trade him to the Flyers after everything that has transpired??
  12. Just saw on ESPN/NHL that Claude was the #1 star of the Cross Sports Power Rankings which seems to rank stars from all sports. Take a look on ESPN NHL.
  13. Was just on the Toonjersey web site and saw that they had the NEW Flyers Winter Classic jerseys. They had, Pronger, Jagr, & Giroux & others for $35 They also had the fake Winter Classic jerseys too. http://www.toonjersey.net/
  14. They both look like '70's porn stars, not that I would know that
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