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  1. He had 53 points in 73 games, his first full year. 22 years old. Write it off as a bad trade all you want, but they haven't even hit the ice yet and Montreal has alot of roster shaping to do. Tampa will not get the second rounder as will likely Sergachev will play 40 games for the Lightning next year.
  2. Uhm, how do you figure they are losing Radulov? Montreal sits with about 11M in cap space right now. They will try to trade Plekanec for a cheaper option as he was pretty ineffective last season. Tampa is still in the exact same cap situation, as Drouin was an RFA. Sure it helps not having to resign him, but they didn't save any cap space, technically. Like holy crap, the Habs could trade a 2nd rounder for Sidney Crosby and you guys would rip it apart.
  3. Fair enough, 80 points is extremely optimistic IMO but 60 should be in the bag. Here's a look at their top 6 without Galchenyuk: Pacioretty-6'2 Radulov-6'2 Danault-6'1 Drouin-5'11 Plekanec-5'11 Gallagher-5'9 Gallagher is really only the small forward there. And there's also speculation the Habs will trade Galchenyuk & Beaulieu for an older 2C and a defenseman, obviously you can take that with a grain of salt, but who's to say they can't make another trade for a big forward or sign on in free agency? MB is clearly not afraid to pull the trigger. Also there's the fact that they have about 7 third and fourth line players over 6'
  4. They added a 60-80 point roster player without trading anyone from their NHL team. You could argue Sergachev would have made the team next season, but MB clearly has something up his sleeve concerning Galchenyuk, i.e trading him for a young defenseman. It's a win for both teams.
  5. Well, well, well. Going into this mock draft I was thinking-hell, everyone and their dog was thinking it- Montreal needs a centre. After being ousted in the very first round of the playoffs by the New York Rangers, Montreal's weakness was made even more apparent: they just can't score. It's not like this is a new thing either, we've been saying this for literally the past 25 years. It seems that a number 1 centre would solve all of their problems. After all, they have a consistent 40 goal man in Max Pacioretty, a brick wall on defense in Shea Weber, and arguably the best goaltender on the planet, Carey Price. But Montreal's lack of depth down the middle (a la Phillip Danault on the 1st line) clearly hurt them the most. Marc Bergevin knew he'd probably have to give up his left testicle and a 1st round pick to acquire a 1st line centre, so he went the non-traditional route earlier today and traded his right testicle(Mikhail Sergachev) and a conditional 2nd round pick(2018) to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Johnathan Drouin and a conditional 6th(2018). Drouin gives the Canadiens much needed scoring, flair and creativity. Plus, adding a French-Canadian star is nice touch. But you really have to give to get, as Montreal loses their best prospect in Windsor Spitfire defenseman Mikhail Sergachev. This really, really throws a wrench in my draft plans. Montreal does indeed still need a centre as Drouin is primarily a LW, but the absence of Sergachev in the pipeline leaves a huge hole in Montreal's future defense. With Shea Weber aging, there is no telling how long he can remain playing at the elite level he's currently at, and if you take a look at the rest of Montreal's defense.. it doesn't look too great. -Jeff Petry, 29, $5.5m/4 years -Alexei Emelin, 31, $4.1m/1 year -Andrei Markov, 39, UFA (you can probably pencil him down for $3.5m-$4M/1 year) -Brandon Davidson, 25, $1.4m/1 year (likely to be exposed in Expansion Draft) -Jordie Benn, 29, $1.1M/2 years (likely to be exposed in Expansion Draft) -Nathan Beaulieu, 24, RFA -Nikita Nestorov, 24, RFA (could be KHL bound) So yeah, not only is Montreal's top 4 not too impressive, they're almost as old as dirt. Emelin is an extremely incompetent player and my (and coaching's) patience with him has completely worn out, so consider him gone after next year. Davidson, Benn, and Beaulieu are the most likely players to be take by Vegas in the expansion draft. That leaves Petry and Markov. Markov is likely going to retire after the end of next season. So, really Petry and Shea Weber(who are both right handed) could be the only good defensemen on this team in just over a year. Yikes. Don't worry, I'll shut up now and make my pick... With the 25th overall pick in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft, The Montreal Canadiens are pleased to select...from the Charlottetown Islanders(QMJHL), Pierre-Olivier Joseph(D). GP:62 G:6 A:33 P:39 PIM:54 It's really ticked me off in recent years when Montreal has skipped over a pretty decent forward to take a defeseman. Well the tides have changed now, and while Joseph doesn't quite fill the gap that Sergachev leaves skill wise, his presence would certainly help. He is a left handed, puck-moving defenseman, who is hailed for his great potential. He shows signs of becoming a Roman Josi 2.0, something I'm sure Shea Weber would be okay with. He's very smart, has good hockey IQ, and is very composed with the puck. He can really thread the needle with his passes, and according to one scout "on the powerplay, he can put the puck in good places. He just sucks guys in and then dishes it off." Defensively, he plays his angles very well and has a pretty active stick according to his reports. He plays tight to his man and can block shots effectively. Strengths: -Powerplay QB -safeness -play recognition -mobility Weaknesses: -needs to get bigger and stronger -doesn't score alot NHL Comparison: Toby Enstrom Even with the Drouin trade taking place today, I was still tempted to take one of the remaining forwards on the board. But ultimately I went for the best fit for Montreal and that was a left handed defenseman. Erik Brannstrom is an intriguing prospect, but I didn't like how there were at least 5 other defensemen remaining that actually ranked ahead of him in the ISS ranking. In a dream scenario, Montreal trades up a few spots using one of their 2nd rounders to select Valimaki or Vaakanainen. @AJgoal and the Chicago Blackhawks are now officially on the clock. Sorry for taking so long!
  6. you're bringing up some bad memories @jammer2, this is supposed to be an optimistic day for me!!!! just whatever you do, don't bring up Jocelyn Thibault!
  7. Agreed. As I stated in the post I made about Galchenyuk/Drouin, Drouin will be under huge pressure as he is a french-canadian and recently, french players with hype coming in haven't performed well at all. Sergachev will be a beast for Tampa no doubt.
  8. He was my pick for the Habs. Hope he slips down to 25 in real life!!!
  9. Gonna miss Sergachev as he was the next P.K Subban but Drouin is great.
  10. It wasn't just Julien, Therrien didn't like him either so it also has me wondering if there's an attitude problem there. The real problem with Chucky is that he's just so damn inconsistent, he reminds me of freakin' Kovalev. I think if you're going to trade Chucky it needs to be for a 1C. I do not think Duchene is a 1C and I'm pretty sure Bergevin thinks that too or he would have pulled the trigger on that deal already, but I agree with everything else you said. as for the Weber suggestion, thanks! I'm sure they'll probably look into it!
  11. @FD19372I'm not a fan... Drouin can't play centre(neither can Chucky) and french-canadians with lots of hype coming into Montreal haven't done well in recent years. It would be too much pressure on Drouin. Plus it just proves that Bergevin is throwing darts at this point.
  12. for what it's worth it's just a rumor, but i'd hate to see it happen personally.
  13. Dang it! I hate this pick from a Habs perspective lol. Good pick for the Bruins!!!
  14. BTW @pilldoc... was looking at the draft order, you put Adam Foote instead of Callan Foote you definitely aren't the first nor will you be the last my friend!
  15. @hobie nice pick! I think the Leafs can afford to take the risk on Kostin, considering how many elite forward prospects they have. I also believe Toronto will sign one of the big fish defensemen in UFA, so this pick will make sense!

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