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  1. To lose to *this* team, at home, would be bad.... REAL bad.
  2. If Raffl's statement reflects the true mindset of the team as a whole (I hope it doesn't), this is DESPICABLE and PATHETIC. Boy.... what a wonderful set-up, isn't it? Why can't *I* only take certain clients of mine seriously and do a crappy job for the rest of my clients!? Effort - or the lack thereof - should not even factor into the equation. And shame on the coach if he sees this and doesn't address it. You are professional athletes. The money you get paid is what 90% of the general population can only dream about getting. And you are telling me that you *deliberately* lie down on the job. I am sorry, but that's as reprehensible as it gets.
  3. Finally!!! Wow. Never thought they would escape St, Louis with a win.
  4. Well... at least they've earned a point - on the road, against the NHL best team, playing a back-up netminder.
  5. Our top scorers are just not getting it done. Pure and simple. Giroux is being a shadow of himself this year...
  6. Infuriating... Just infuriating with this team. Had an opportunity to put this game away. Instead, it is tied and the Blues are storming.
  7. Yeah, I tend to agree. I don't know the Capitals' cap situation, but I can't imagine they would find the way to keep Holtby. Perhaps exactly *because* they feel Samsonov is ready, they signed Backstrom to this deal, which, in my mind, is a bit inflated. But like you said, this deal reflects more on his current value as opposed to the future.
  8. If this was just the numbers, I would've gladly looked the other way. But something about the way he is playing this year is just off. I can't put my finger on it, but he is just not himself this year. In the previous years when he was not scoring, he was always hustling (he was one guy I didn't have to worry about playing hard), creating and making plays... And his passing has always been accurate. This year, I don't see much of that at all. And what bothers me the most, he seems to be taking shifts off and avoiding contact. Not always. Not even in every game. But enough to make me wonder that there may be something going on with him that we don't know.
  9. THAT was one crazy game. Happy for Dubnyk. He clearly needed this win for himself and for the team... Watching this game though made me realize one thing: Christian Dvorak is an absolute future stud in this league, but he needs to stay healthy. And he and Hall can do wonders working together.
  10. I can see him and Dvorak clicking quickly... Either way, clearly the 'Yotes think they are very close. We'll see.
  11. With some other coach, I'd say it's possible. This coach is as conservative and old-school as they come. I doubt he will entertain the idea of a d-man actually playing a wing.
  12. Without a doubt key players have to step up. If that doesn't happens, the Flyers will find themselves in the cellar of Eastern conference at no time. It's that simple. Giroux has to start acting and playing like a damn leader and not like just another player. Voracek, JVR and Couturier need to start giving effort not only in waves, but all the time. It's going to be challenging until at least Konecny comes back, and there won't be any more easy rides. They have to approach each game like it's a playoff game. If they won't, it will be over very soon.
  13. We are not looking for sympathy. But the reality is the Flyers are missing key players, and their star players are not performing to the expectations.
  14. Here is another way to ask basically the same question. Will Fletch make a trade?

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