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  1. That's the sad reality. Buffalo is in a traditional rebuilding mode, and they are going about it the right way. They have a future goalie stud in Luukkonen (that kid will be a star in this league), and a good, solid group of young players, like Tuch, Thompson, Cozens, Krebs, Jack Quinn, Asplund, Jokiharju, and Dahlin. Some of them will be phenomenal players. Give this team 2-3 years and time to develop, and with a good coach and patience, the Sabres *can* be scary good. The Flyers' current state is sad and depressing, because there is no direction. I wouldn't mind for them to
  2. What a total wreck this team is. My God... This is the worst Flyers team I have *ever* seen in my lifetime. Thanks Fletch! Nice job assembling this Titanic on skates. Thanks a lot! You own this!
  3. Provorov's laziness in the neutral zone leads to Brock Nelson's goal... This one play underlines the Flyers' issues this season. You can't do this in the NHL...
  4. Sadly, I don't think they are overrated. They have a really well-balanced team. And I think their defense is one of the best in the league, with two very good goalies. But they are definitely beatable.
  5. Provorov yes. There is every reason to expect him to do well and chalk this season up to him just being on a bad team and during a bad season. Sanheim... I don't know. Honestly, I haven't seen anything from him yet that makes me think he is anything special.
  6. Just watching Kaprizov, his ice vision, puck handling, reading the game... Man.... what a stud! He is worth every dollar he was recently negotiating. Why can't we have someone like that on the Flyers?
  7. Yes, I can agree with that, in general. The 2nd and 3rd were better. At least the Flyers tried. But I don't know if that was the Flyers, or Boston being tired and just hanging on to their lead.
  8. What's funny about this game is that judging by the score, one might think this was a close game. This was Boston's second back-to-back game, while the Flyers were resting for days. Boston didn't even seem too motivated to play, and they still were better in many aspects of the game. The lack of talent on this Flyers' team is just staggering.
  9. For all the talk about not drafting Makar, I doubt it would even matter. Long-term - maybe. But with the Flyers being so far off this season, one or even two players would hardly make a difference. You need to change the mindset and culture of this organization. That's a priority. That's where you start and everything else will follow.
  10. I don't think anybody is passing judgement about him as a person. I am sure he is a decent human being, like you said. And I, for one, am not saying that he is completely incompetent. But it's also hard to disregard his blunders. His work as a Flyers GM so far is substandard at best.
  11. The only good thing he did for the Wild organization was draft Kaprizov, and even *that* was far from a stroke of a genius. Kaprizov just fell into his lap in the 5th round with all other GMs passing on him, as well. Why he was ranked so low - I have no idea... Fletch just got lucky.
  12. You choose to zoom on the negatives, which is your prerogative, of course. But I want to point out that in 2017-2018, he had 65 points with +10. Gotta be a fluke... He is not a panacea; at least I didn't think he was. But I do believe the Flyers gave up on him too early. I think when put in the right (read winning) situation, he could provide some value. Not true at all. Karl Dykhuis (remember him?) waves his hand.
  13. And you don't think playing on an atrocious Arizona team has something to with that? What do you think his +/- would be if he has been paired with someone like Justin Faulk in St. Louis or, say, Jaccob Slavin in Carolina?
  14. What are you basing this on? His demeanor? He is not the most vocal; I do agree. But you don't necessarily need that to lead. There are quiet leaders. Joe Sakic was one of them. I am hearing interviews of the players, and it leads me to believe that Giroux is very similar.
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