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  1. Not that it's even on the horizon, but can he waive the NMC if there is an amicable situation for both him and the Wild, at some point down the road?
  2. I have mixed feeling about Dvorak. One one hand, he certainly has skills. But he has not come even close to matching his OHL stats in the NHL. I am sure the Coyotes were getting frustrated and impatient with his development. But his contract is insanely appealing: $4.4 mil through the 2024-25 season. That's probably the main consideration behind why the Habs made this move and did it so quickly, thinking that other teams were lining up. Wonder though whether with this move, combined with what they did early this summer, Phoenix decided to not even bother this year. I can see Cl
  3. This needed to be done. Let's be honest: he is the Flyers' MVP, whether we want to admit it or not.
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