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  1. And that's part of a problem. All good goalies are snatched at this point in the season, of course. There are slim pickings. What concerns me is not even his personal stats; they are crap obviously. What worries me even more is that he will lose his starts to Alex Stalock. I can see a 50/50 split at best and Stalock actually taking over as a starting goalie at worst. In our league if you don't have 3 goalie starts total, you forfeit all goalie scoring categories. And in that case, I might just pick up someone like Jonathan Quick, whose stats are crappy, but at least he is starting enough.
  2. I have Dubnyk on my fantasy team and he is killing me. I still think he is a good goalie (his resume supports this claim, I think), who just happened to be on a bad team. What do you Wild fans think? Should I keep holding on to him? Or it's pretty hopeless at this point?
  3. I just turned it on. Did something happen to Giroux? Why his minutes are so down?
  4. I know it's way too early and he is still taking baby steps in the NHL, but sheeesh..... starts looking more and more like another waste of a 1st round pick. So much potential and so little return.
  5. The Bolts need to sign him. There's gotta be a way to reach some common ground. The guy is a generational talent. You don't mess with that.
  6. I echo that sentiment. He needs to be on the ice at this point in his career. He is not doing himself any favors.
  7. Doc, Thanks for the invite. I am out this year. I barely have enough time to participate in NAHANA. Maybe next year. Thanks again for the invite!
  8. Hard to get excited about this. Fletch has never built an elite team. People don't change... usually. To me, this is a clear massage from the Flyers: we are content with just being a mediocre NHL team. Sorry, but I don't see this any other way.
  9. Hak is as good as gone. The new GM (whoever that turns out to be) will bring in his man.
  10. This team is just maddening on so many levels. But the goaltending and defense is beyond atrocious. There is just no mobility on D.
  11. For a while I thought this was the Flyers' way to protest Donald Trump.
  12. Hutton is your guy, and rightfully so. No two ways about it. The rest is just a background noise.
  13. When I said last week that it is quite possible that they wouldn't win a single game with this coach anymore, I didn't mean it in a literal sense. Looks like, I have a chance to be right.

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