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  1. Man.... What a bunch of losers. Thank God I stopped investing any emotions into this team long time ago... If you go down, at least go down with dignity and pride. For Christ's sake, even the Sabers are showing more will than this pathetic bunch.
  2. The Bruins are going for it. And why not?! They had all the pieces in place to win it all this year even before the season started, and with this acquisition, they moved even closer. My Flyers, on the other hand.... what a disappointment. The season that had so many hopes and expectations... Just unbearable.
  3. They gave up. Pure and simple. Just gave up. It's time for a firesale. Keep the coach and let the losers go.
  4. @aziz Wow. Now *that's* the blast from the past. How are you, dude? I will tell you one thing. I still watch hockey, but I don't invest nearly as much emotions into this team as I used to. Not even close... My stress level is more important to me.
  5. I used to think that with this team, there is a never-ending, perennial issue of coach blaming, and that there is always going to be a scapegoat behind the bench, but not the players. But I think you may be on to something. And for the record, I keep AV in high esteem. I think he is a terrific coach. The only theory I have - and this is nothing but theory - is that the team just stopped responding to him. And if that's the case, this is an unsolvable situation and the only way to repair it is to can the coach. That said, my suspicion is AV is not going anywhere in the next y
  6. And we were the favorites to at least make it to the finals? Ummmm. Yeah.....
  7. And this was supposed to be a breakdown team this year. What a disaster... This franchise doesn't deserve Jacob Markstrom.
  8. So what do the Wild fans think of Greenway now? For someone as big as he is, he skates quite well and he has a good hockey sense in front of the net. I also like his shot, but his release is something he needs to keep working on, in my opinion. I think with a good playmaker, he can be a really good power forward in this league.
  9. Well, this one has been painful to watch. The Flyers are missing Couturier in the worst possible way.
  10. Agreed. He is an unquestioned team's MVP. Well, he and Hart. The Flyers cannot afford to risk his health. I feel like with their depth, they can weather the storm for 2 weeks.
  11. I looked it up and that's the question that I found unanswered... Just about every source of info on this injury mentions that the recovery is 2-3 months. Yet the Flyers are putting his absence as a minimum of 2 weeks. I don't know... Either they just don't want to spread panic just yet, or they clearly know something we don't.
  12. https://www.tsn.ca/philadelphia-flyers-sean-couturier-out-a-minimum-of-two-weeks-with-costochondral-seperation-1.1578339#:~:text=Philadelphia Flyers centre Sean Couturier,separation%2C the team announced Saturday.&text=Couturier was injured in the,period and did not return. Costochondral rib separation. I guess it could be worse. The whispers were that late last night, the Flyers were afraid he would be gone for the rest of the season. Obviously, it's a big blow, but given the Flyers' depth, I think it's manageable. Also an opportunity for Frost to show what he can do playi
  13. I always liked his game. And he would fit well centering the second line. I mean I would, but it would require some salaries manipulation not to burden the cap too much.
  14. I wouldn't write off the Bruins just yet. Their first line may be the ONLY line they have, but it's a damn good one. And Rask is still one of the better goalies in the game. I do like the way the Flyers look this year, though. Deep, disciplined, committed and... most importantly, finally, FINALLY.... having a premiere netminder. We'll see.
  15. Rad mentioned this date was just a place holder for now. The actual draft day & time in NAHANA wasn't picked yet.... as far as I know. We may need to ping Rad for the final time as we are getting close to the NHL season.
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