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  1. It's all good with me. Thank you for having me back. I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed responding. Work, school and in a wedding this weekend has me a bit on overload.
  2. I know I am late to this thread but pictures.... https://www.flickr.com/photos/neat1325/sets/72157648692580095/
  3. I like how Hartley started the 4th line again today.
  4. I watched Downie during warmups. I don't think he is happy here. I think his lack of happiness is reflected in his play. I also think he may still have some lingering injury too but I truly do not think he fits with the rest of the team personality wise.
  5. It has been that way for a while where they were orange gold and black featuring more black and gold. The orange taking center stage was just for their Stadium Series jerseys. Those jersey stressed that they are located in Orange County. I really wish that they would go back to the colors used for Mighty Ducks but the updated logo. The throwback jerseys they used earlier this season were awesome.
  6. Pictures if you want to look....
  7. I am definitely in the blow up the D crowd and I am also in the its ok if we suck for 3 years if it means we grow our own players. I am truly tired of other team sloppy 2nd's I understand taking a chance on a low price guy to get whatever is left out of hi but when almost your entire D is made up of those guys it is just not going to work. I took my Dad to the game on Tuesday watching away from the camera view is highly enlightening.
  8. Look I bring pictures and videos for your post game enjoyment. http://youtu.be/AMc3G-h53Ec Pictures There were a good amount of signs today and many were clever. I got one good shot of Crosby choking Hartnell. Enjoy I don't need to recap today for anyone. There are a couple of videos in this set to let you hear how loud it was in there today.
  9. Blocker for me its the camera. I use two a Canon S5 IS and and Canon Sx30 IS. The 30 right now I delete probably 60% the s5 I delete 20%. I use the sports setting for the S5 and I use the Aperture Priority setting on the 30. I try to be as steady as I can and pick my spots for the pictures. If you look almost all are in the same area of the ice. I do not try to get pictures every where. I know where the shots seem to be the cleanest and just shoot for those. For both cameras shooting over the glass also seems to be preferred. It seems to yield some good results.
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