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  1. Congrats to Canada on an amazing comeback win!
  2. Ya no such luck, it's a whistle fest, although not entirely without reason to be fair....and the 5 on 3 was helpful Dumb penalty by Zamula at the second break there, haven't seem him enough to know if that's a habit of his or not.
  3. Donig well my friend, hope all is well in South Carolina!
  4. @mojo1917 I'll be making a rare (recently) appearance in the building today myself. Boychuk has been a healthy scratch of late, we'll see on the revenge factor....but good to see some ill will between the Flyboys and the Isles, I miss being able to work up a good Islander hate!
  5. My 1988 self hates me for saying this, but I am happy for the real Caps fans (I know a couple, they really do exist) that have been waiting for this since the old Patrick Division days. Maybe that Iggle win in the Supe made me soft.... But screw Dale Hunter, I hope he has car trouble and diarrhea on the way to the parade
  6. Confirmed from here, Couturier is not in pregame skate
  7. The first Cup year, Flyers 12 Detroit 2....no really, that happened. I was 6 at the time, all I remember clearly is the scoreboard saying 7 to 1 in the second period, and some poor bastard for the Wings being flat on his back out cold at center ice. [Hidden Content]
  8. He had to be sent away, Flyers already had a Russian goalie.... who couldn't keep a beach ball out of a shot glass
  9. I was born the year the Flyers were, I was 6 (just short of my birthday for those doing the math) when they won the Cup and the entire Delaware Valley was crazy for the team. It was everywhere, I couldn't help but swept up with it at that young age even if I had wanted to
  10. Here in South Jersey, right across the river from Philly, we got the NY cover with Rags and Isles and Debbies on the cover wth
  11. This time last year I said I thought the team did not see Stolarz as having a future in Phily. They just stated it emphatically with this signing
  12. ****** cancer. I have great great memories of Flyers-Oilers battles of the 80s at the Spectrum and Semenko as 99's bodyguard, back in the heyday of the enforcer. RIP
  13. Welcome to the board, more than few folks here were pulling for the Preds....for completely selfish reasons of course, but still.
  14. It's not personal, for me I wear too many battle scars the Flyers-Rangers playoff wars of the early 80s to even think straight when I see a Ranger logo
  15. March 18 in Flyers History...... 1971 - Looks like they beat the stinkin' Rangers 2-1 at the Spectrum, so that's something 1994 - Flyers acquire that man-beast Rob DiMaio from Tampa for Jim Cummins and a the Flyers' 4th rounder in 1995 1995 - Eric Lindros notches a Hat Trick with OT GW against the Panthers and long time Flyer-killer / future Flyer (killer) John Vanbiesbrouck 2011 - Richards and Carter were presumably really hung over at practice 2012 - Scott Hartnell stays up long enough to score with 1 second left in OT to beat the Penguins. Out. Freakin'. Standing.
  16. We're all still walking the planet, so there's one reason to give thanks.....happy day to all!
  17. Piling on but yeah, StubHub is where I go for all my hockey and concert ticket needs. Always check the original ticket issuer site (WFC in this case) to see if you can steal a deal late though, ticket give backs and other assorted seating rearrangements are common
  18. My biggest problem with THN Yearbook....just because I'm in Jersey I get the New York Rangers cover? Hellooooo, South Jerseyan in Flyers country here, google maps can help you !
  19. Been a bit indisposed, just hearing about this news. We're losing alot of the guys from the Flyer teams of my youth recently, right around the time that I'm really starting to feel my age. From the era of great nicknames, RIP Count
  20. Yeah those are the same people who say if you criticize the government you're unpatriotic......but that's a topic for another thread, carry on
  21. Please tell me this is an alternate jersey that I don't have to look at every stinkin game
  22. You mean like Tim Horton's must have been closed and the hospital had the only door wide enough for him to fit through? Yeah I let that go for a while too....
  23. My pleasure! And yeah I try to separate hatred of the institution from the actual people themselves, I've known some fans of (TTTSRN TM) who were decent folks and our new friend here seems the same. But don't keep the hate down, it will give you ulcers!
  24. @Paparanger First off, welcome to the board. Second, as the biggest Ranger-hater in Northern Hemisphere, nay the entire planet, I will plead guilty to the bolded part of your quote. The reasons for my neurosis and varied and complex, and don't bear getting into here. That said it's good to have fan of That Team That Shall Remain Nameless (TTTSRN TM) on the board, as you note this place is lousy with Flyer fans but we're hockey fans - the more variety of fans the more varied the conversation. I think you'll find the personal attacks and assorted idiot behavior that caused you to leave the other site are not an issue here. In fact our fearless leaders @Digityman and @hf101 created this board because a large contingent of us had had it with the same BS on another board we all frequented, and the moderators do a good job of letting 'em play but keeping things in check.
  25. I work literally 10 minutes away from the Skate Zone, I slipped over at lunch one day last year....couldn't get away today and not looking good tomorrow....stupid work getting in the way of religion

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