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  1. He's Matt Read nothing to see here.
  2. Thats like saying he will score more goals than Jagr.?
  3. Jake is a winger. It was in response to wtf is Jakes excuse. The subject got off track for a few posts.
  4. Hes constantly trying to go 1 on 4and turning it over at the o zone blue line
  5. Chechmanek? Take a look at his numbers..... by far he's not on that list..by far its not even close . Worst year here was 2.05 and 921. 01-02 playoff 1-3. 1.85 and 936
  6. Whatever the score. Mason gives up no less than 2 echl level goals.
  7. Ubi? He must be in cranial rectal loopback. Perhaps we should put a d man in front of the net on the power play.
  8. I don't put stock in it either. But while it wasnt the dominant factor it could be the one that tilted the scales. The problem here is you never know what goalie your going to get out of these two or what team for that matter.
  9. Perhaps it has something to do with Masons record against the Leafs.
  10. Wow phly must be loving all this g is suk talk.
  11. Murphy's law if a flyers opponent has given up 5 goals or more in last several games they will shut the flyers out tonite.
  12. Well it seems like there is a "natural" left winger playing center that hasn't been move to Girouxs line yet. While it most likely won't work if your really going to mix it up slot Bellemare in there.
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