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    I want to join the Conn Smythe League. Thanks.

    1. hf101


      ok.  I'll let pilldoc know


  2. HF,


    I'm interested in joining the FHL All-Star League. Thanks.


  3. Why not? Ghost is the most expendable of the three.
  4. I am all for getting Hoffman, but there's no way in hell I'm giving Provorov to Florida.
  5. Good graphic, JR. He would be quite good, if he would improve defensively. It is a little staggering just how far he has to go on his point entries allowed and possession exits, but right now Dahlin is obviously light years ahead of Ristolainen.
  6. He PHYSICALLY turns the puck over...an awful lot.
  7. I'll revise that. If Rask gives another 3 or 4 years of quality goaltending, he's in he HOF.
  8. Rask is REALLY good, don't get me wrong... but he isn't Hall of Fame worthy yet. Talk to me in 5-7 years.
  9. If you're going to put Rask into the HOF, then you have to put Tim Thomas there as well, and in either case that's a no..though Rask is still in the prove it phase.
  10. My Metro Division predictions 1) Washington 2) Carolina 3) Flyers 4) N.Y,. Islanders 5) New Jersey 6) Pittsburgh 7) Columbus 8 ) N.Y. Rangers
  11. So you're saying we're going to lose in the Cup Finals in 6 on an offsides goal?
  12. Nah, let's wait until McDavid demands a trade.
  13. The Tampa Bay Lightning completely agree with you. Just sayin'.
  14. I'm not going to show much contempt, or quibble over a contract such as Laughton's, )it's fairly reasonable) but I really wish that a lot of these guys such as Laughton would have more incentive based contracts. Not just the 4th liners but the 1st liners as well. Do the owners and GMs of these clubs not realize that with some of the contracts being doled out, that they are heading toward another lockout?
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