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  1. I would upgrade that defense in the off-season, and add more toughness and skill to that unit. No way I would fire Babcock at this point. It is no shame to lose to Boston.
  2. So, how many of you are still sorry we didn't sign Mike Smith. I know he can't score goals for the Flames, but he still stinks.
  3. What the hell. We'll even give you Voracek and a 3rd for Mike Smith and a 1st to make up for obtaining Johnny Hockey.
  4. April 18, 2019 AWAY HOME Washington 3 Carolina 4 St. Louis 4 Winnipeg 3 Vegas 3 San Jose 4
  5. Until proven otherwise, these other teams have scouts. We have Dave Brown, Gritty and the Nepotistic Kingdom of Snider. I have doubts, but at least they didn't recycle another Flyer from the ol' boy network for head coach or hire a college coach. Baby steps.
  6. Have fun with Claude Giroux at Pebble Beach.
  7. Well, we're back to hiring coaches with a somewhat legit NHL resume, so from that perspective, Vigneault is an upgrade over Gordon or Hakstol.
  8. From Russia with Love for the Tampa Bay Lightning by Sergei Bobrovsky.
  9. This series Is going to be a dogfight now. For Tampa, they went into almost a prevent defense mode once they had that lead. Five shots in the 3rd period, isn't characteristic of them. Playing loose at bad times as well.
  10. I'm dying to pick a Canadian team to win it all, but I just can't do it. It's a shame. No Canadian team has won a Cup since 1993. Hard to believe.
  11. My theory is, unless the team's name is the Washington Capitals, I almost always go with the team that dominated the regular season like Tampa did.
  12. FYI. I made a small change. I picked St. Louis to win Game 7 over the Jets in Winnipeg. I have 3 first round series going 7, Vegas over San Jose, NY Islanders over Pittsburgh, and the previously mentioned Winnipeg-St. Louis matchup.
  13. April 10, 2019 AWAY HOME Columbus 2 Tampa Bay 5 Pittsburgh 3 NY Islanders 4 St. Louis 4 Winnipeg 3 Dallas 1 Nashville 3 Vegas 4 San Jose 3
  14. This was a deliberate, disgusting attempt to endorse the largest market American teams (not you, LA lol). A total New York boy Bettman produced sham.
  15. I don't either. I think Tony Soprano Jr. slipped Gary some Presidents.
  16. Maybe we can drop Holmgren off by parachute into the Everglades. So close to Miami. Sorry Paul, we overshot Miami's runway.
  17. Q didn't want to come here IMO, because he recognized the utter incompetence of the people at the top of the Flyers organization. So, he got on a plane, said "Thanks, but no thanks.". and left.
  18. Hey hf, FYI...you didn't fill out the top portion of your bracket.
  19. No one can see my entire bracket? This is a comedy, lol.
  20. It could just be that I'm using Chrome. I'll figure it out.
  21. OK thanks. I picked Tampa Bay over Nashville.
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