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  1. Like $66 million tied up in a contract for a 2nd line right winger who plays only half the rink.
  2. OK. Let's start by eliminating shootouts. Bring back the tie. Oh, you don't mean those changes?
  3. Absolutely not. It's exactly when you want to make them. This is when you figure out who has playmaking chemistry, because sometime pre-season isn't enough time to figure that out.
  4. Oh crap. You're right. That's it. Nothing but granola bars in my fantasy team vending machines!
  5. That goalie just needs to watch his "five-hole". Too soon?
  6. Too many North Jersey meatballs. The Devils should try gluten -free!
  7. Inexcusable for a veteran like Hayes to make that type of play. Can't play a faceoff with your hand.
  8. We need to put another past Schneider 12-4 Flyers shot advantage in the 2nd. As I type this, we give the Devils the chance to tie it. Aye, aye, aye.
  9. Hughes really isn't a good player from the seat of his pants. Just sayin'.
  10. Raffl showing some O-fence tonight. He heard you and almost scored on a breakaway.
  11. Raffl went for the Stevens hit, and missed. Throwing salt on that wound, he got penalized.
  12. Hayes seems to have contracted wide open net miss Flyers disease early. Good looking power play, though.
  13. Maybe ask Vigneault, but don't ask Chief "how". (Never gets old).
  14. Nice moment with Simmonds waving to the fans a minute or so into the game. Good pressure in the Devils zone early.
  15. I like Tampa Bay and Colorado to make it to the SCF, then Tampa Bay over Colorado in 7 for the Cup. That should be one hell of a highly skilled, up and down series. One of these years, I'll pick Tampa, and be right. Tampa has a team that sputtered at the wrong time, and seeks to prove they aren't too soft for the style of play that changes a bit when the playoffs arrive. Patrick Maroon was a nice pickup for them, adding grit and toughness to an already loaded team in terms of skill, and of course, Vasilevskiy. In the case of Colorado, good young team with a great first line and solid additions with Kadri and Donskoi. Makar really proved how skilled and good he is capable of being in the playoffs last season. PLAYOFF TEAMS IN THE EAST Tampa, Toronto, Boston, Washington, Pittsburgh, NY Islanders, WC New Jersey and Philly PLAYOFF TEAMS IN THE WEST Colorado, Calgary, St. Louis, San Jose, Vegas, Dallas, WC Chicago and Nashville
  16. Laine, but I understand we would have to move another player besides Myers, one from the big club, maybe Raffl.
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