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  1. Hakstol is probably frustrated because he HAS to play MacDonald. No matter how infinitely small the chance is that they will be able to trade him or that the Knights grab him, they have to try to move him. So, the directive from above is to play the hell out of him with the hopes that someone will be crazy enough to take him. If true, that would be a tough pill to swallow as a coach and adding insult to injury is having to defend the move when questioned by the public. He probably love to have said. "You think I don't know that he plays terrible? We are trying to move him as soon as possible. I want him gone more than you do!" This is all speculation, but I find it hard to believe that he truly sees MacDonald as a 3rd or 4th defenceman. They are all doing what they can to make this team better in the long run and moving MacDonald would be like winning the lottery. In the meantime, they are probably improving their draft position.
  2. A guy who plays excellent defensively and passes the puck very well. Sounds like the perfect guy to play with Yakupov.
  3. That's the deal right there. MacDonald for Hartnell
  4. The team's rough start is disturbing to say the least. Hopefully it is just growing pains with the new coach and systems. Hextall isn't perfect and he has made a couple of questionable decisions, but comparisons to Homer are unwarranted in my opinion. He has made several exceptional trades, without dealing draft picks, while also trying to fix some pretty serious cap issues. Hextall has acquired no less than 8 draft picks since becoming GM and sent out none. Homer could never have done that. Imagine where they would be right now if Homer was still at the helm? It makes me shudder. I have faith in Hextall's vision, but the current team play does make the waiting painful. If I had to rate Hextall's decisions they would total a positive outcome. [-1] Hartnell deal [+1] Couturier signing [Even] Jake signing [-1] Shultz signing [-1] Manning up with the team [+1] Rinaldo trade [+1] MDZ signing [Even] Medvedev signing [Even] Hakstol signing [+1] McGinn deal [+1] Cobourn deal [+2] Timonen deal [+1] Pronger-Gagner deal [+1] Neuvirth signing
  5. How about Flyers send Giroux and Laughton to the Coyotes for Domi, Strome, 1st Rd 2016 and 2nd Rd 2016. The teams would swap two centers. Phoenix pays the extra picks while Philly waits for one of these young guys to develop into a #1 center (if that ever happens). Phoenix gets their star player and another good young center and Philly gets two young centers that will mesh better with the younger defensemen that are coming up in a couple of years. Plus a shot at a couple more decent players while they wait. It will never happen, just throwing it out there for the fun of it.
  6. Hakstol has not yet employed his steely-eyed glare. Once he looks into their souls with that laser focus, the team will be intimidated into playing as a cohesive unit. It's like the Stevens cake baking thing only meaner.
  7. You are too kind, Sir. I had to poke fun at it, otherwise I would have blown a gasket.
  8. It was definitely a tough game to watch. It's not the losing that is hard to watch, it is the ineptness of their play. Constantly hearing "why did you just do that" in my head is frustrating. Anyway, patience is a virtue and betters days are coming.
  9. My previous post was obviously meant to be in jest. If I was to actually give my opinion on where I think they are struggling, I would say that they have a number of glaring problems. They are poor at puck support and they do not seem to know where other teammates will be at any given time. It seems they play more on impulse than any type of system. If there is a system, it seems to rely heavily on cycling the puck. Most of our forwards are not built to cycle the puck. I'm sure once Hextall rids this team of its driftwood, some strong wingers will be one of the first things he will be looking for. They also seem to make too many poor passing decisions. In my opinion, they attempt too many horizontal and backward passes. The puck needs to move forward and they need to be more patient with the puck. Their poor puck support and poor passing decisions make them a disorganized team. If Hakstol has a system, I'm not seeing it. I do think that he has the forwards coming back on defense better and has the defense pinching well on offense. The goaltending has also been pretty good. Beyond that, their play looks very sloppy and disjointed. So overall,I think that they play a disorganized game that relies too much on dump and chase and strong puck control along the boards. I believe that they have players who could quickly move the puck if they had better puck support. It's hard to be patient and make good puck decisions when your options are limited. Their only advantage over the last few years has been their powerplay, which seems to have become quite predictable. The secondary unit has been better so that's a plus. As expected, this in-between stage where we wait for Hextall to exorcise the contract demons is going to be quite painful to watch. I just figured that I would diffuse my frustration with a little humor. That's all.
  10. For the Flyers to be successful, they need to (in no particular order): Implement more dump and chase. Remember retaining possession of the puck is detrimental to our system. Cycle the puck more. Getting caught in front of the opposing net will inevitably lead to a shot on net, which is also detrimental to our system. Pass the puck more, not a little more, a lot more. Nothing confuses the opposition more than when a player passes the puck when no normal professional hockey player would. Once again, pass the puck more, especially back passes they are really crafty and show how strategic we are. On the powerplay, ALWAYS maintain the same formation and make the same passes over and over. The goal is to lull the opposition into a stupor. ALWAYS pass the puck to the point for a shot. Forwards are not expected to score with the exception of deflections. Just like back passes, deflections are crafty and strategic. DO NOT under any circumstances go hard to the net. That's Broad Street Bully hockey and we are a finesse team now. Finesse teams pass the puck. DO NOT throw checks. That is also Broad Street Bully mentality and it puts both you and the opposing player at risk of injury. Take penalties often. It throws the opposing team off their 5-on-5 rhythm. It puts the pressure on them to score on their powerplay. When you are moving in one-on-one on a defenseman. ALWAYS try to do that move with the puck through your legs like Giroux did once and got away with. Think finesse, crafty and strategic. Alternatively, throw it in the corner, chase it and cycle, cycle, cycle. Try to keep the puck in our defensive zone to tire out the opposing forwards. If it appears that you are going to clear the puck, make sure to pass or shoot it back in behind our net and cycle. Yes, cycling works here too. Always Recycle! Try to keep offsides to around 50%. This gives our team a chance to rest and change lines. Offsides breaks up the flow of the game, thus killing the opposition's defensive momentum. Allow many shots by the opposition. Our goalies need to get in the game and there is no better way to do that than to see plenty of rubber. Conversely, keep our shot total at a minimum. This keeps their goalie cold and out of the game. It also leaves more time for passing and cycling. And finally, play really hard the last 3 minutes of the game. The change of pace throws off the opposition and it shows the fans that you really care.This is how I deal with my Philly Phrustration.
  11. Option #1 was in jest. There's no way we land a generational player for spare parts. I also agree that we will be outbid by other teams for Saad, but it can't hurt to try. Making our competitors pay more for him wouldn't be a bad thing.
  12. Option 1: Offer the Schenns/Read/Laughton/#7 pick and #29 pick to Edmonton for #1 overall. (Add one more defenseman/forward/pick if necessary) If successful, immediately offer #1 pick to Sabres for Reinhart, Ristolainen and #2 pick If successful, immediately offer #2 pick to Coyotes for Domi, Duclaire and #3 pickDraft best player available at #3Send offer sheet to Saad Option 2: Draft Provorov or Crouse at #7Offer #29 for Mantha OR pick best player available at #29Send offer sheet to Saad
  13. That was nasty hit and he will need to work on that part of his game. I agree that the referees have been brutal on our on-the-edge players, but I don't see this guy being a Downie type player. Besides they can't let the referees dictate who they draft. From the clips that I have seen, the kid can play. He can skate, score and fight if necessary. IMO the Flyers need a couple of players with skill and size to be competitive. Currently, the team is too soft/small. Simmonds is the only player on the team right now that has that skill/grit combination. You add a couple more guys like him up front and Radko and possibly Morin on defense and this team gets a lot tougher to play against. G's line needs a finisher and if Crouse can do a bit of police work as well, then all the better. I would rather not see Vorachek fighting again. I see Crouse as a younger Hartnell that can skate. Anyway, this is all just wishful thinking on my part as he will probably get picked before the 7th spot.
  14. I would like to see a big LW with hands for the top line. Preferably two of the three if Hextall could swing it. Lawson CrousePavel ZachaPaul Bittner

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