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  1. DONE DEAL: Scott Laughton and the #Flyers have agreed to a two-year contract extension ($2.3 million AAV).
  2. Chuckie says:"I spoke with Mark Gandler (Provorov's agent) just a few days ago, everything is cordial and amicable," "But I think until the market settles out a bit, it may be difficult to move forward on Provorov."
  3. I don't think he is done. He was recovering from hip surgery takes about 2 years. Be a come back year,I wouldn't have given him 5 mil... hate that jersey also .. Heads up ...G /.. I M O ..
  4. • Andy Andreoff (two-year, one-way contract) • Kurtis Gabriel (one-year, two-way contract) • Nate Prosser (two-year, two-way contract) Thats all I found.
  5. Ghost and Hagg will be traded to the oil for r n h... who will then be flipped for matt read ... .. and a seond rounder ...
  6. hockeybuzz.com/blog/Bill-Meltzer/2019-Free-Agency-Season-Opens-Flyers-Canada-Day-Special-Feature/45/100302 … Great read...
  7. Its to sign a d-man to a two way contract. Prosser, who was in minn with fletcher..just a guess..
  8. again so What is he worth.???? I Y O ..
  9. Hope your right,looks like an offer sheet is coming. He did not have a great year so how much is he worth ,.
  10. It would scuk if he bolted for the khl.....
  11. Brian Elliott signed.. 1 year 2 mil.
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