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  1. I would try to incorporate a nod to the "first nation" tribes in the area. There is a lot of native American art that comes from region. The Seahawks honor this with the trim of their uniforms. The name of the team can honor those folks or the legendary creatures that are a part of the "lore" of the region. The Cyclones The Thunderbirds The Spirit I don't mind the Kraken but since there is now a rum brand with the same name that feels cheap.
  2. I've been thinking about Wyatt Kaylnuk a little, what is his ceiling? I mean realistically, are we going to lose Ryan MacDoughnah for nothing? or will it be like losing Kris Russell? There are some really good young players ahead of him on the depth chart who are already in the NHL and will only get better. He's not going to be better than Sanhiem or Provorov, will he be as good as Meyers hell can he beat out Mark Freidman? who everytime I watch him plays like a real NHL player... I guess I'm saying, sure it's sad to miss out on a quality young man and player, but there are only 6 spots, he's being wise to want to see where he can play and earn immediately. At this point I'm not sure if losing him is poor asset management or an eventuality of picking and finding good players. This is the first time in 10 years i've felt this way about maybe losing a defensive prospect.
  3. "viral load" is a term I hear frequently. minimal exposure to the virus leads to better outcomes in most cases. The fewer cells get in, the better the body's antibodies can deal with it. This is why wearing a mask is effective in curbing the virus' spread and lethality. The NHL could develop a helmet with a filtration system built in, would the players use it? it would be really weird seeing hockey players looking like star wars characters, but this is a thing that can happen that would make return to play safer for the players. Also I think the two hub cities should be in Canada where there is an actual health system working the problem with the support of it's governmental leaders.
  4. You're not wrong to think this way. There seems to be zero "for certains" anymore.
  5. You know, I don't know. I can't see the future. I have faith there will be a vaccine and more will be learned about the virus though. These set-backs are temporary. I think the longer the start is delayed the higher the chance that the next season is impacted negatively also. The alternate would be to scrap play until it can resume safely and somewhat normally. Right now nothing in life feels right. hell even going to the beach is an outbreak waiting to happen if people aren't very careful.
  6. The further the start of this tournament gets pushed toward autumn the less I like the idea it. I was excited by the idea of a summer of hockey. I don't see how that is safely realized though. I think if they're starting August 1 that's too late and the idea needs scrapped. I don't see how the 20-21 season doesn't get compromised as well if this season doesn't end until late September early October. TV checks be damned it's not worth potentially ruining 2 seasons over.
  7. you're right my mileage does vary. If our guys win IDGAF that they played the same amount of games, travelling greater distances vs more teams with better top to bottom talent than those 70's teams. I have never held winning those cups against those 70's teams . Big if I know.
  8. That almost guarantees your team will win it then, doesn't it? If this can be done safely, I welcome the distraction. The playoffs are the best thing about our sport, I'm happy to have them. If a team wins four best of sevens why wouldn't it count? If our guys win I won't care about an asterisk or any of that junk. That banner will look sweet in the rafters and I'll bring my mask to the parade.
  9. Those guys are too old. If I wanted to watch 50 year old people fight, I'd go to the grocery store more often.
  10. This is why companies now have social media clauses in their codes of conduct. A person acting the fool on social hurts workplace morale. Janet from payroll is a slut, Steve in accounts receivable was seen outside roughriders night club here's the pic...that **** happens and it's bad for business. You would have problems or massive turnover or both if you were to simply bury your head in the sand regarding your employee's behavior.
  11. Not it is not, not even in the broadest of terms is this true. This is a poor argument. Yet it isn't. Good luck getting a court to review your contract for murder. This is your big hang up and I fear you will never see this the way it is. He is in the employ of a hockey club in the NHL, which has a standard for their clubs and those their clubs employ. He can go play in the KHL or the SHL and write whatever he wants and see how those leagues treat it. What he does in his private time is his business, until it becomes public. In this case he chose a very public forum in which to behave like a dipshit. Free speech does not preclude freedom from consequences, he's not going to jail, he's lost his job. Huge, bigly difference. My freedom to do what exactly? act like an ass? I can be an ass anywhere. Whether or not my employer is okay with having me act like an ass knowing I represent them is their call. If they decide they don't want to employ an ass, I reckon I'll need to look for another job or adjust my behavior.
  12. He doesn't have to play hockey in the NHL. If he has violated the league's/team's code of conduct which he most likely would have signed when he signed his contract he is subject to that policy. It's pretty simple, the privilege of playing in the NHL comes with responsibilities . I don't understand why you don't understand this.
  13. There seems to be no depth to the stupidity of people.
  14. @Poulin20 Thanks for the write up. 2010 was such a fun playoff season. I remember that Bruins series thinking damn I can't believe they haven't won a game yet. These games are so close. My Daughter was 5 and had a Flyers sweater I would ask her to wear it on game days that season and the team was 10-1 when she wore it. One of the loses though was to Boston. I wasn't able to talk her into wearing her "Flyin'" shirt on the day of game 6 . The word intransigent is on our family crest...I'm sure that's why Kane scored, didn't matter what Kimmo said. That was some fun nostalgia, thanks for sharing.
  15. @yave1964 I always appreciate these. Watching the Senators I felt like they were a team on the rise. They gave my team fits. They skate well, they act like assholes, they have some skilled players. There just weren't enough of them. I think their core was pretty solid, I didn't like the Pageau trade at the time, but the picks they have in this draft could be the a nucleus of a strong team that will be good for a long time. Their goaltending was meh, their bottom 4 were exploitable. I never thought, damn they suck when I watched them though. Full disclosure I thought the Wings were decent for 40 minutes a game too, but when they went "bad" they were really bad, Senators were in that same boat.
  16. he'll have to learn to glad handle with his head up sooner or later.
  17. ...ain't nothin' wrong with that!
  18. We bought a bottle of their vodka it is pretty decent. They had/have a stand at our farmer's market and the lady who runs it is really nice, we're fans of 8 Oaks.
  19. @radoran speaking of gins, the Strange Monkey Gin from Silverback is the best Gin I've ever had. I am not fond of Gin in the traditional sense I've tried Beefeater and Bombay... and haven't felt the need to acquire the taste for Juniper shrubs. The Strange Monkey has more of a floral (maybe lavender) thing with a little citrusy zing at the end. plus the bottle looks really cool on the liquor shelf.
  20. this is so funny I almost choked on my lunch.
  21. Actually, I thought that was funny, but I have really been enjoying Blackback Straight bourbon whiskey from Silverback Distillery [Hidden Content] A thing I've been really enjoying is craft distilling and the cocktails that are available in the tasting rooms. The PA tasting room for Silverback is at the East Stroudsburg Airport, and the people are great and the drinks are really good. What has been your "Go to" spirit during the quarantine ?

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