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  1. i was wrong again. it somehow hit .47 cents (for god knows why) while i was long asleep. I thought Allison had a strong game. He reminded me of a young Travis Konecny. He looked dangerous every time he was on the ice. Wish TK could harness that back.
  2. i admit that i guessed wrong. Good game by Hart. Nice move by Coots.
  3. strong game by Hart so far, sure to be ruined by some boneheaded play yet TBD. Hope it's not a concussion on Patrick. That could be the end for his career.
  4. They both need to show more physicality though. They both can't be Braydon Coburn.
  5. I'm glad that wasn't true of 25 year old me, but ok.
  6. who himself was quoting his friend donald edit: not THAT DONALD RJ!
  7. this is about as exciting as watching my former HS lacrosse team's game which they won 19-0, 18-0 at the half and spent the entire rest of the second half with their JV squad out there passing the ball around inside the box. Caps look about just as interested in this game. Oh look, 0-3 on the PK.
  8. i guess if this goes as poorly as we're all predicting, you're welcome to watch the live stream of my former high school's lacrosse game which might be more exciting.
  9. shoot, i feel like if we had a healthy emery and the same D we would have won that series. no offense to boosh who battled the whole playoffs.
  10. "Wayne Gretzky," Dave Scott, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Comcast Spectacor, and Governor of the Philadelphia Flyers, unequivocally replied.
  11. not sure this is going to light a fire under the team and pretty surprised this is all the "selling" chuck could muster. He has a lot to do, a short time to do it, and I don't really have the faith he has the brains and character to get it done.
  12. depends on what Chuck says when he wakes up at noon.
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