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  1. apprehensive about any "Pat" and "-oon" in a Flyers uniform.
  2. i keep thinking i was 1 when they last won the cup, but even i wasn't born that long ago. the moves today don't faze me too much—restocking the A makes me think they've figured most of their D prospects are about to graduate full time (and Hagg or Ghost are about to be traded). I can't see them moving Ghost for a 3RW, so I'm guessing Hagg. If we'd signed Hayes today instead of 2 weeks ago we'd probably be feeling like we got the guy we wanted. And would this board have melted down if we paid Panarin 11.6m/yr?
  3. so-so signing. probably doesn't make a difference on the ice, but i suppose it could be good for Hart having an older vet for another year. i guess the question should now turn to "who do we have when Elliott gets hurt?" i haven't seen a lot from Lyon that inspires confidence in his time in the NHL. he could probably get by for 1-2 games, but there's been times when he looks totally bewildered out there.
  4. [Hidden Content] man how do you insert a gif here?
  5. Been a very long time since I felt this way but who the **** cares. Team has been breaking my heart since 1986 and they don’t even have the pride to finish like professionals.
  6. 3-1 stars, Nichushkin with 2 goals since i just read he has 0 goals on the season. neither one of these goals will be an ENG. look for the trade for him come July.
  7. murray made some good stops in the game. can't fault him too much. i guess if it were the other way around we'd be harping over every mistake also.
  8. the good news is that Ovechkin already scored his 1200th point so scoring his 1201-1208th points tonight will be no milestone against us.
  9. my friend pointed out that it looks like nolan and TK are laughing at Neuvirth.
  10. it's a joke. malkin with a history of dirty plays (going unpunished) got less.
  11. [Hidden Content] Jake postgame interview
  12. If you are the Flyers: If you’re being charged at you cannot protect yourself or brace yourself for the check. You must allow yourself to be plastered by an illegal check. If not, then you will be asssessed a 5 minute major.
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