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  1. darn. i was hoping you could ask him something for me, haha.
  2. I was reminiscing to the Black Friday game vs the Hurricanes during Mites on Ice when Lou Nolan said “ The ice is a little ****** down by the bench.”
  3. and also, I'm pretty sure Hartsy said they're playing "sh***y hockey" on air.
  4. I agree Howie. I just prefer to see the full length.
  5. shoot a puck at his head and spin his helmet around. that should work.
  6. not sure if this is allowed, but I made a little Etsy store for you Sanheim / Danzig fans out there. yes, my girlfriend made me wear the shirt for the pictures. printed in South Philly at Awesome Dudes Printing. https://www.etsy.com/listing/941434167/flyers-travis-sanheim-samhain-t-shirt?ref=shop_home_active_1
  7. he's boring but he does his job efficiently, most of the time.
  8. oi wot's this??? https://www.crossingbroad.com/2021/01/big-changes-coming-to-flyers-broadcast-with-katie-emmer-out-scott-hartnell-and-taryn-hatcher-to-the-desk.html I prefer Taryn Hatcher standing rinkside.
  9. so he will only score 12 goals against us this season and not 15.
  10. once the playoffs started in August, a whole lot of these guys looked like they''d rather be elsewhere. after reading players' comments about life in the bubble maybe that's understandable, but still disappointing to watch.
  11. technically what I said was true. on the feed I posted, it was a Russian teenager begging for money. I saw a couple good defensive plays from Yam Cork last night. The USA goalie was very good. I can only assume he will play for the NYR.
  12. to answer my own question feed is in russian. no american teenage douchebags crying about subscribing to their dumb channel.
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