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  1. If Hexy snorted pre-game coke like Fuhr he would have been unstoppable.
  2. must have been that chinese new year celebration....
  3. i think i saw the father and the son and the holy ghost conspire on that one... if we lose, i'll send Rick a halibut filet. maybe that will bring him back inside from warming up the Lumina in the driveway. it took him an hour 10 years ago; god only knows how long it takes him now.
  4. goes direct to Mac's Tavern on Market
  5. this is a crazy stat a friend sent to me: [Hidden Content]
  6. someone i can get behind now that the other losers are out, the DNC's revolt against Sanders is in, and we're forced to vote for Diamond Joe Biden or that other douchebag.
  7. It’s your imagination. The slow starts have been a problem for the last 10 years.
  8. i ride a bike personally. i drive my truck to GTFO of the city, haha.
  9. I'm sure Gerbe at 5'2" with skates on in the NHL has some pretty impressive lower body strength. Small guys have to be tough to cut it so I"m not surprised Gerbe is a tough mf-er even if he's not a brawler. Remember the story of Briere working out with Canada's strongest man? Sanheim's "fight" looked bad on TV. Wasn't much of a fight in hockey standards, but visuals count I guess. At 5'8" without skates on, I'd root for him as a fellow small guy if he was on the Flyers, but he's not so **** that guy.
  10. David Savard apparently. As far as I can tell he's yelling "F--- you, Savard!"
  11. We ****** won. And a good win. Chill the **** out.

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