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  1. Totally agree with TK. Even when the flyers were at their worst in his rookie year I said watch this guy bc he’s the only guy who is always going to goal and consistently trying to make things happen offensively. Maybe it was naïveté but it works for him. Don’t get the TK- Marchand comparisons. Guess he’d have to score 30 goals first. Then elbow to the head every other game haha
  2. he also sometimes makes his own commercials and intermission videos haha.
  3. his usual MO is to post the link about 30min before start time in the pre-game thread of the [Hidden Content] page
  4. /user aclee on reddit flyers forums provided me with all the games last year. it's a good quality youtube stream.
  5. Surprised there was no Emery thread on here. Must have been a busy Sunday for all of us. I didn't find out until late at night. Big bummer. Like most people I think, all other things being equal in 2010, with a healthy Ray Emery in net things probably would have gone our way. RIP [Hidden Content]
  6. Obviously we blew it bc we didn’t get both
  7. Marchand complaining about missed calls. That’s rich.
  8. pretty sure we can all agree if Wilson had the opportunity to accidentally do this same exact thing with the same exact outcome, he would have done it on purpose. i don't think this guy gets, or should get, any benefit of the doubt if there's a question about a hit.
  9. the last thing i would want to do is try to defend Tom Wilson, but this slow motion replay kind of makes it look like he was looking Aston Reese in the eyes and was going to hit him while he had his head low anyway. but what about in real time? which of you guys who've played hockey at a high level can say at that speed and timing that he could have adjusted? could he (or a generic "he" because we know Wilson would do it anyway) have avoided it in the time he had to set up to hit? it looked to me like he was going for the body, but Aston-Reese had his head lower than expected.... That said, even if everything was as it is, and Wilson had plenty of time to see where AR had his head, i'm pretty sure he still would have taken the head 9/10 times. but this time? i'm not so sure from this replay, but it could be exactly that. I'm still on the fence. Sucks the guy got injured but at the same time, i wish both teams would lose.
  10. good game... Jets took advantage of a couple lucky bounces to get them back in it on the scoreboard and did well after that. like most games this postseason i saw (what i thought) were a bunch of questionable calls that benefitted one team over another. but Jets took them and didn't look back. that's how to win in the playoffs.
  11. @nossagog yeesh. was i wrong about that one? thought it was shoulder to chest, but guess i was wrong if he has a broken jaw. wilson has a well-earned reputation as a POS. it's still a penalty to throw your equipment into the other team's bench even if you're hurt, haha.
  12. i thought the hit on aston-reese was a hell of a hit, but clean. Wilson did have another head shot (legit) prior to that one. not sure why aston-reese didn't get a penalty for throwing a glove into the caps bench. guess that's just playoffs, eh? refs gave wilson a penalty later for being crosschecked by oleksiak so i guess that's ok too because I don't like him either, haha.
  13. is it not a penalty to throw your equipment into the other team's bench? i guess it depends on the moon phase?
  14. i want the sharks to win just so Roenick can cry about it. also, i hate james neal.
  15. Not surprising. Also 100% not based on any of those players’ playoff performances. The votes had to be in before the playoffs started. I dig the Rodney Dangerfield patch.

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