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  1. i like to like this signing. 1 year—no problem. York can spend a year developing and acclimating at pp1 with the Phantoms and we'll see how that goes.
  2. you may need to watch more pro wrestling to understand "the heel" archetype.
  3. https://twitter.com/based_shesty/status/1418635827211608070?s=10 https://twitter.com/based_shesty/status/1418635827211608070?s=20 now i gotta find the clip of Sanheim falling headfirst (untouched) into the boards in OT.
  4. There's a sweet finisher car parked outside my shop right now. a '94, just like Dennis's.
  5. A lot of complaining by people who criticize him on a regular basis, but no consideration given to the fact that we had to give extra for someone to take Ghost—which should say something about how the rest of the league regards him. But not to you guys I guess. as was reported, one team asked for York for them to take Ghost.
  6. hey why don't ^you^ bitch about this for a while for all the good it's doing.
  7. Tried to give him away for free and nobody would take him. Can't say it's all bad.
  8. If Ellis is another Timo you won't hear me bitching.
  9. This happened as I was literally about to post this picture of Chuck.
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