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  1. Thanks for that. Wasn’t able to get any to work tho. Guess I’ll find the radio feed.
  2. Respect where it’s due. Voracek could do to stop playing like he’s throwing out layups for a junior team tho. Good goal tonight.
  3. Elliott will be fine tonight, but tomorrow is leg will fall off and then we'll have Lyon doing pirouettes in the crease every night for the next 3 weeks trying to find out where the puck was*. *because it's now in the back of the net.
  4. hopefully tonight's game won't make you feel the same way. they re-released that album on vinyl. cost me a few bucks to get that fancy marble. i used to have the CD packaging (remember when CDs used to come in the cardboard box?) hanging in my locker in high school. yes, i'm old now.
  5. ghost probably did it to himself so we could never get rid of his ass
  6. don't really know about that. not disagreeing with you, but the other side causes its share of misinformation and mayhem as well. but I can agree that we cannot win a 7 game series against a team like the caps. we've played well against them in the regular season games, but Wilson (as much as I hate that ****—one good reason I wish we still had Wayne Simmonds on the squad) alone would be the difference maker in that series, even if we had home ice advantage. boston is probably also in this category.
  7. yah, with a beard too. must be a real tough guy.
  8. Haha you must not have seen pics of Proud Boys.
  9. J! V! R! i can't decide whether to bestow the Prince Valium nickname to jake or JVR. i was convinced it was golden for JVR but now i'm not sure.
  10. if eichel was there the score would be reversed... or something

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