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  1. jvr needs a pair of ****** glasses. it worked for charlie sheen.
  2. welp looks like i'm gonna be able to just throw my vote away again.
  3. if the flyers win and Jake and JVR score i'll vote for Trump.
  4. man what a douche. thanks for the crystal clear reminder haha.
  5. Kuato yeah, but wasn’t there was one other one too? Not (just) Buffalo Rick.
  6. voracek has added petulance to his stupidity. i feel, and it looks like, he's doing it on purpose and every act that was just "typical Jake stupid" last season, like trying to skate through 3 out of 4 defenders on the PP just to lose the puck and not hurry up to even clear the zone, is now like an act of defiance and spite.
  7. Stop stealing my sig. or maybe continue.
  8. user aclee has been streaming the games. [Hidden Content] there's a game day thread about an hour before start time at that subreddit, and aclee will post a link to his stream in the comments. be careful about getting to his page from other sources as YouTube will shut his feed down for everyone.
  9. and i'll bet a hundred dollars american they do the same tonight!

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