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  1. still love hearing his call on the last Flyers-Pens Stadium series. I might have to watch/listen again right now.
  2. yesterday, some practical joker in one of those box trucks with the full-size video panels on the sides thought it would be funny to park right in front of my window and play a commercial for that stuff on a loop for several hours. was it you?
  3. skating can be taught right? strome, brink, foerster, who else?
  4. i actually wanted Dallas to win, but i ******* hate Corey Perry so I hoped they would lose.
  5. for his own sake, I hope he can recover and be good enough to join the big club. i hope he can be a big, mean, tough MF-er for the Flyers. the injuries, to me, are worrisome. maybe someone with more experience in this realm has a more positive outlook.
  6. the kind of player he is on paper is a kind of guy I think we need on the back end: big, mean porch clearer. we lacked some toughness especially evident in the NYI series where we got pummeled and didn't have much of an answer. I saw some mean flashes from Myers and Sanheim, but like a lot of people said they will need to put on some weight and muscle—I'm not worried about them and think they will handle themselves fine in the next couple seasons. The injuries Morin has had over and over have been a huge setback for him—I don't think he'll ever be the player he had the potential to be when we drafted him. Morin was never going to be a Pronger type, but that's how I'd play him in NHL21.
  7. i know he hasn't scored yet, but i mean, come on. you gotta love it.
  8. i knew we were in a good spot when the shots were 50-20 against us. If the shots were reversed it was a guaranteed loss for us.
  9. Lindblom has to score. They have to let him. It’s in the rules. Carter Hart!
  10. i don't think it's unreasonable to say that a couple friends and half of my fiancee's LI family are now my archenemies.
  11. one of the first "Hollywood" experiences I had when I moved to LA in 2000 was go to this bowling alley, Hollywood Star Lanes. They had a great Hawaiian food stand there.

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