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  1. I know it s a team with a very confusing initial draft, but this pleases me.
  2. I'm not really a jersey guy, but the other night I was pretty drunk and decided to look for a black Stadium Series Simmonds jersey, but can't really find anything that doesn't scream bootleg to me. Anyone have a lead or ideas on how to re-create one? Stadium Series patch doesn't matter that much to me; the Keystone "A" would be cool though.
  3. Cuban Linx is one of my favorite records. I think the Scarface clip and the overall themes of drug hustling and street life on the record are going to worry a bunch of old white executives on the board haha.
  4. something a little lighter and fun. What yous got? I was always partial to this one: Somehow I think this will not be a contender. others i hear about are the Action News 6 theme song and DOOP for some dumb reason. Let's do something new, eh?
  5. So that’s what went wrong last season. We need more dekes. We need a deke specialist. Maybe three.
  6. shouldn't we be griping that this is actually a disservice to Coots which now denies him the chance to win a Cup with another team?
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