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  1. DLHockey

    Leaf fans Only

    For any Leaf Fans on this site I have made a blog just about the Leafs if you dont mind can you take a look and tell me how it is? http://theleafsedition.blogspot.com/
  2. DLHockey

    Sunday Trade Rumors

    With the NHL All-Star weekend happening the NHL GM’s are having a little bit of down time to plan out there next big move. But now the GM’s only have a little over a month until that bug busy day. Today I have read and talked to a few people and gathered up a bunch of trade rumors. The Ottawa Sun has reported that Senators Erik Karlsson’s agent will be talking with Senators GM on possible trades. Ottawa Sun didn’t report much more but I don’t really think that the Sens will give up a key guy on their roster. Only time will tell… Ottawa Sun has reported not expect New Jersey Devils Zach Paris
  3. DLHockey

    NHL Trade Rumors

    I don't read hockeybuzz. But yes I do use the internet but a lot of my news comes from my friend who is invloed with hockey analysts everyday.
  4. DLHockey

    NHL Trade Rumors

    Well I was reading and came across this. I have talked to one of my source's and he still has to reply back.
  5. DLHockey

    NHL Trade Rumors

    Hey guys, I know I have not been posting in a while but I was giving a writing job on the5hole.com. I will write for this site and the5hole. But since we are getting closer to the trade deadline I thought i'd post on what I am hearing. Right now I am getting some info from one of my source's and he is telling me that Nashville's Ryan Suter will not re-sign by the deadline. So the Predators management will have to decide if they’ll retain him in hopes of re-signing him prior to July 1st, or trade him at the deadline. Also the Canucks and Red Wings could have interest in Canadiens winger Travis
  6. Came across a rumor of it, forget the site I was on. But I didint think it was a legit one. But I just threw it in the post.
  7. Just a few hours after Ducks GM Bob Murray said that almost everyone on his roster is tradeable, Ryan and Getzlaf said they want to stay with the Ducks . On Wednesday Murray told the L.A. Times the only untouchables are Koivu and Selanne both of whom have no-movement clauses. Rigth away after Murray announced that it immediately started a lot of internet rumors saying that Ryan to TOR,DET,BUF or CHI? and Getzlaf to PHI,TOR,BOS,CHI and DET. It has been confirmed that Murray is not taking offers for Ryan, Perry and Getzlaf and d-man Cam Fowler. But he did say he is taking calls to be entertained
  8. Pardon me Leafs are 8th in the eastern conference
  9. RED WINGS (25-13-1) and MAPLE LEAFS (20-15-5) With the Wings road struggles Leafs hope to take yet another win this year. Leafs haven't lost a game in 2012 with being 6th in the league still in a playoff spot. Detroit hopes to win to end there road battles tonight. I think Leafs will win 4-3 LAST 10: Detroit 6-4-0; Toronto 4-4-2. This original 6 battle is set to start at 7:00 pm On CBC, NHLN-US (HD), FS-Detroit (HD) I'll have a full game re-cap tonight. Twitter @DLHockey
  10. Leafs GM Dealing? With the Trade Deadline just around the corner Leafs GM Brain Burke has been very quiet. Burke has less than two months to deal a blockbuster trade. A lot of rumors are indacating that the Ducks and Leafs will have a trade in sight by the deadline. On Thursday the media had asked Burke if he had any good trades in the line. He said he would have to kill us, if he had said anything and of course he was joking. The media had asked him about Anaheim he chuckled and said where pretty tight. So right off the bat we now do know that Burke has been working with Anaheim for a deal. J
  11. ^ thanks I'm really liking this site, will have a blog up tonight before bed
  12. Thanks ^ I'll be posting a few more articles tonight after work. !
  13. Ducks Ready To Shop. Anaheim Ducks General Manager Bob Murray is very interested in reshaping the franchise, and just about every player on the roster is available for trade. The Los Angeles Times where first to report the news of what Murray wants to do on Wednesday night. Murray has said the only players on his team that are untouchable are Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu witch both players have no-movment clause. It's been reported that forwards Bobby Ryan and Ryan Getzlaf, Defensemen Lumbomir Visnovsky and Francois Beauchemin and Goaltender Jonas Hiller have already been trade bait. Now it is
  14. Thank you guys for your comments, I've only wrote 4 entry's and I have no hate mail. If I where back over at hockeybuzz I'd be bashed for my writing. Thanks for being friendly. I'll have 5-6 more entry's up today
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