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  1. Boone Jenner is my favorite player in the game today not wearing the winged wheel. Usually I latch on to defenseman for that role, guys like Shea Weber but Jenner is it. He simply plays the game the right way. He was drafted by the Jackets and came up through theri system, after a couple of decent years as a bottom liner he burst on the scene in 2015-16 with 30 goals. The season damn near ruined him because it set up expectations that he simply will never be able to reach. I have watched him since he joined the league, he was an awful faceoff man, he had this weir
  2. Trade in Smythe betwen myself and Darth Child He gets STammer and Vas I get Giroux Pionk Matthew Tkachuk Blackwood Obviously Vasi is the best player in the deal hands down bar none, the worlds greatest goalie. I drafted both he and Hellboy knowing I would deal one within a short time. I will miss Stamkos as well as he when healthy is still a damn fine player, but at this point he does come with the disclaimer and asterisk about his health. What I added was a meh goalie in Blackwood to throw into the mix and tons o
  3. Very nice game, good to see him back in the lineup. Good game Bert, now get your damn shot.
  4. What I dont like has nothing to do with his heritage or anything off ice, I feel he is hands down bar none the most overrated player in all of hockey today, and would probably be a first or second team all time overrated goalie ever. Looking at his last five years; 2021 2.64 goals against 21st among goalies. Save pct of .901 40th among goalies (A quick note, this is not including goalies such as Craig Anderson who got into a few games, I am using only goalies in both cases who played at least one third of their teams games) 2020 2.79 goals against, 32nd in t
  5. about time. love this kid, worth every penny
  6. 1) Panthers 2)Bolts 3_Laughs 4_Bruins 5)Senators 6)Les Habs 7) Wings 8)Brokenswords
  7. Bobby Ryan has to be better than Patrick Brown who the Flyers claimed from Vegas today.......
  8. I really do wish Bobby Ryan the best of luck, he had a great camp and a team that is paying attention and needs a winger such as Ottawa or the Pens should snztch him up. Class act, wish him the best. That said, I am enormously happy with the message that this sends. It is time for the kids. Lucas Raymond now likely makes the team as a 19 year old rookie. Ryan and Raymond essentially battled for the right to take over for the wing spot in the top six vacated by the injury to Vrana. Ryan being kept would have been a nice safe boring thing to do, it woulda allowed Raymo
  9. My Smythe draft THIS is my typical draft, how I love to draft. My leading goal scorer from last year is Landeskog with a paltry 20 Strome (!) is my leader in assists of all my players. Really. My offense will be a chalenge this year. HOWEVER Nobody will beat me in faceoffs pims hits blocks shots goalie wins saves Oh occasionally i will lose one of those but very, very rarely. Essentially most weeks I will starts with a 6-1 or 7-0 lead over whoever I am playing. Is it insurmountable? God no, if
  10. Really surprised the Canucks gave up on Juolevi, they have hyped him for years, he really was not bad last year, I really thought he was going to claim a top four spot, looks like with OEL they decided to go with the safer steadier Juulsen who is technically sound but has very little offensive upside. I still think Juuolevi is capable of 35 points in the right situation and with Yandle moved on he might have a better shot with the Panthers.
  11. With the season days away Carey Price has stunned the league by entering the players assistance program, meaning he will be seeking help for an unspecified reason and be away from the team for a minimum of thirty days. Kind of a stunner. Never been a fan but hope that all is well.
  12. DIVISION WINNERS EAST Islanders ATLANTIC Panthers CENTRAL Avalanche PACIFIC Oilers STANLEY CUP FINALS Lightning in seven over the Avalanche. First threepeat since the Isles in the early eighties. WILL THE KRAKEN MAKE THE PLAYOFFS? No. not even close FIRST COACH FIRED Bob Boughner in San Jose. HART TROPHY Conner McDavid. HOW MANY POINTS WILL MCDAVID SCORE THIS YEAR? I have him pegged for 140. Wouldnt be surprised if he goes for a bit more than that including 100 assists. VEZINA TROPHY Vasilevskiy. If I h
  13. It boggles the mind that what should be Hockey's most natural rivalry south of the Mason Dixon line has taken this long to finally develop but it looks to be here. With a vengeance. It beganlast year when Sam Bennett took a mindless charge against Blake Coleman in a playoff game leading to a suspension, it now has boiled over to th preseason Bennett went behind the net and ran a shoulder into the Lightnings least replaceablr player, goalie Vasilevskiy and all hell broke loose, both on that play and for the rest of the game. Corey Perry of the Bolts went around hitting everything,
  14. So many things to love about this offseason FIRST Finally rid of the ridiculous contracts that hamstrung this organization, last year Ericsson and Abdelkader moved on, this year Helm and Nielsen did the same. Glendening took a third of what he had been making to continue his NHL career. Bernier got over 4 million a year from new jersey for three years, at his age the Wings wiseley let him move on. Filpulla left as well. We moved on releasing Svechnikov and Choowski a couple of first rounders from the previous regime who didnt pan out. No anchor contracts hanging over the teams head
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