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  1. yzerman said with a straight face to that question to ask the Canes GM lol the only thing that I get is the money the Canes figure they can land mrazek for that and would rather have him for that money. mrazek drank himself out of Detroit and damn near out of the game but since straightening his life is the goalie that he looked like early in his career again. i love nedeljkovic and think he is an upgrade but a tandem of mrazek and bernier is not horrible. love it for the wingwwe have no goalie in the system who will ever see an nhl game big Ned is a great bridge at the least until Coss
  2. atkinson little player but sneaky goal scorer who in spite of his size plays in all situations. fearless in front of net fantastic burst p n breakaway not afraid to play against bigger players but gets pushed about. biggest weakness is he is a lousy passer thus his shoot first mentality. fun to watch gonna be missed
  3. I believe the top four of hughes oel myers schmidt is quality and Idont believe they are done. I think a lot of their bad defense woes was a rotten holtby and a young inexperienced demko. oel on the second pair without as much pressure and a ppqb should and will bounce back ala Barrie in Edmonton.
  4. Jake Bean has long been considered a top flight prospect but hasnt found a home in Carolina who have enormous depth on the back end. He was just dealt to Columbus for the second rounder that Columbus got from Chicago as partial payment for Seth Jones. Carolina has been shopping Bean who clearly needs a change of scenery. He was double digit in goals in his first two years in the AHL, last year he was a full time starter for the Canes as the 6D and wasnt horrible, only 23 lots of upside he was a former first rounder (pick 13 in 2016) and I really like the kid. Carolina continues to
  5. Insane money. Chicago will love his game but like Toews/Crawford/Keith/seabrook the deal will not age well. Final tally this years first (number 12) this years 2nd and next years protected first plus Boqvist. Columbus has to be happy as can be. I am not one of these guys who when a team trades a favorite I am dead to the guy, saying that I believe the term/money will haunt Chicago is not that, not at all, Jones is fantastic right now, a massive upgrade for three, four five years it is an indictment of the term not the player. Columbus got the assets they need for a
  6. Indians named after Louis Sockalexis, first American Indian to star in the MLB. I get it with the Redskins and all that that intones, but this...... I guess Vancouver needs to change their hockey club name as it might be offensive to French Canadians.
  7. Seth Jones and the 32nd pick for Boqvist and the 12th. Other pieces may or may not be involved but that portion seems certain. Jones immediately signed an eight year deal for big money, the deal worked out up front. I get it from both, Jones is close to elite and the natural replacement for Keith, CBJ needs to rebuild, Boqvist is an elite prospect ready to break out this year and moving up from 32nd to 12th is HUGE. Win/win for both surprised Columbus didnt take on a forward with a medium high contract back. I really thought Strome or Kubalik would be a part of the return, of co
  8. They added Caleb Jones, Seth's younger brother in the deal for Keith. Kinda thought then that this was his likely landing spot. I read a few days ago that Jones might head to Dallas with Klingberg as part of the return, I thought maybe as Jones dad had played basketball for the Stars. Anyway, the Jones boys together on the Hawks now.
  9. Supposedly it is done, Seth Jones to Chicago, still trying to find the return, Boqvist and Chicago's first has been rumored all day, we will see.
  10. @TropicalFruitGirl26 It seems like decades ago (instead of a year and a half) that the Coyotes traded for Taylor Hall as the missing piece for a playoff run. Since then, the collapse is epic, six of the top ten scorers are gone as are Raanta and Hill in net. The return has been putrid for the most part, in fact of their top six players on last years surprisingly decent defense, Chychrun is still there but OEL, Demers, Oesterle, Hjarlmarsson and Goligoski are all gone. a bad team is now a shell of what it once was. Truthfully they may be biblically bad next year. As fa
  11. After literally two years of OEL trade rumors it has finally come to pass. Oliver Ekman-Larsson and scoring winger Conor Garland have been dealt to the Canucks for 4th line center Jay Beagle, 4th line winger Antoinne Roussel, the wretched Loui Eriksson and a handful of picks. The picks are: tonights first (number 9 giving the Coyotes a first to replace the one they lost because of cheating) a 7th this week and a second next year. As part of the deal the Coyotes are eating a small part of OEL's salary. Highway robbery for the Canucks, clearly this and the
  12. okay a bit of devils advocate. Hagg a former second rounder in the equivalant of three full seasons averaged 4 goals and 15 total points with no upside. He plateaued and he is what he is, a third pair stay at home guy and a decent penalty killer, not great, just decent. Ristolainen while his offense has stalled averages 8 goals and 34 points and loves to hit and block shots. His awful, simply dreadful plus/minus for most of his career could be because of his awful/dreadful team for whom he has played. I would feel a lot better about this if the return wa
  13. At first glance this is the third onesided deal of the past two days, first Nedlokjovic to the Wings for a bucket of warmup pucks, then Ristolainen to the Flyers for WAAAY TO MUCH now Buchnevich, nearly a point a game producer for Sammy Blais and a second rounder. Truth is the Rags had to trade Buchnevich as the cap thing is a factor and they really want to make a run at Eichel, second, with Blais and Goodrow now terrorizing opponents on the bottom six with feisty you cant outwork us mentality and just a touch of scoring, the Rangers already now have a perfectly balanced lineup.
  14. Dont understand this at all. Risto is a flawed player, ten percent better than Gudas playing the same type of game. Useful player but an awful lot to give up for him.
  15. He is a fan favorite everywehre he performs, his motor is non stop, he plays old time hockey, not a big scorer but he kills penalties and can sneak one past you when your not prepared. Fair return, first ever Kraken deal. I think it is fair to say the league is weary after the fleecing by Mcphee when the Knights came in the league.
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