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  1. doc traded robertson of the stars even up for patrick kane with a team that made zero moves all year. i bit my lip on a couple of these but for gods sake rescind this now
  2. starting off with Connor Brown and his unlikely eight game goal streak. probably the least likely such streak of anyone ever. Dont get me wrong, he can put the biscuit in the basket a bit, 20 tucks was his career high with Toronto in 16-17. This year he had only 6 goals in his first 35 games before catching fire In fact he was in a goal draught going goalless in 8 games before his streak, actully only 1 goal in his previous 13 games. Jordan Staal played in his 1000th game last night against the Wings in a 3-1 Carolina loss in which they were sluggish and seemed disnterested. I
  3. @J0e Th0rnton beat me to it, we have a couple of fantasy leagues in here that are a ton of fun would love to have you join us
  4. A few thoughts on who I feel won and lost the deadline WINNER Boston. Hall and Lazar for a second and a former prospect turned suspect named Bjork. Then adding defenseman Reilly from Ottawa to a in need defensive corp. It still comes down to Rask getting back to being Rask by the playoffs but they took a huge step forward. LOSER Winnipeg. All around them the other North contenders were having an arms race while the best they could do is bring back Jordie Benn from the Canucks to a boring unspectacular defense which will be the reason they will be eliminated in six game
  5. Which is why I said to a LESSER extent. RNH has been mentioned going everywhere, which doesnt make a bit of sense to me. I thought that they could have tweaked, adding a 3G, a Glendening to the fourth line but those are quibbles.
  6. Mantha, Hall, Carter, the flyer boys, foligno all deserved their own thread, here is a bit of this and that from other moves made at the deadline FLEURY TRADED FROM THE CANES TO THE DUCKS FOR HAKANPAA I was surprised the Canes gave up on Fleurywho was once touted but he hasnt really developed and is held back by more talented offensive d-men he should get a chance to develop in Anaheim. Hakanpaa is a perfect fit for the Canes, the kid LOVES TO HIT, zero offense but plays a nasty game. BENNETT TO THE PANTHERS FOR A SECOND AND A PROSPECT Talk about not develop
  7. I just posted more or less the same article!! Just so damn happy with the deal, love Mantha but he does not backcheck, Vrana is a talented offensive player as well. And a first and second? Jesus what a steal.
  8. Massive shakeup in Motown Anthony Mantha was traded today to the Caps for a HUUUUUUGE haul. Jakub Vrana, a talented scoring winger, Richard Panik, an okay servicable middle six winger and a first rounder this year and a second next. Man there are no words to say how much I love this trade and I love Mantha and hate to see him go. I posted in here about how I didnt see most of our tradebait adding more than a third or fourth rounder, in this deal, we move a talented Mantha for a talented Vrana and add a first this year and second next year. Nantha can f
  9. On top of the Taylor Hall/Jeff Carter?Savard deals a bunch of little deals occured late last night Brayden coburn traded from Ottawa to the Isles for a 7th. Not much here, just insurance Big game Dave Rittich to the Leafs for a third. This move probably means the death knell of the career of Freddy Andersen in Toronto. They have moved on mid stream. Mike Reilly to the Bruins for a 3rd. Very nice depth move for a reasonable price. Boston has won the deadline so far and nobody else is even close.
  10. Posted elsewhere, Brewin, but let me get this straight..... Leafs give up a first and fourth for Foligno Bruins give up a second and Bjork for Hall and Lazar. This is why the Bruins are the Bruins and the Laughs are the Laughs.
  11. Let me get this straight....foligno is worth a first and a fourth, Hall and Lazar are only worth a second and Bjork?? Seems like overpayment by the Leafs, and the Bruins got a steal.
  12. as someone who watches way more cbj hockey than he should IMHO a first and a fourth for Foligno is robbery. his game has atrophied his scoring is down he could be a decent add for the leafs but very hefty price
  13. Defenders going fast. I posted elsewhere that I like Montour and that I havent seen him used properly. He is a right handed shot, has more offense thn has translated because the teams he has played for are clueless. He isnt ekblad, never will be but he is a damn solid pickup.
  14. Everyone wins. Tampa gets a solid playoff beast mode defender. Columbus gets a couple of much needed picks Detroit (?????) somehow gets in the middle of this one and adds a 4th rounder giving up AHLer Lashoff. I havent seen anything one way or the other but it is clear the Wings ate some of Savards salary to make the deal work.
  15. Detroit is at a crossroad as a team, we are looking at Mason raymond and Moritz Seider wil certainly be with the big club next year, Jonatan Berggren will be fighting to make the big boys, and a lot of long time deadwood will be off the books in a particularly big free agency class, the Wings in a flat cap era are actually looking god going into next year. But this one isnt done, here is a breakdown of moves already made and potential moves this offseason PATRICK NEMETH: Dealt last night to the Avalanche, his former club in exchange for a 4th rounder. Solid non sexy player, C
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