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  1. Two weeks in a row 1 V 2, this is a strange week with Thanksgiving and all. Usually I use most of my moves early to set up a man game advantage throughout the week but there is no such thing this week, no team plays a mon/tues or a Sat/Sun back to back so I will hoard my moves until Friday or so and see how it is shaking out. Good luck to you as well sir!!
  2. I have a structured settlement.....

    now THAT was the perfect description ever....
  3. Okay, that looks like the number 29 after the scrawl to me. I have lousy handwriting and I am pretty good at deciphering things like this but cannot swear to it. [Hidden Content] Brouwer wore number 29 for the Hawks and has a scrawl for a signature, I cannot swear to it being him but if I had to guess......
  4. Is the NHL a major league or not??? I watch a lot of NHL network (probably too much for my own good) and I swear the only two commercials they show over and over and over ect.... are JG Wentworth (I NEED CASH NOW!!!) whose damn jingle is forever imprented in my head and the worst of all is that damn Senior Care USA commercial where an older woman is relieved she is not dead but lets her kids know that when she dies there is plenty of insurance and her blonde daughter or daughter in law or whatever is grinning in a very disturbing way while sitting on the bed hovering like a ghoul, you can almost see her planning how she is going to spend the money. Come on NHL Network, please get us some new sponsors It is only November and I am already sick of ones you have been throwing at us.
  5. Call it what you want (I agree that to call it a spear is absurd) Tkachuk deserves a game for inciting the riot by poking/tapping/spearing/love tapping/caressing/massaging or whatever a player who had just been tossed. Witkowski absolutely deserves his ten games for returning to the ice after being ejected but he came back in response to Tkachuk's actions. And BTW I am thankful for it, I have Mantha in my Nahana fantasy league and he got me 25 penalty minutes for his fight with Hamonic.
  6. Players who you do not like

    Good grouping. Welcome to the forum!
  7. Players who you do not like

    I figured I would start a little bit different topic, give everyone a place to talk about players who they do not like. I am not talking about Crosby if you are a Flyer fan or Claude Freaking Lemieux as a Wings fan, not the obvious neccesarilly but just who do you dislike, either current or retired. MY STARTING LINEUP: RYAN CLOWE I once saw him score a goal and chirp the ref for something that happened earlier in the play. He always wore a scowl and took every opportunity to whine to officials that he could. I simply could not stand watching him play. KYLE TURRIS He whined his way out of Arizona and fought with Gretzky over how much he thought he was worth back when he was scoring 20 points a year, then he just more or less did the same in Ottawa forcing a trade to Nashville. Self centered little punk. DERICK BRASSARD More or less the same argument as the one against Turris, while in Columbus he and Hitchcock simply hated each other, he was a healthy scratch for not playing defense and through his agent demanded a trade and kept telling the press that he was refusing to talk to them anymore. Never liked him since then. JIMMY VESEY it is one thing to not sign your ELC so that you can become an UFA and go after more money/term it is another to be an ass about it like Vesey was. His game has lots of holes and I gleefully root against him. MARC STAAL For the life of me I have never understood why this man gets his name in print, I have a friend who is a Ranger fan who loves him says that Staal and Girardi are the thinking mans players, that anyone can love the 70 point a year guys but it takes a subtle appreciation of the game to get guys like Staal and Girardi. I give him Girardi but Staal IMHO has always ridden his brothers coattails and playing in New York has developed an unearned rep. A completely useless worthless player. JONATHAN ERICSSON I was not going to list any Wings but Ericsson had to make my list. 10 years on the blueline, huge and slow, has a hard shot but no idea where the puck is going, career high is 3 goals and 15 points. Blows assignments constantly and for someone as big as he is does a poor job of moving guys out of in front of the net. Just an awful player, I cringe when he is on the ice. MIKE SMITH I saved my goalie for last, he is WAAAYYYYYY up on my list, he has played for some really lousy teams who give up 40 shots a night regularly, his go to move when the other team is buzzing drives me nuts, regularly when the other team is firing a ton of shots his way he waits for either the puck or an opponent to touch him and he falls to the ice and flops like a fish to draw a whistle or his helmet comes off or pops up again to draw the whistle. I have never in my life witnessed any other goalie who flops like he does to stop play in his own end, and you cannot call a delay of game penalty because he does really get hurt a fair amount as well so if you can a penalty and he is really hurt you might get yourself in trouble. The biggest flopper in the game today or in my recent memory at any position. I know Brodeur had a well deserved rep for doing this but NOBODY beats Smith at flailing helplessly on the ice in faux pain and agony to slow the game down. So that is my list, players who I either cannot stand or root against or both, Smith is probably my least favorite now and Clowe high on the list of retirees which is why I put him here. Anyone else?
  8. A spirited third period between the Flames and the Wings a couple of nights ago got out of control in a hurry when Wings knuckle dragger Luke Witkowski beat on Flames Brett Kulak and the Flames took exception to Witkowski getting a few extra shakes and shots in after Kulak was down and clearly out. As Witkowski was heading down the runway, Matthew Tkachuk speared in in the back of the legs, Witkowski came back on the ice and all Hell broke loose. Witkowski is suspended for ten games because of the rule which reads, "Any player or goalkeeper who has been ordered to the dressing room by the officials and returns to his bench or to the ice surface for any reason before the appropriate time shall be assessed a game misconduct and shall be suspended automatically without pay for the next 10 regular league and/or playoff games." He clearly fit into this criteria by returning to the ice after starting off down the tunnel. As for Tkachuk, early in his career he has already developed a reputation as a pain in the rear to play against, and is reminding me more every day of a young Brad Marchand. He was suspended last year for two games for an elbow to the face of Drew Doughty. I listened to the folks on NHL network talking about it, for the most part they expect a game or two for Tkachuk although they also liked that Tkachuk stood up for Kulak. The suspension from last March for the cheap hit on Doughty will likely work against him. Anyway, fun play for fans of the knuckle dragging stuff like me.
  9. Best Red Wing Game in a While!

    @SpikeDDS @WingNut722 WOW how fun! Mantha has arrived. Larkin has arrived. Athanasiou has arrived. As spike pointed out, the torch is being passed. The nice thing is that guys like Abdelkader, Tats and Nyke arent old and grizzled, they are still young enough to keep up. The problem with them has always been that they are solid players who are not stars but who have been forced to try to punch out of their weight class. Now the kid line is doing the heavy lifting allowing the others to slot into their proper position. Fun stuff. And Jimmy Howard right in the middle of things mixing it up! Hopefully Daley is okay, i was looking at his stats today, i was amazed that he has one measly assist and no goals in 19 games, but the truth is it does not matter, he has brought something to the team, Kronwall being a bit healthier and Daley have allowed Green the freedom to do what he does best. Fun game last night, lots of home cooking for the next month, time to make some hay!
  10. Kind of a curious trade yesterday between Edmonton and the Kings, the Oilers shipped washed up veteran winger Jussi Jokinen to the Kings forMike Cammalleri. Cammalleri had signed a 'show me deal with the Kings, a one year deal on the cheap and really has not been bad, 7 points in 15 games but has been a healthy scratch a few times and has fallen from top six minutes down to third line mop up duty. Adrian Kempe and Alex Iafello have captured the heart of King fans by scoring and their non stop motors, forcing Cammalleri out. GM Rob Blake spoke icily about the winger, reading between the lines he is clearly glad to be rid of the veteran winger. "I don't think he enjoyed the role that he was in, by any means," said Kings general manager Rob Blake, who declined to say whether Cammalleri requested a trade. "I won't tell you a lot about our conversation, but what I will tell you is we came to the conclusion that it wasn't going the direction he wanted it to." Going the other way is Jokinen who will be the 13th forward for the Kings, he was signed for depth scoring by the Oilers in the hopes that he would help with young Euros such as Pakarinen and Khaira but most especially former first rounder Puljujarvi but none have impressed and most important Jokinen has one point in 18 games and has been a bust. Cammalleri might end up on the top line, at the least he will be a top six winger with the Oilers and has a chance to get his flagging career back on track. Not sure if he has any bullets left in his gun, but if so he should get to firing them.
  11. Yea for a comeback win!

    @Szostak First favorite team the Hawks and second favorite team the BLUES!!???? Is that even allowed, lol?
  12. Yea for a comeback win!

    welcome to the forum! 3-0 Carolina and they took their foot off the gas. If there is anything that can be called a good loss for a young team this might be it, Chicago is in decline mode but still has teeth, Carolina needs to learn to never think that enough is enough.
  13. Trade proposal- Gudbranson to panthers

    Gubranson was wildly popular with the Panther fans (all eight of them) and there was a minor uproar when he was dealt to Vancouver. I remember one person wrote it was worse then when Luongo was traded there for the ghost of Bertuzzi. Ever since they dealt him his name keeps popping up in rumors that he is coming back, I chalk it up to wishful thinking on the fans and likely will never happen. Nice player, nothing special.
  14. And to add insult to injury (pun intended) Dubnyk put on a clinic last night in a 42 save shutout. I have him in both leagues and I just reset my lineup in both pulling my goalies in both leagues for the rest of the cycle. THAT never happens with my teams, lol.
  15. In last nights butt whoopin that the Flames put on my Wings, Jaromir Jagr scored his first goal as a member of the Calgary Flames. "Of course any first goal for any team is special, especially in Canada," said Jagr. "I can see how much the fans appreciate it, how much they love hockey. Since the first day I've signed here they have been so good to me." The goal and the assist that he also added gives him 4 points in 7 games proving that he can still crank up the offense and provide very solid secondary scoring.

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