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  1. Look I believe that the CBJ came out fantastic on the deal but lets look at this from Winnipegs side Roslovic was never coming back-period. He felt slighted when they traded for Stastny, he has a chip on his shoulder and believes he should have been given a fair shot at the second line center role. Laine is a RFA at the end of the year and will command 8 to 9 million per, and has made it clear he has zero intention of giving Winnipeg a discount. Dubois is signed for 2 more years at 5 million per Laine is a legit top ten goal scorer which is a tremendous skill but he has a
  2. Roslovic has been saying for several years that he wanted more of a role, he has not reported to Winnipeg demanding a trade after they traded for Stastny when he thought he was in line for the 2C slot. He is from Columbus and has been hanging around town. He just signed a two year extention so he is likely thrilled with the deal
  3. hey now, lol. Still lots of talent, lots of time to sneak in as a 4 seed, upset the 1 seed and then crap the bed in the second round, lol
  4. Center depth by committee. 1) Domi a winger playing center out of need and out of his desire to prove he is a center against mountains of evidence to the contrary. 2Texier young hungry and crazy skilled but very raw looks lost in the middle best on the wing for now 3)Roslovic who I have always felt was underutilized who could be a 2C but is probably best suited as a 3C 4)Jenner who has worked his tail off and is a fantastic faceoff man who plays hard every shift but is really a 3c or a second line winger 5)Riley Nash, another winger who can play center on the
  5. You beat me to it. Look, with the wife being a CBJ fan (and me, with the Wings being putrid awful) I have watched probably 80 percent of the games Dubois has played since he came into the NHL so I feel i have a bit of insight. He plays hard all 200 foot of the ice, or at least he always has until this season when clearly he decided he had enough of Torts and forced a trade. He loves to bang, he always finishes his checks, his shot is good but not great but he is fearless in front of the net and fantastic at tipping pucks, setting up in front of the net on the power pl
  6. Immediate reaction: CBJ get the best pure young sniper in their young history since a young Rick Nash, local boy Jack Roslovic who is hard as hell to play against and has been screaming for a larger role with Winnipeg. The Peg clear two headaches out in exchange for one, Dubois plays a heavy 200 foot game when motivated. Slotting in as the 2C in Winnipeg he is now among the games best second line centers with a lot to prove. This is not the fanboy in me but objectively I think this is a HUGE win for the Jackets, two top nine forwards, one of whom is capabl
  7. Holy hell what a trade. Laine and Rpslovic, both of whom wanted out of Winnipeg were sent to the Jackets today for Dubois and a third rounder in 2022.
  8. Through the first week or so, here is my top five and bottom five TOP FIVE 1) Knights. My God what a perfectly constructed team, not a weakness anywhere 2)Lightning Still undefeated, still Champs. Still the class organization in the game today. 3)Canadiens It looks as if every move this offseason is paying off from Romanov, Allen, Anderson and Toffoli 4)Flyers taking right back up where they were last year among the leagues best 5)Flames Markstrom looks like the right addition in net. BOTTOM FIVE 1)Hawks simply dreadful goalte
  9. I am wondering if this goes back to the first game of the season against Carolina where Jordan Staal regularly squared off against Fabbri, only to test positive the next day. And again, it sucks but it is the price we pay to watch a reasonable facsimile of the game we all love.
  10. Detroit is the latest team to be eaten up with Covid or at the least said protocal. It started with Fabbri, followed soon after by Adam Erne, then young Zadina and rugged Jon Merrill joined the list. Now Sam Gagner joins the list. Tonight in Chicago Cholowski is expected to step in for Merrill, and Givani smith will suit up for Gagner. Rasmussen has already been playing for Fabbri. Anthony Mantha waxed eloquently when asked about the affect of Covid on the NHL season. "It is going to suck." he stated, speaking for all of us. "At the end of the day it is th
  11. okay I was wrong, I didnt go far enough while rewatching the first period, THIS was his last shift. Yeah, Torts had two choices after this, either bench him or kill him. Man was he disengaged on this shift. This is a player clearly no longer part of the team.
  12. Untenable is the word that sums this up. Last night the CBJ lost 3-2 in overtime on a goal by Brayden Point to fall to 1-2-2 which is not the story. The story is 22 year old Pierre Luc Dubois who wants out in the worst way being nailed to the bench a little more than halfway through the first period never to see the ice again. He refused to speak to the media after the game, Torts refused to speak of the situation. I rewatched the first period last night, Dubois was 2 for 2 in the dot (he is a poor faceoff man so that was especially good for him) he was waved out of t
  13. @TropicalFruitGirl26 I love Tortz, I love anyone who doesnt give cookie cutter replies, who tells it like it is. I think he has made Columbus a viable NHL franchise after years of being a nothing team, like the Panthers and the Coyotes. And yes, when/if he goes they might slip as you suggested as they search for a new identity as he is stamped all over them. BUT. I love your milk analogy, it suits him perfect and he has probably outlived his shelf life though never let my wife know i said that, lol as she has a bit of a middle aged woman crush on him. Panarin, bob, Dzinge
  14. Well crap, here we go again. The Dallas Stars have yet to start their season almost two weeks in, and now we have another one. The Carolina Hurricanes are shutting it down due to an outbreak among the team. First Jordan Staal went down with Covid after the first game of the year it looked like an isolated incident until yesterday when Jordan Martinook, Warren Foegele, Jacub Slavin and Teuvu Teravainen are all on the list. This is going to be the norm, four or five players at a time suddenly shutting it down due to Covid. It forced the cancelation of la
  15. @OccamsRazor He looks like he is having an absolute blast. Of course scoring 4 goals in 3 games will do that for ya..... :)
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