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  1. My own two cents The team is not dead. The run is likely not over. Crosby/Malkin both still near eilite level, solid supporting cast among the forwards, Kessel still around. Murray has to find the gear that won a couple of cups, still very young and talented. The defense needs more than tweaked, it needs overhauled but the organization is in good hands and sometimes a loss makes you take a step back and see where you are with cold hard clinical eyes. I think the Pens run still, at the least has three years or so before calling it done.
  2. Jets in...... Okay props to the damn Knights. Great story. Still picking against them but they are a great warm and fuzzy for the league tale that the league has need of.
  3. Lyon went the final 119 and change without a goal allowed, essentially the equivalent of two shutouts back to back on the same night. Insane.
  4. Hockey predictions that I got right in 2017-18 by yave1964
  5. Congrats to the Knights, still don't like them but they played a stranglingdefensive series and completely shut down the Sharks.
  6. Sigh. I just hope we draft for need, lots of good solid d-men of assorted skill available this year Bouchard if there is my choice but as long as we go defense I am okay.
  7. I love good hard hitting hockey as much as anyone and other than Rux I am probably the second biggest Wilson fan in here but that was clear leaving the feet targeting the head. At least a game, probably if it were regular season longer.
  8. Ohio, we treat stop signs more as a suggestion than as an actual rule, lol.
  9. Man I remember that play as if it were yesterday, Holmstrom had to have blood drained from behind his eye. Just positively nasty. That series had all the intensity of an old Wings Avalanche series, obviously I didny enjoy the results but I loved the way both teams kept upping their game and just when you thought this cannot possibly get any more intense Pronger or one of the Niedermayer boys or Kronner or Chelios would ramp it up. Ottawa was the opponent coming from the East that year and it was clear to anyone watching that the real SCF was the epic battle in the West. Two veteran teams full of nasty give no quarter players playing at their highest intensity. Obviously I didn't like the result but wow was it a fun series.
  10. lol, maybe I should start picking the Knights and that way they will lose, lol. That pretty much sums up all of my postseason prognostications so far. Maybe it was just from doing all of my picking while sitting on an island sipping Mai Tai's. I think if it is a lot like your unhealthy dislike of the Blues and Capitals. Not really sure why I don't like them other than I think an expansion city should have to suffer for a bit before they are any good and I am tired of hearing about them. Oh well, if nothing else at least I am back, that six hour time difference really screws with you. You eat dinner and go to check what time the games are on and they are already over.
  11. Things never to do: Never go to a dentist nicknamed Spike or one missing a finger. Never trust a waiters recommendation after 10 pm Never bet on Ovechkin against Crosby in a playoff series. Pens in six.
  12. Just don't like em at all. Not one bit. It feels fake and counterfeit for an expansion team to be in the playoffs, the only reason I want them to lose in 4 is because they cannot lose in 3, lol. BTW Good luck with your Bolts, they look like monsters and saw the Wild relieved Fletcher of his duties. Good move.
  13. Congrats my friend on a great year. Currently I am sitting on the ocean in Hawaii (for 3 more days) visiting my daughter and enjoying my best vacation ever. Good luck to the Sharks. I hate the Knights and consider them a fraud who do not belong and hope that the Sharks stomp them in 4 easy games.
  14. Damn. Just damn. I picked the Caps but really wanted the jackets to advance for my wife and because quite frankly they are a fun young team. This series turned in game 3 when the Caps won in overtime. The CBJ win, it is all over. Instead momentum swung, Holtby played lights out and that was the proverbial that. Oh well. Props to the Caps.

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