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  1. Jared Coreau is a behemoth, a giant of a man in net, he is not much of a prospect but okay as a backup and will do for the next year and a a half. He helps clarify our goalie situation as instead of two starts who don't like each other we have a clear pecking order.
  2. No he won a Calder Cup with the Griffins as a cocky brash kid, I loved him in Grand Rapids, he earned his shot and ran with itunto he seemed to fall apart two years ago. Whispers are he drinks, whispers are that he and Howard hated each other and that Blashill didn't like him. It could be a case of when you have two goalies you have none and he just needs and deserves his shot. He doesn't lack for confidence and the talent is there, playing behind a putrid Detroit D he may find new life with your boys.
  3. Dubinsky has asked to be traded, Wennberg doesn't like the way he has been used, other than that almost to a man the players seem to be saying the right things, Boone Jenner and Werenski absolutely love the man and it seems to be mutual, same with Foligno. The team is talented but an absolute mystery. Lots of sandpaper and grit, a pain to play against, they could either make the playoffs and maybe make a run like Nashville did last year or miss it by ten points. Just a dysfunctional team right now.
  4. @hf101 Yeah I cannot for the life of me put my finger on what is wrong with the Jackets. I know center has been a cavernous gaping hole this year but Bob IMHO has really slowed the second half and the team has not picked him up in other areas. The Jackets are saying the healthy return of Atkinson and Murray is like two deadline adds so that means they are probably standing pat. I think a move, especially to add a top six center is a must or they aren't likely to make it. Maybe they can trade Seth Jones to Nashville for Ryan Johanssen.....
  5. Coreau has earned the shot as a backup, huge goalie,not a top tier prospect but he can play a bit. As for in the pipeline, we have a couple of middling prospects in Joren Van Pottelberghe and Keith Petruzzelli who have been drafted the past two years, Petruzzelli I believe was the 4th goalie off the board a year ago and is considered a bit of a prospect, big athletic type while JVP is still in Europe and looks good playing in Switzerland but it is Switzerland. Botha re raw and years away. So I guess it is safe to say that Howie is the guy, Coreau is the backup for this year and probably next, Petruzzelli will be a Griffin next year to see if he can play. Beyond next year is anyones guess.
  6. First domino in net fell last night, Mrazek to the Flyers for a couple of conditional picks. It has its own post so it is well thread and is well covered in here. Some rumors: Blues want a top six winger and not a rental so Kane unless he signs first may not be the guy they are looking at, possibly Hoffman from Ottawa may be headed there. Green to Tampa is big right now, he has been out for two games, rumor out of Motown is Green is almost certainly going to Tampa the return depends on if they can sign him it is a first rounder, if he comes on board as a rental it will be a second and a middling prospect. Babcock wants Glendening as a 4th line center, right handed faceoff man and penalty killer, looks like a second and Leivo. Rick Nash can be had.Actually most anyone on the Rangers can be had right now. Grabner may be Dallas bound and would be a great fit. Evander Kane is linked in a lot of rumors to Anaheim which makes a lot of sense as they like grit players. Ottawa is willing to deal Brassard and Pageau and they are the only good centers mentioned right now. Brassard to Carolina for prospect Jake Bean has been mentioned and kinda makes sense. Patrick Maroon to Boston seems to be growing legs. Grit middle six winger to play with Krejci. Pacioretty to the Blues seems to be another option if they don't land Hoffman. Pageau to the Pens for Ian Cole and picks has also been hot lately. Probably the craziest rumor is from Nick Kypreos who is probably talking out of his rear, he says there is a 50/50 chance Ottawa deals Karlsson now while he still has a year left on his deal and maximumvalue. I doubt it but ya never know.
  7. And last thought on the deal, Mrazek has been stuck trying to play net with one of the worst defenses in the game (hard truth froma wings fan) in front of him. Green known for his offense and a defensive liability, Kronwall on one leg and literally a bunch of deficient guys who would make McDud look like the savior (okay maybe not quite that bad, lol) so his numbers are likely to go up a bit by playing in front of a defensively responsible club. I just read the conditions of the pick, depending on total starts and how far the Flyers go in the playoffs the pick could be a third or even a second, no worse than a fourth. Both teams got what they wanted, the Wings cut ties and added more picks the Flyers got a 26 year old goalie who should be hungry for a change.
  8. He has been little better than hot garbage for most of the past two years being outplayed at every turn by Jimmy Freaking Howard not by a little but by a lot. From everything I read the two fo them genuinely didn't like each other which oftentimes happens with a young goalie attempting to push an older one out so it is possible that he will get it together with a change of scenery. He has been rock solid in two postseason series against Tampa however.
  9. @OccamsRazor @ruxpin A third round pick for Kempny????? A middling stay at home d-man with consistency issues who is a bad skater for a third? Wow the Wings better get a first for Mike Green. Not sure what Washington was thinking other than being sick of seeing Taylor Chorney getting torched every night.
  10. The Leafs Curtis McBackup hardly plays but when he does he does a solid job, I think that last night was only his 4th start of the year but his numbers are outstanding for a backup. Forsberg, Philly down two goalies or the Isles now down Greiss make a lot of sense.
  11. Hard to trade Seabrook as he has too much term/money left on his deal and his production is down. Sharp, maybe Forsberg to the Flyers to serve as a cheap stopgap in net and middle six on the cheap winger, Saad going somewhere is a possibility. Wow they got old and slow all of a sudden. This is more than just the loss of Crawford for a chunk of the year, the team just aged quickly and badly.
  12. The season is winding down and the playoff picture is very crowded in the East. Boston, Toronto, Tampa, Pittsburgh and Washington look to be mortal locks, 5 teams are in a battle for 3 remaining spots. Who do you think will make it? The standings Flyers 68 points 24 games left Devils 68 points 24 games left Isles 64 points 22 games left CBJ 63 points 24 games left Canes 63 points 23 games left Very tight. Here is how I see the teams: Flyers fantastic top line, goalies are an adventure, young inexperienced D and forward depth a problem Devils Somehow hanging in the race, play hard every night but can they survive injury to Schneider? Isles even when they win they give up 40 shots a night. Defense and goaltending need addressed like right now. Jackets Horrible power play and lots of injuries have slowed them. Look to be getting healthy at the right time but is it too late? Canes Lack of a 1C and bad goaltending slowing a team with brilliant D and great young wingers. Can they leapfrog there way in? My personal votes for the three that make it are: Flyers- They have finally developed a second line and so far losing Elliott has forced the D to jell and play tougher. Jackets- Bob on a mission, getting Murray and Atkinson back at the right time and looking to be buyers at the deadline. Hurricanes- by attrition, I think the Devils will fade and it will comes down to the last week of the season between Carolina who will barely beat out the Isles. So pick your three, any thoughts?
  13. My thoughts? I guess if you are willing to take Mrazek off our hands we could give you our third round pick to do so... Truth is a few years ago for half a season Mrazek was actually being considered for the Vezina and then on his birthday (Valentines day of all days) he was CLEARLY hungover, Marchand scored six seconds into the game, it was sloppy, ugly, the Wings won 6-5. On at least two of the goals Mrazek didn't even move. The postgame interview with Osgood after the matinee game he even joked about tipping a few back the night before might not have been a good idea. I along with everyone else thought it was a fluke bad game by a young goalie who had tied one on the night before. Instead it was as if overnight he simply forgot how to play in net at the same level as previous. Over the next two years he has been dreadful most of the time with an occasional great game. Few if any good ones, it is either awful (usually) or great (occasionally). For a year and a half Jimmy Howard has outplayed him at every turn in spite of the Wings trying to hand him the jobMrazek takes one step forward ten steps back. Very frustrating because when he brings it (as he did last night against Nashville) he is solid as can be. I rooted for him, I no longer trust him when he is in net. Take him off our hands, please!
  14. Doc is as honest as the day is long, for a short time we were in an awful SIM league together with a bunch of the sleaziest owners I have ever seen. Tanking, cheap side deals, we along with HF all left for that reason. I absolutely believe in Doc's integrity, another owner and myself even discussed this deal last night and had a difficult time justifying the frustration because on the short list of owners with integrity, Doc is right there at the top. Always above board. This deal is frustrating because it changes the balance of power in what clearly looks like a tank move by the other owner. @J0e Th0rnton That is all well and good that Konecny has had a good month plus, but his stat line during that time is essentially what Wheeler and Monahan do EVERY month. I like Konecny, but on the best day of his life he is not Wheeler or Monahan and everyone knows it, I imagine Konecny does as well, lol. To say that one of the players has had a typical Wheeler month that Wheeler always has is not really a good reason for this deal. Maybe if we were in a keeper league with pciks going the other way, but Wheeler way over Konecny, Monahan miles and miles ahead of Pacioretty and Bernier over Kincaid. No way to sell it any other way. Would you take Konecny for Wheeler? Or any of the three for any of the other three? Hooligans hasn't set his lineup for long stretches at a time this year, he has had more top end forwards than any team in the league and that includes everyone. If he had simply set his lineup with maybe a transaction or two a week with guys like Ovie, Wheeler, Monahan, Benn, Marchand and more he would be in the thick of things. Instead he put in minimal effort and his team is out of it and now he gave two elite forwards away. I have sent a half a dozen offers to him this year, some good, some bad, all sit ofr a week or so until I usually give up and take it down. So just frustrated.
  15. Absolutely brutal trade, one sided as any in memory. Not certain what the logic is from Hooligans perspective, Wheeler ALONE is within a point or two of the two slugs that he received in the deal, so Monahan is essentially free. Bernier in a time share with Colorado is an upgrade in net over Kincaid who will be hitting the pines again shortly when Schneider returns. Totally indefensible, Hooligans literally gets killed in every single category in this deal. Changes the balance of the league doesn't feel right. Sorry, just how I feel. I can think of no way to possibly defend this trade and put a spin on it that doesn't sound like it is a tank job by a team helping another out. If you can, please feel free to illuminate me. I wont cast a vote against it but it certainly looks like what it is.

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