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  1. @RichardS2492 Welcome to the forums first of all! As @TropicalFruitGirl26 pointed out the Panarin ship sailed, it was a strange trade giving up the bread man even up for Saad who is not a bad player but clearly inferior. I am not convinced that Panarin isn't a bit of a prima donna as the rumors are that he wants out of CBJ land and wants to play near water, such as Florida or California. Well I always wanted a date with Heather Locklear. My wife even laughed and said go for it if I could make it happen. Never did lol. Anyway, Panarin would certainly be a help but I doubt he is coming. As for Shaw, I am certain Montreal would happily give him back to you, he has too many years on his current deal for too much money and coming off knee surgery and will be out until Thanksgiving give or take. An aside, aren't you tired of all the old Hawks come back in for a farewell tour when they are past their prime like Shaw is? Sharp clearly had nothing left in the tank, Kruger is back, he has been done for years. Saad coming back was fine but for a serious overpayment. Brian Campbell, more that I am too tired to look up right now, lol. They need fresh blood and new ideas. The big problem is how much money they have tired into Kane/Toews/Crawford/Seabrook/Keith and they are never in a million years going to be cup contenders again until they fix that. Seabrook is an albatross, the others are slowing and I would not be surprised if one of the others slips badly this year. Debrincat can play, so can a few of the other kids but this team is going to get worse before it gets better. They are pretty much where my Wings were a few years ago, an aging core without much in the pipeline ready to step in right now and help so they throw bandaids on the problem and hope for the best. The cap nonsense that they just pulled with the Hossa contract may allow them to add a Faulk or someone but it is not nearly enough.
  2. No. God no. Great player, hall of fame player but he always seemed to be in search of an exit strategy the entire time he was in Detroit. He loathed Bowman and fought buying into the system, @SpikeDDS this is a great subject! As you mentioned 91 is not in high demand anyway so it is unlikely to be given out anyway. It does happen tho, Probie watched Cheli take number 24, he spoke of his mixed feelings about it in his book even. Datsyuk, yes, no doubt a no brainer. 13 should and will hang in the rafters. 40 will be there alongside 9 and 5 and 19 and 12, 1 10 and 7. Numbers 6 (Larry Aurie) and 16 (Vlad) are retired although they do not hang in the rafters. Truthfully I would rather see 14 retired for Shanny, or the grind line get their collective numbers retired first. Hell, maybe even Osgood and number 30 (but the truth is I don't believe any of those will or should be retired which is kind of my point). To me it has less to do with Federov leaving as a free agent and more to do with him not getting the most out of his enormous ability instead spending most of his career as a mild disappointment who while he skated like Baryshnikov on ice on many nights, there were too many where he simply seemed content to mail it in. 1997 he was a key to winning the cup, 2002 and 1998 we would have won with or without him. I just don't think he measures up as a Wings immortal.
  3. Fondly remember Emery squaring off and beating the Hell out of Holtby in what was surely one of the last goalie fights as the league said enough was enough after that one. I was on afamily vacation and remember thinking there wouldn't be any Hockey on TV that night and I turned it on just as Razor started throwing them. RIP Mr. Emery, you were truly one of a kind.....
  4. Seems about right, a little more money per year in exchange for only doing three years. Both sides got and gave to make it happen.
  5. As far as Oleksiak, I am stil not sold on him, before the trade in parts of five seasons in Dallas 140 games he managed a measly 20 points and was a minus 18 now I give you that Gonchar has a well earned rep as the 'defenseman whisperer' and Oleksiak looked like a completely different player in half a season with the Pens, 14 points and plus 13 in half a season but I am a bit weary over a former first rounder that the defensive starved Stars kept handing a job to and he kept coughing it up. That said he was a beast for your boys for half a season, I think however the truth falls somewhere in between the guy who kept giving away chances in Dallas and the player he was in a small sample last year, still serviceable. As far as Jack Johnson my initial reaction was negative almost entirely because of the term, as a 3rd pair guy he is somewhere between good and adequate, I just don't like the term. They traded Hunwick and Sheary to clear the space to sign him and to keep Sheahan so if you look at it like this: Johnson over Hunwick. Hands down, no question an improvement. Sheahan over Sheary because of his versatility able to play any forward position on the third or fourth line every day and second line in a pinch. So taking into account the whole picture it is a clear win for the Pens, I still don't like the term but meh, no biggie. And watching Torts lose his mind made the whole thing woirht it lol.
  6. @ruxpin I spoke to a friend who is a Hawk fan who more or less echoed what @JR Ewing said, he isn't upset about any one part of the deal, the weight of it is decidedly in favor of the Coyotes. Oesterle, decent player, huge improvement over Campbell. Hinostroza is a solid third or fourth liner who can play any forward position ala Riley Nash and now Chicago is back on the hook for Kruger and his 2.6 million dollar salary. Throw in the pick downgrade, Chicago took a hit to move the salary out. This was a clear win for the Coyotes, to semi quote JR about the Buffalo deal a few weeks ago, it raised the floor for the Coyotes and unlike Buffalo it did not lower the ceiling. Now you have to think that Chicago has another iron in the fire, they have long been rumored to be in on Faulk which if this move allows them the cap room to make that happen it could be a good deal but the Canes want a top six center so it would likely cost Anisimov. I love Faulk but if the deal is even up, it would mean two middle six centers, a 6th d-man and a 3rd rounder for Faulk if you add the two trades together. That seems quite a lot to me.
  7. In the most absurd thing of the offseason, the Hawks moved towards clearing cap room by dealing the retired contract of Marian Hossa along with a third rounder and a couple of middling players named Oesterle and Hinostra to the Coyotes for a fifth rounder and the return of Kruger as well as a couple of lesser prospects. It allows the Coyotes to reach the cap floor and the Hawks room to search out a defenseman which has been their primary offseason target. I have been critical of the whole Hossa thing from the beginning, he signed a long term front loaded deal that paid him 7.9 million a year up front with an average cap hit of only 5.2 million. Last year with the cap hit remaining the same the salary dropped down to 1 million a year and lo and behind! Suddenly Hossa was too itchy to continue his career and rather than retire, he was placed on LTIR allowing the Hawks to recoup the cap hit. Hossa essentially didn't want to play for a measly one million a year for the final two years of his deal and the Hawks wiggled off the hook because Captain Itchy Pants got hives thinking of playing for such little money. So now his cap hit is a commodity leveraged by the Coyotes into a pick upgrade and a couple of middling players and on paper Hossa is officially a Coyote but he probably will not attend any alumni games in the future. You know, itchy sweater and all that. I know, Datsyuk, Pronger, Bolland, Hell even Marc Savard had their contracts traded post tee time. Datsyuk left the Wings high and dry and was a bit of a different situation than the others and it was absurd to deal a player who walked out on the team, the others mentioned all were legit injured and were still on the hook contract wise but Hossa plain and simple got an allergic reaction to the thought of playing for so little money and hung up his skates and went to buy some gold bond for his itch. The fact that the Hawks leveraged the contract is simple ridiculous. This aint Hockey.
  8. A few words about Mantha's defense.... I am not nominating him for the Selke, lol, but I feel his defensive rep is Blashill related as much as anything. The past two years combined he is a total of plus nine on a woeful team, second on the team narrowly behind Zetterberg during that time. Throw in the fact that he is the teams best power play forward and you get a plus player who is a solid power play guy, for whatever reason he isn't a favorite of the coach, that happens sometimes with young kids, but I think he is a coaching change away from a 30-35 goal season. A two year bridge deal is ideal, he will still be a RFA the next time his contract is up and by then some of the really bad deals will be off the books. Also with Mantha and AA signed it leaves enough money to sign Larkin right now to a long term deal. Anyone knows that I am not a Holland fan but he is still a master at the bridge deals. Good deal for both Mantha and the team.
  9. Yeah the Cats main killer last year was they ran two top lines to death with little if any secondary scoring which is exactly why they should have never dealt Reilly Smith and Marchessault in order to keep Petrovic. Adding Hoffman and now borgstrom make them deeper and they should be able to run three lines with no problem. Cats definitely on the rise.
  10. @TropicalFruitGirl26 You gotta be thrilled having the core locked up long term with many not even quite in their prime. Now can we have Yzerman back?
  11. Forgetting the defense (oh if I only could, lol) just a quick look at the Wings forwards and potential combinations. WOW is this a fun offseason, Zadina in the draft, Vanek coming back tot he fold, the very good chance that Rasmussen will drack the top six, just a lot going on that for the first time in a long time makes mefeel hopeful for the future. LIST OF CENTERS FIGHTING FOR ICE TIME ZETTERBERG LARKIN NIELSEN HELM GLENDENING TO me they rank in this order, Glendening is a solid faceoff guy and penalty killer who plays well defensively but we were close to dealing him at the deadline, it didn't quite work out but I would like to see him dealt for a third or fourth rounder and Dominic Turgeon being the first callup in case of injury to this position. Helm as a 4C is playing to his strength instead of asking him to do too much. WINGERS MANTHA VANEK RASMUSSEN ZADINA ATHANASIOU ABDELKADER SVECHNIKOV BERTUZZI FRK NYQUIST Lets just agree that Frk is the 13th forward sitting in the press box ready to play in case of injury, and Svechnikov is sent to the AHL as Zadina and Rasmussen must remain on the team or be sent back to Juniors. That leaves Mantha Nyquist Rassmussen Vanek Abdelkader Bertuzzi Athanasiou Zadina I think I love the idea of Abby and Athanasiou teaming with Helm on the fourth line giving us a very skilled 4th line with speed. Rasmussen teaming with Bertuzzi on the 3rd line with Nielsen, size and grit and a net front presence in Rasmussen o the third line. Nyquist and Vanek played very well together last time out, teaming the two of them with Zetterberg makes for a very skilled veteran line. Like Abby on the 4th, Rasmussen on the third and now Vanek on the 2nd it gives the Wings someone who crashes the net on those three lines and a veteran passer and a finisher. The top line, IMHO needs Larkin down the middle with Zadina on one side and Mantha on the other. I love the idea of Lark/Zadina together and Mantha again gives a net crasher. This would be a very skilled line. If Rasmussen or Bert or Zadina prove not be to up for the task on the wing, Svechnikov is the first recall.
  12. @ruxpin [Hidden Content] That link is a few years ago, Voracek was struggling mightily after signing his long term deal with the Flyers and they moved him to the left wing temporarily with Couts and Simmonds. So he can play it in a pinch but he is so much better suited for the right side.
  13. Jake was tried on the left by Hitchcock when he came into the league in Columbus, he HATED it, fought it tooth and nail. Both Voracek and even more so Brassard were thought of in CBJ land as spoiled pampered brats especially when Hitch was ran out. Rick Nash palyed left or right, killed penalties and completely bought into Hitch's system while Voracek only wanted to play on the right and Brassard was a healthy scratch if he had a bad night in the dot on faceoffs the night before. Looking back I would say it was a bit of immaturity on the part of the two kids combined with an outdated overly authoritive coach bullying his young charges. I am sure you guys remember the same from Hitch in his time with Philly. I just remember the more he pushed, the more the two of them pushed back and he pushed all the harder. I don't remember ever seeing Voracek tried on the left after that at least post Hitch in Columbus.
  14. I wrote an article a few minutes ago about the Senators having a ton of solid prospects, NHL ready but it don't matter, in a few years they will want paid real money and will be dealt away for an autographed Martin Gerber hockey card or something. Benning in Vancouver was long thought to be along with Garth Snow the leagues worst GM but Dorion took over Ottawa a few years ago and smiled and said, 'hold my beer." Of course how much is the GM and how much is the owner is up for debate but wow what an inept organization.
  15. Okay not really. Seghi, the Indians GM during the bleakest time in the teams history the inglorious seventies died in 1987. But I swear he has come back and taken over the Ottawa Senators. Yeah I know, this is a Hockey site and I am referencing baseball but hear me out, Seghi took over the tribe in the early seventies when Gabe Paul left to take over the Yankees. The Yankees were pretty awful at the time, the Indians were mediocre, then Seghi did the following: Traded Graig Nettles to Paul and the Yankees for a package of prospects, none really did anything. Nettles played 1500 games of wonderful defense and 250 homers and a couple of world series titles in New York before going to the Padres and playing a role in leading the team to their first WS appearance. traded Dick Tidrow, an underrated pitcher who could close games or start and Chris Chamblis he of the flawless swing and solid defense, the two fo them were key cogs as the Indians fell further and the Yankees climbed to the top of the American League. Traded Gaylord Perry, thinking he was done to the Rangers for a package that was meh, Perry went on to win another 130 games after leaving the tribe. Traded George Hendrick away for a package of Padres that never developed. The teams most popular player was Rico 'Beeg Boy' Carty who was taken by Toronto in the expansion draft. Rather than let the 37 year old go, he gave the Blue Jays Rick Cerone and John Lowenstein who went on to solid careers while Carty had one more good year and faded away. Traded Dennis Eckersley to the Boston Rec Sox for essentially nothing. Eck was stilla kid, wanted to get paid and there were personal things as well, but a HOFer was given away for nothing. He let Oscar Gamble and the most famous afro in baseball go, only to see him also end up as a key cog with the Damn Yankees. He traded prospect Pedro Guerrero to the Dodgers for a pitchers named Bruce Ellington who won 1 game in 16 appearaances for his career, Pete Guerrero went on to be one of the best hitters of the eighties. He did do one great thing, he hired Frank Robinson to be the first Black major league manager. All of these trades (and there were more, believe me of minor players that were in their own way just as dreadful) were unforced errors, many were reactive lead with the chin moves. I imagine that the tribe with a nucleas that included Nettles, Hendrick, Chamblis Eckersley and Perry with Tidrow in the pitching staff as a jack of all trades and Cerone behind the plate and Guerrero rolling out of bed and slashing doubles to all fields and Lowenstein destroying righties in a platoon that the Indians, if they ahd simply held fast and kept what they had very well might have won a series, at least amde the playoffs a few times in the seventies and early eighties. Just hold pat, develop your team and avoid reactive trades, they coulda woulda shoulda been at the least a good team and possibly a very good team. Instead in 15 years as the teams GM they peaked at 84 wins and only had 3 winning seasons. Which leads us to Pierre Dorion, the modern Phil Seghi. Dorion is cut from the same cloth, the trade for Turris, the trade of Turris, the trade for Brassard, the trade of Brassard, trading for Duchene, the inevitable trading away of Duchene, I give him a mulligan on Hoffman but he could have and should have gotten a better return, the Sharks two hours after adding him proved that. Trading for Phaneuf, trading away Phaneuf. Every trade, players come in and go, with each deal weakening the team. Zibenajad for Brassard for Cole for a third rounder. Essentially Zibenajad for a third rounder time it was done. It took a few years and bodies coming and going but that is what it boiled down to. And on and on. What sucks the most is the team is not devoid of prospects, quite the opposite really, they have guys who canflat out play, chomping at the bit. Colin White, Filip Chlapik and Logan Brown will all be top nine or better this year and are talented young forwards, Ryan (Go buckeyes!) makes up for limited skill with speed and desire and plays hard every shift, Alex Formenton with a good camp may also crack the lineup on the wing as a teenager, Shane Bowers is a year or two away but has a rep as a hard nosed player, this draft produced Brady Tkachuk who should be a nasty bit of goods scoring 30 goals and hitting everything. Thomas Chabot is a real deal defensive prospect. In fact, the Senators in spite of the chaos swirling around the big club probably have one of the best groups of ready or nearly so players in the game today. Most teams would kill to have this collection of talent just below the surface. But it doesn't matter. Hoffman is gone, so is Turris and Phaneuf and Karlsson is right behind, Stone just filed for arbitration so he is staring down free agency next year and the Sens cannot even offer him a contract extention until January according to league rules, Duchene is also in his last year of his deal. And then Chlapik will develop into a premier playmaker, Tkachuk will become a 30 goal scorer, Formenton and Brown and White will become solid players and the team will trade them away, one at a time or in a group, chasing that elusive piece of the puzzle and continuing to make the hole bigger. A friend of mine once said that when you are in a hole up to your neck, stop digging. Someone needs to tell the same to Dorion.

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