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  1. @TropicalFruitGirl26 I left the Wild out of it because I like the Zucker trade for them but agree they shoulda moved one of their d-men if they were inclined. I think they were so wrapped up in the Parise thing that they dropped the ball but the Zucker trade IMHO kept them off the loser list. Agreed with the Senators, they are loading up with picks and futures, just recalled Josh Norris who is killing it in the AHL and who came aboard as part of the Karlsson deal. They are loading up to get this thing turned around within a year or two.
  2. The dust has settled with only a few AHL trades still trickling in, the hype seemed to be worth it as most teams got involved (with a few exceptions) here are my biggest winners and losers from this years deadline BIGGEST WINNER TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING Yeah I know giving up a late first for Goodrow was a reach but he is signed for beyond this year, is a big boy who plays the body, Blake coleman does the same and will probably finish around 30 goals for the year, Bogosian has lost a step but is a bruiser and nasty essentially all three are playoff types that this club desperately needed along with offseason addition Maroon they will be hard to play against in April, May and probably June BIGGEST LOSER TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS Other than one eye raising deal after another where they added or subtracted borderline AHL forwards interchangeably they didn't do much of anything. Rumored to be dealing Barrie or Kapanen or adding desperately needed blueine help they more or less did nothing. SECOND WINNER CAROLINA HURRICANES Yes they gave up four players for Trocheck but he filled a massive glaring hole at center, and with the defense beat up they added the two top defenders available in Sjkei and Vatanen. Chips all pushed in. SECOND LOSER COLUMBUS BLUEJACKETS It appeared they had Athanasiou wrapped up before the Oilers snuck in at the 11th hour. Instead the team who is ravaged by injuries and defections but still somehow in the mix in desperate need of help only managed to trade Milano for Shore, a nothing deal. THIRD WINNER EDMONTON OILERS They traded two 2nds, a 4th and a 5th but added Athanasiou, Green and Ennis to a team in need of confidence. AA and his blazing speed should fit nicely with McDavid. FOURTH WINNER(TIE) KINGS AND DEVILS Both went full on rebuild, Toffoli, ColemanForbort, Martinez, Simmonds, Vatanen and more were moved out by the two teams for futures, both teams have decided to go full on rebuild and aggressively set about doing it. THIRD LOSER ISLANDERS look, I love Pageau, I really do, a favorite underrated player but at a cost of a first, a second and a fourth they overpaid, THEN they spent most of the afternoon screwing around with the whole Parise thing only for Lou to back out at the last minute. That is mine, others I thought of were Calgary who was sneaky under the radar improving the blueline towards the end, Buffalo who couldn't get out their own way and decide if they were sellers or buyers.
  3. wow. both he and ladd waived ntc and then...… nothing
  4. Saw it/heard it three places, haven't heard the return
  5. Calgary added blueline depth inUFAs Forbort from the Kings and Gustafsson from Chicago.
  6. Pens trade Kahun who started well but has faded a bit to Buffalo for former Pen Sheary and Evan Rodrigues.
  7. Tyler Ennis traded by Sens to Edmonton for a 5th rounder. Holland has traded his second, 4th and 5th for the coming year as well as his second for the following
  8. The Oilers have been seeking a scoring winger to play with MCD so Draisatl can run his own line and balance the team. Another move for the Wings, added Dmitro Yimashov, I read the thoughts of Leaf fans they are furious, they say he has a non stop motor and loves to hit and cannot believe the Leafs lost him for nothing....
  9. Brady Skjei traded to Canes from Rangers..... Held up for now as the Canes do not have the cap room. Scrambling to move a contract out to make it happen.
  10. Two second rounders as the return. Okay. I would have rather added a roster player, preferably a blueliner but it makes sense.
  11. Doubt it the Avalanche already added Michael Hutchinson lol
  12. To play on a line with McDavid. Wow that is a lot of speed on one line.
  13. @SpikeDDS Not sure of the return but TSN says AA officially has been traded to the Oilers. Arguably the fastest guy in the game (aa) going to be playing on a line with McDavid.
  14. I would have thought the contract was untradeable. Andrew Ladd supposedly coming the other way to make the money work-yeesh, he cannot play anymore .Not sure who or what else is involved. All the Isles picks already traded for Pageau

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