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  1. @IllaZilla They will LTIR Clarkson freeing up a goodly portion of that before opening day which will help them, and rumor is they are looking for someone, ANYONE willing to take decent defenseman Colin Miller off their hands to get compliant. anyway you look at it they are up against the ceiling now like pretty much everyone else.....
  2. And are their two more opposite brothers in the game than Brandon and Chris? Brandon is junk yard dog, he gets it, as you mentioned take the shortest route to the puck and arrive in ill humor to quote Freddie the Fog, his brother Chris is a very soft finesse defender who seems to abhor the rought stuff. they couldn't be more opposite.
  3. Agreed, I love Tanev, the kid can play for me any day and twice on Sunday and like you said Simmonds has lost a step. I just dont think the Jets can afford to keep him and I think he may be looking for a team willing to give him a look in a more offensive role.The Jets top six is just too deep. I know they are shopping Perrault actively which may free up the money and the role for him to stay.
  4. Colorado has been looking for a trade partner to free up cap space to make a run at Zuccarello or Panarin, they found one in Arizona who desperately needs offense. Carl Soderberg who had a solid season last year with 23 goals and 49 points (Brad Richardson led the 'Yotes in goals with 19, let that sink in) both totals would have led Arizona for the season, has been traded to Arizona for Kevin Connauton and a third rounder. The 'Yotes get a slight boost in their offense and Colorado frees up salary, Connauton makes 1.4 million in his final year of his contract, Soderberg makes 5 million, also in his last year. reading tea leaves it appears that one of the bigger scoring wingers is heading to the Avs.
  5. Absolutely. Forever now he has built around goaltending and defense and they have stayed relevant during that time. The forward lot has atrophied, he recognized it and has freed the money to sign the big prize among free agent centers in Duchene. Essentially he is trading Subban for Duchene, Santini and two second rounders. Wow.
  6. Less than a week away...… This years crop is a bumper one, much deeper than usual (excepting defense, hence the crazy trades for blueliners). Here is an uneducated guess where many of the top free agents will land on or around July first. Feel free to jump in with your own thoughts. PANARIN Visiting Colorado and the Island, I feel he will be in Florida with Quenneville in a matter of days. BOBROVSKY See Panarin. Florida ZUCCARELLO Colorado bound. DUCHENE Freeing up money by trading Subban, Nashville lands the top center. ANDERS LEE A return to the Island. They wont lose their captain two years running GARDINER To Motown. Sadly. LEHNER Begging to return to the Isles. It will happen. PAVELSKI Biggest upset, hangup is term, going to the Wild. TYLER MYERS Biggest overpayment going to the Canucks for too much and too long. NYQUIST Edmonton. They need wingers desperately. JOHANSSON a return to Boston. FERLAND Hawks final piece of a nice summer haul. TANEV Hurricanes replacement for Simmonds. SIMMONDS Jets replacement for Tanev. JUSTIN WILLIAMS Sharks for the playoff acumen. DZINGEL resigning with the CBJ. BRASSARD also to the CBJ. PERRY Edmonton takes a chance. VARLAMOV hurricanes goalie for now. MRAZEK CBJ try and fail to replace Bob. THORNTON, STRALMAN AND ENGELLAND all stay put. so do Connolly, Boyle and Maroon. CHIASSON booby prize for whoever misses out on the real forwards. DONSKOI sleeper pick signs with the Penguins. So does LOVEJOY. MIKE SMITH Flyers new backupgoalie. TALBOT on his way to Calgary. 25-30 names listed above, some will be right, most wrong. Anyone else want to pick some of them? BTW Orpik retired today. All he did was win Stanley Cups.
  7. Carolina is once again wearing their cheap skates. The club has announced that they may be unable to resign either Mrazek or McBackup, with a bunch of cap space they used it to add Marleau who they cut on the spot (I know, it was for the future first rounder) and now this trade: Carolina sends Chicago De Haan, a serviceable underrated defensive d-man and kid forward Saarela who was second on the Calder Champion Checkers in scoring, they add cheap goalie Anton Forsberg who has failed trials in two cities already and young very raw Gus Forsling, also now in his third organization. To be fair De Haan is coming off shoulder surgery but everything I have read is he will be ready for the start of the season. I mentioned elsewhere that I thought that after a trip to the conference finals it would be nice to see the Canes add, not subtract but it looks as if they are planning on a time share in net involving Forsberg/Darling/Nedeljkovic and free agents Justin Williams and Michael Ferland are rumored to be on their way out as well. Justin Faulk, always involved in every trade rumor will likely be dealt soon as well. With a conference finals in the books, it should be high hopes for a city starving for a winner but instead it looks as if they are going to take a step back next year.
  8. Pitlick is a solid fourth liner, defensively responsible and good penalty kill guy. He isn't going to score a ton but can score a bit, can play all three forward spots but truth is he is more of a winger than a center. Defense first is his game, last year he took a whopping 71 percent of his faceoffs in the defensive zone. His Corsi last year was 49 percent in spite of that, while Hartmans was an abysmal 43 prcent. Hartman has never really impressed me, very one dimensional player, doesn't score enough to play more than third line minutes not physical enough to play grind line minutes. He frankly has an unusable skill set, he does just enough to frustrate, not enough to send tot he minors. He will score a tad bit more than Pitlick but not a lot more, but every single other intangible belongs to Pitlick.
  9. Okay Yzermans first draft is in the books. Not sure what to think. I have zero problem with the first pick, Moritz Seider, a behemoth of a defender who is still growing, he was rated anywhere from the second to fourth best defender in the draft, a bit of a reach but definitely fills a need. I thought for certain that Forward Dylan Cozens was the pick there a forward who does nothing super but a lot well, I wanted D but felt Cozens was the best player in the draft at that point, drafted for need instead. Okay with it. From there on my eyebrows went up. We went Defense twice more in the second round, Tuomisto was a serious reach, most had him as a third rounder he went top of the second, Johansson kind of same thing, drafted way early according to most scouting services. I do like winger Mastrosimone who is projected as a bottom six winger who can score a bit but loves the physical game, Grewe in the third round fell to the Wings, most had him going 2nd round, scorer who loves to hit. So three defenders in the first two rounds, makes sense it is what the organization needs desperately is an infusion of youth and talent on the back end. Steve isn't ruling out Seider making the opening day roster rather than returning to Manheim even. I felt there were better picks available than all three but the Wings went back to their roots dratting Euro talent over North American kids and lets face it, what we have been doing isn't working, something ahd to be done to fix the back end and Yzerman and company know hockey better than anyone of us ever will. I just felt we could have traded down a few spots and still added Seider, we could have gotten Tuomisto later in the third and went with a safer pick at the top of the second, and Johansson could have been there at 4 instead of late in the second. They may all pan out, drafting is so damn inexact but this draft left me scratching my head.Reading Wings boards I see a lot of fans feeling the same thing.
  10. @TropicalFruitGirl26 Saw your boys traded Miller to Vancouver today for the much needed cap relief, I think Miller is a solid all around player who can play any forward position well but was not quite a good fit with Tampa, easily replaced with one of the young kids coming up. To get a conditional first for him was amazing.
  11. THIS IMHO is a trade that really helps both teams. The Preds shed the entire Subban contract making it easier to fix their forwards which have slipped slowly into disrepair, Santini is not a bad player, a bit of offense but very raw defensively, something the Preds are very good at shoring up, and a couple of second rounders to boot. Nice haul. Meanwhile the Devils who are staring down losing Hall as an UFA next offseason have added Kakko and Subban sending a strong statement to Hall and the Devils fans that they are trying. Nice deal all around.
  12. I detest Perry as one of the games biggest whiners, kind of a Ryan Clowe type who thinks every call is against him, but man could he play. Fearless in front of the net, takes no quarter, damn shame his knees have essentially wrecked his career. Probably not quite a HOFer at this point but he may somehow pull out a season or two. Rumor I read already is Edmonton is interested.
  13. 14 years, a Stanley Cup, a Hart trophy, 372 goals a Richard Trophy. Now, for Corey Perry it is time to see what is next. GM Bob Armstrong could not find a taker so he bought out the last two seasons of Perry's contract making him an UFA available to sign with whoever he wants. Perry had two years remaining with a cap hit of just under 9 million per and between releasing Perry and planning on putting Ryan Kesler on LTIR it will free up enough money for the Ducks to be players in free agency going forward.....
  14. Outside looking in, any any way you look at it, Braud/Niskanen paired with the kids is a thousand times better than Gudas/McDonald-period. Any day of the week-twice on Sunday. And signing Hayes (according to reports) brings in a fantastic two way player who takes the pressure off Patrick and makes the Flyers harder to play against at both ends of the ice. Three aggressive moves, none by themselves Earth shattering but as a whole make your boys a lot harder to play against on a nightly basis.
  15. Wow I thought it was going to be more than that. Pionk is a decent puck mover on the back end but very raw, plus the 20th pick I am surprised it was the best offer that they were able to get. Win for the Rangers.
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