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  1. started with a curious trade between the Leafs and Panthers, the Panthers shipped talented but enigmatic forward Denis Malgin to the Leafs for Mason Marchment, an undrafted player who looks like the type who will get a few games a year when teams are facing multiple injuries and four or five years from now Marchment will go to Europe never to be heard of or thought of again. Malgin can play a bit, offensive player with little or no defensive skill and has lived in coach Q's doghouse he was needed badly in Toronto with the news that Andreas Johnsson is out for the year. The reason it is a curious move is two fold: 1) no picks going back to Florida for an NHL player, just a warm body and 2) Toronto is the team they will likely be fighting with down the wire for the last playoff spot. Helping them out is curious, unless this move and the move where Jayce Hawryluk was lost to Ottawa were made to free up cap space and roster spots for bigger moves at or near the deadline. The other one was a foregone conclusion, Alec Martinez now of the Vegas Knights was dealt by the Kings in their most recent fire sale move, the Kings adding a pair of second rounders in exchange. Martinez has clearly lost a step and most of his offense but is still smart as can be and should slot into the middle pair and possibly even the second power play unit. Good solid stretch addition for the Knights while the Kings continue to stockpile futures. That is it so far. At this rate, on deadline day we will all be sitting around twiddling our thumbs because all the players will have been dealt, lol
  2. I would have to say Flyers 4 Jackets 2 with all the Flyers goals coming from the top two lines, with Seth Jones down the Jackets have no answer for a teams top line, Zibenajad and Kreider owned the Jackets the other night. They did the same with Buffalo in an OT loss, no answer for Eichel/Olofsson. Just not enough at this point so unless they are willing to go all in again as they did last year the Jackets will probably start fading. Like I mentioned, I dont want it to happen, they just dont have enough.
  3. Mid level defenders starting to fall the Canadiens traded Marco Scandella to the Blues for a second and a conditional 4th. GREAT HAUL for the Canadiens who gave up a 4th to Buffalo for him a month ago. This will certainly send the Sabre fans into a rage as once again the team shows poor asset management. Seems like serious overpayment on the Blues part. Perhaps a sign the Habs are ready to cash it in and be sellers, Tatar and Petry have term remaining but are rumored as potentially being in play.
  4. I like Brenden Dillon, solid player who slots into the top 4. He is an UFA at years end and young enough, he is going to get paid. I know the rumors were the Sharks wanted a first but this is a nice haul for them while Dillon helps the Caps in a push for another cup.
  5. Two small deals so far today, Dylan Demelo, a stay at home defender who is an UFA at years end was dealt to Winipeg as they continue to patchwork a semblance of a defense, Sbisa went out, Demelo takes his place. The Rangers dealt defense prospect Joey Keane, a very raw puck mover on the back end to Carolina for former first round pick Julian gautheir who is tearing it up in the AHL. I have never understood why Gautheir hasn't been given more of a chance, he almost certainly will be playing top nine minutes in Manhattan after Kreider is dealt. Both are good prospects, both teams dealt from strength to fill holes.
  6. A lot of kids who weren't even in the AHL then Robinson, Bemstrom, Elvis, Sherwood, Peeke, lilja and Stenlund are all AHL players forced into NHL roles after a ton of defections and injuries to Wenberg, Atkinson, Jones, Dubinsky, Anderson and Texier among others. The wife and I watched them lose 3-1 to the Rags on Valentines day, the CBJ carry the play quite a bit but literally have zero finishers. They outshot and outchanced the Rangers by a large margin but they were poor quality shots, they put the puck on net a lot hoping for garbage and rebounds and puck luck, truthfully they have no business with this crew being in the conversation for a playoff spot. Obviously as they are my wifes team and I live in Ohio and the Wings are so dreadfully awful I would like to see the Jackets do well but this is not an NHL playoff caliber team. A hot goalie and puck luck and hard work is all nice but when they go against a skilled team they dont do so well.
  7. CBJ disciplined but lack top end talent especially with Jones and Atkinson now out. They play damn hard but are out of gas.
  8. IDK, yes the Devils got a first and a recent first round pick in Foote but Coleman will likely end up at or near 30 goals for the year, plays a heavy game, and makes 1.8 million for this year and next. With a hard cap, it is a certainty that one or more of Gourde, Palat or Killorn will be gone, Coleman steps into a middle six role as a solid defensive forward who will be around awhile. NJ got futures, the Bolts got the present. I posted elsewhere that last year the Lightning stayed the course at the deadline, this year they sent a message and I like it for them. But Toffoli, Vancouver made a statement as well that they mean business in what is a wide open West. Okay very underwhelming haul for the Kings, Tim Schaller, a journeymen still trying to get a career going, a second rounder and Tyler Madden who was drafted in the third round last year and who is probably still another year at least away from turning pro. The caveat is the Kings get an additional pick if Toffoli who is an UFA resigns. Love the deal for Vancouver, not so much for the Kings.
  9. Not official yet but Darren Dreger has stated that Kings forward Toffoli has been dealt to the Canucks, all players/picks going both ways to be announced within the hour. Great add for the Canucks who are one of the leagues top surprises this year.
  10. The Tampa Bay Lightning entered last years trade deadline with easily the games best record, running away with the Presidents cup. They stood pat while their first round opponent the CBJ added Duchene, Dzingel, McQuaid and Kincaid, then went on to shock Tampa in a four game sweep. Tampa has decided not to do this again. They gave up promising youngster Nolan Foote who they added in the first round two years ago as well as a first (previously added from Vancouver) for rugged power forward Blake Coleman. Absolutely brilliant move for multiple reasons: 1) it sends a message that although streaking and breathing down the neck of the Bruins that they are not complacent and mean business. 2) Coleman is the kind of forward every team covets, he is rugged and has 21 goals, a perfect playoff type. 3) he is signed for next year as well at a very friendly 1.8 million. With a hard cap, one of Palat or Killorn is almost certainly gone, he will take their spot moving forward. 4) it sets the market for a solid middle six winger at a first and a solid prospect. Those looking to add a Kreider or Athanasiou cheap are now checkmated into overpaying or bowing out. Fantastic move for the Bolts. Great for the Devils as they added promising futures to a team that seems to be in perpetual rebuild. Another move, the Devils traded long time blueliner Andy Greene to the Isles for a second and a ECHL nobody, the second for a 36 year old UFA is a fantastic haul. The Isles have lost Pelech for the season and must not trust Noah Dobson. Great add for the Isles, a solid experience dback ender who can move the puck a bit. A second for him, again, sets the market high. Big winners in these two deals are Coleman, going from last to first, the Devils with a first, a second and foote.
  11. I dont see how he couldn't be the frontrunner to be honest. Yeah McDavid is an amazing talent but for THIS YEAR there is not a better player in the game. Not McDavid, Not MacKinnon, not Pastrnak, nobody. Period.
  12. The above is the quote from kane. Look I am a fan of Kane, he is one of the games best power forwards, last year he became the first player since Tiger Williams two generatations ago to lead the league in PIMs with 30 goals and has a chance to do the same this season, a unique, special player but he also is an idiot and deserves the suspension for this hit on Pionk. As an aside, Pionk was the sound made as the Elbow caught the defenseman in the head.
  13. Okay, might be me, video wouldnt set up properly probably my lack of computer skills. anyway, Kane threw a nasty elbow the other night into the head of Jets defender Neal Pionk drawing a two minute penalty but was suspended by George Parros for three games as a repeat elbowing offender. He was fined for a similar play last year. The fact the NHL Department of Player Safety headed by George Parros continue to pick and choose, who and what they suspend is ridiculous! There have been countless incidents of the same nature through this season and past seasons that have gone unsuspended or fined. No one person can tell you what is or isn’t a suspension in today’s game, it’s become a complete guess. There is a major lack of consistency with NHL Department of Player Safety. A completely FLAWED system in so many ways. From the suspensions to appeal rights, it’s baffling to me how we as players agreed to this. You can’t continue to give some players a pass and throw the book at others. There has to be a outside third party making these decisions to remove the bias that transpires in this department headed by George Parros. None of it makes any sense.
  14. Got 7 games, probably deserving of it, it certainly didn't help his case that Bouwmeester had a massive heart incident a day or two before.

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