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  1. It looks as if within the next day or two Jeff Blashill will be signing an two to three year extention as the Wings head coach which begs the question, what the hel does he have to do to get fired? The Wings have the second worst record in the game barely edging out the Senators and will easily miss the playoffs for the third year in a row. Rumors have swirled that Yzerman was coming and Kenny Holland was on the way out but this makes it almost a certainty that Holland will remain as Blashill is clearly his guy. Giving Blash an extention is like peeing to mark your territory, Blashill admittedly has not exactly had a silks purse to work with, Holland has given him a bunch of barely NHL quality players such as Abby, Helm, Ehn, Daley, De la rose, Witkowski, Vanek, and Ericsson some has beens mixed in with never weres'. That is Hollands fault, you could make a case for Blashill suing for non support even. But he cannot coach. He has been terrible with the kids as for their growth, Athanasiou was yoyo'd up and down the lines with minutes fluctuating for years, I have made a point of watching his face when he scores, he NEVER looks at the coach, rarely smiles, Blashill has poisoned him badly. Mantha may or may not be a player, we may never know until he finds a new team. Rasmussen and Cholowski were used as wrong as any two players I have seen in years, Hronek has had a great second half but should have stuck around all year he was wasted for half a season in Grand Rapids. The Wings are a bad mix of aging (poorly) veterans and inexperienced kids who are not being broken in properly by an inept coach and the old GM is planning on keeping him around staking claim to his own job by doing so. The dark days are here with no end in sight. AN ASIDE: Jimmy Howard just resigned for one year, sighting his love for the Wings and the Detroit area, I like the signing, as bad as the Wings have been without Howard this year they could and would have been bad of biblical proportions.
  2. Coming down the stretch the Bolts now have given up 198 goals and have scored 298 for exactly a plus 100 goal differential. Absolutely outstanding. Last year the league leader was (again) the Bolts with a very good plus 60. To put it in perspective, the great Oilers teams under Gertzky used to do that on a regular basis, the Wings in 1996 were plus 144, the Canadiens dynasty under Lafleur and Dryden were plus 100 every year, and in 1976-77 they scored 387 and gave up 171 for a ridiculous plus 216. In fact, Larry Robinson by himself that year was plus 120! Still in the salary cap era a plus 100 and still climbing is a remarkable feat. It only matters if they win the cup but wow this team is stacked.
  3. @OccamsRazor My wife and daughter have a partial season ticket package for the CBJ, I have went to three or four jackets games this season and other than a stinker against the Jets they have been fantastic every time. This was us last week when they played the Canes, I got the jersey because she signed up for the playoff package and hence, the jersey. I have to admit, I have been rooting hard for the Jackets to make it as my Wings are in the lughes for Hughes thing right now. Anyway, I have more or less become a closet Jacket fan over the past several years as my second team. I know a lot of folks are smugly hoping the Jackets miss the playoffs after going all in, I disagree and think it was awesome to see a team go for it, although if they dont get it together soon it is gonna be a long uncomfortable summer in Columbus. My Reds suck, my Wings suck, my Bengals are going to be the worst team in football. Damn the Jackets, they were my last chance. That's it, I am swearing off sports or moving to Boston.
  4. Which is exactly the kind of thing that year after year happens to this franchise for two decades now. A potential kick in the teeth, the other night at the CBJ game with the wife I was surprised at the amount of Caniacs who travel with the team, I struck up a conversation with a couple of very knowledgeable fans from there they told me that about two hundred of them travel by bus to see the Canes whenever they play on a weekend on the East coast which is a fair amount considering the Canes history. But what this one guy who really knows hockey said struck me, he is stone cold dead positive and added it isn't just him but it is the talk of Raleigh that come July first Bob and the bread man are Carolina bound, lots of salary and an owner wanting to make a splash. Carolina is a team on the rise, adding a top tier goalie and a point per game explosive forward, wow they are right there in every conversation for years if that happens. It was the first time I had heard Carolina mentioned in connection with the two of them but this guy seems to think they are the frontrunner.
  5. @pilldoc When you got a GWG from Pulock on Monday , you know the same damn Pulock who I traded to you I thought well crap. Man I didn't want to trade him, he is an under the radar guy and I remember when we were working on a deal every offer back and forth I kept taking him off the table and you kept putting him back in. When I saw his GWG I actually cursed out loud because a) he did it against the Jackets and b) he did it against me, lol.
  6. @TropicalFruitGirl26 The most amazing stat of the year: Boston went on their tear, they went 15-0-4 running slipshod over the league pushing themselves into the second best record in the league ahead of everyone in every other division. Simply dominated their opponents and the entire league. At the end of the streak, caps on purpose, THE BRUINS WERE STILL 17 POINTS BEHIND THE LIGHTNING. How Tampa can possibly get up for every game against teams like the Wings or Senators or Wild is beyond me. But if you look at the Bolts when they are facing someone like the Capitals or Toronto or the Peg, elite teams they play as if it were a playoff game and crush the opponents will early. I respect and love watching this team play against other great teams. They make great teams look silly.
  7. @pilldoc Man you had me sweating this week, I think I finally wrapped it up last night and man am I glad the week ends today. Good match doc, good luck in the next round. Great job of coming back strong down the stretch and making the final four.
  8. @SpikeDDS Zadina was a bit of a mixed bag in his nine games, 1 goal, a couple of assists but to be honest he seemed to get better as his time went on and you could see it in his face, he developed confidence and the 9 game trial did him a world of good. I could see it after he returned to the Griffins from the World Junior tourney, he was a much better player all around. HUGE things ahead of this kid. Now if we get lucky and get Hughes, those two on the wing with Larkin down the middle would be an outstanding step towards our rebuild.
  9. @TropicalFruitGirl26 this is for you. And for @SpikeDDS. I watched the Wings and Lightning a couple of nights ago, fun start to the game, the Wings up 3-0 in the second period but I am gonna be honest, even 3-0 I never for one moment thought the Wings were going to win. Never. First thing, the Bolts own the Wings right now they dont just beat us they humiliate us. Second, they do that to about everyone right now, the Bolts were going for their team record tying win and against a depleted roster like the Wings have. Third, the Bolts might simply have the deepest roster from top to bottom that anyone has ever had during the expansion era. Kenny Dryden who was in net for the Canadien Dynasty that was the seventies said a lot of times the Habs would get bored playing a bad team and would fall behind by a goal or two because unconsciously they knew it didn't matter, they were bound to come back and win regardless. That is Tampa V Detroit right now. So the Bolts spotted the boys a field goal and a half a game like a spider playing with a fly in a web, the wings were the fly, thinking they had it made that they were going to pull one out. Then Stammer happened. Then Kucherov. The Lightning are a ton of fun to watch, skill everywhere the pundits are asking themselves if anyone can beat them, watching them spot the Wings a field goal just for funsies before piling on says that boredom is about the only thing that can beat this team. If they go into the playoffs with any type of momentum and most importantly remain healthy there isn't any NHL roster alive who can hang with them.
  10. I practically live on the local bike trail or my treadmill, an hour a day seven days a week is about the least I do and during that time I listen to Hockey podcasts more or less every single day. Like anything else some of the podcasts are pretty god awful, some are good some are excellent. Here are some that I listen to and some I have chosen not to. HOCKEY CENTRAL AT NOON This is a big fat no, I simply cannot listen to the Maple Leaf talking heads anymore, they seem to not be aware that there are 30 teams that are in the league that are not from Toronto. I have no problem with listening to Leaf commentary, I just get sick of listening to these guys drone on and on about the worries of if Sparks can handle the starts in net 20 times a year and interviewing Ennis while ignoring the bigger picture of the league. I know they are out of Toronto but it is called HOCKEY central at Noon not TORONTO HOMERISM AT NOON. pass. SPITTIN CHICKLETS A downright secret guilty pleasure of mine, talking heads former NHL mediocre talents Paul Bissonette and Ryan Whitney talk hockey and women and weed and drinking and every vulgar subject you can think of in irreverent ways. The weekly podcast always has an interview with either a current or recently retired player who along with Biz nasty and Whit dog drop F bombs and talk the way that guys talk, very loose and funny as hell. 31 THOUGHTS THE PODCAST Not to be confused with the article, Friedman and Marek rock, this is among the best and most insightful of any podcasts out there. A slight Canadian bias but only slight, these two seem to push each other to greater things. Never miss it. TSN HOCKEY BOBCAST Bob McKenzie looks like someone's grandfather (because he is) but dont get confused, he knows the sport and has a bit of a potty mouth and loved that Canada legalized marijuana which kind of surprised me. Fun, iconic, great interviews and he tends to break a lot in a sneaky way. Like Stone to Vegas, he predicted it almost as a certainty a few days before it happened even mentioning Brannstrom as the big piece in the return when nobody else was talking about that as the location. A must listen. PUCK PODCAST A generic bubble gum type of podcast, not a lot of substance but still fun. I listen when nothing new is available. THE HOCKEY PDOCAST Hosted by Dmitri Filipovic which is a downright ridiculous name but it is a good solid show, more women sports reporters are on his show than all others combined, he seems to try to have one on as a guest at least every other week I believe this has to be on purpose and a lot of women puck reporters get a chance at a larger audience because of him and they are usually insightful and intelligent. Love this, every week without fail I tune in. PUCK SOUP Weekly podcast from ESPN short on substance, get a lot of very basic facts wrong, the hosts seem confused a lot of times about what is going on within the game, they get names wrong get teams wrong, in other words, they treat the NHL more or less exactly as ESPN does on television. I listen if there is no better option, usually with hands clenched in fists of rage thinking I know I could do a better job. ESPN ON ICE WITH GREG WYSHINSKI so if you listen to Wyshinski on puck soup and wonder how he has a job covering hockey you can turn this podcast on and it is even worse as he teams with Emily Kaplan to talk about pretty much everything excepting hockey. TSN HOCKEY ANALYTICS This is for people who like smug reporting. I dont. THE INSIDE EDGE WITH JODY SHELLEY He is a Jackets Homer but he does it with feeling and heart and humor. I listen whenever it is on. RED AND WHITE AUTHORITY RED WINGS PODCAST Warm and fuzzy for those who like that kind of stuff, short of facts and figures, long on longing for yesteryear kind of crap. They had a cool one on the other day interviewing a couple of the Wings rookies fathers which was cool but not exactly hockey. So there is my list, some must listens to, some never in a million years and some only if there is nothing better ons. Anyone have anything else they would recommend?
  11. @SpikeDDS Agreed about Frk, like Pulkinnen before him he has a great big windup which is fantastic in the AHL where play is a bit slower but it does not translate to the NHL. We had to draft Frk when he fell to us in the second round he put up nasty numbers playing the off wing with Drouin and MacKinnon in juniors proving the scoring was there but sometimes the smart money passes for a reason. Holland has really whiffed a lot lately, Frk, Pulkinnen, taking Svechnikov instead of Boeser, the list is long but I think he has gotten it right the last couple of years, I think that Rasmussen is terribly misused and will be a completely different player next year under a better coach and I think Zadina is going to be a lot of fun as well. If by some miracle we add Hughes to the list all will be right with the world.....
  12. @SpikeDDS I saw the two signings and saw Holand's comments about planning on getting them into a handful of games down the stretch and then sending them to Grand Rapids for the playoffs. Fantastic, I admit I know nothing about them other than they were considered two of the top, if not the two top outright FA's available so good on the Wings. Like you my first thought was Dekeyser who really has been solid this year and has had only one what can be considered bad year. give Holland credit for putting assets in play over the past two years after basically denying that a rebuild needed to be done. Trading long time Wings such as Tats and Nyke whom he drafted and nurtured must have hurt but it was needed. Another good haul over the next two drafts and I really think we are right back in the conversation.
  13. I have had the (mis)fortune to watch a couple of Islanders games more or less from start to finish in the past several weeks mostly because I wanted to see how this team is still pushing the Capitals for the division title in this rough and highly skilled division. The first was a 4-0 victory over Vancouver, the second was a 2-0 win over Columbus. They were easily, bar none hands down the most god awful boring games of the season. Nothing close. In the first game, the first half of the first period was back and forth but after the Isles went up 2-0 they simply quit playing offense, whenever the Canucks got the puck the two wingers played like defenseman, the defense dropped back along the sidewalls whenever the pucj was chipped in and the center sat up in front of the net to help the goalie out. The Canucks mustered a ton of shots but all long distance, all clearly seen by the netminder (I think Lehner was in that night) who would paddle it ahead to the center who flipped it out to center ice where the Canucks would regroup. Zero attempts by the Islanders to actually move the puck, they just frustrated the Canucks by forcing them ouside and then flipping the puck out to center ice after a harmless hot. Then Columbus a week ago, same damn thing. Pulock scored on a first period blast, a really good shot and from midway through the second on the Isles went into a shell, the wingers forcing the attackers outside, the defense helping them and the center standing in front of his goalie to make certain nobody set up a screen. It was literally like a 5 on 5 penalty kill once they got the lead. Anders Lee scored an empty netter late. Matthew Barzal and Seth Jones seemed to be playing catch for the entire third period, the puck would end up on Barzal's stick, he would flip it out to center ice where Jones would chase it down, he would pass it in, a ferocious forecheck would ensue, Barzal would end up with the puck and simply flip it back out to center ice, Jones would chase it down...…… Barzal to Jones must have occurred ten times, zero exaggeration. He would flip it out just far enough to get a line change but not far enough to risk an icing. Speaking of Barzal, I admit I haven't watched him much in his nearly two years but WOW can that kid play. He has totally bought into Trotz system and is an absolute beast. Not the best fantasy player but wow do you know when he is on the ice. He doesn't have to score to be noticed by his play, just a great two way forward, his two way play may be the most underrated in all of hockey. It dawned on me finally where I had seen this before, this is EXACTLY the same system that Trotz used with an undermanned lack of skill Nashville Preds for all those years, get a lead, protect the goalie, protect the puck. It is boring but effective, at least in the regular season, it didn't ever translate tot he postseason and I doubt it will this year for the Isles, the postseason is when elite talent shines and the Isles are a system team, a devastatingly effective if quite boring system but the entire team is bought in, sacrificing their bodies, hitting, playing defense, hell even Andrew Ladd went down and blocked a Werenski shot at one point. Give Trotz credit where it is due, he took over Washington and adjusted his style to the talent and now with the Isles he has adjusted yet again. Last year Lehner and Greiss were lit up and the Isles defense was raked over the coals by the press and fans alike, this year with the exact same defense in front of them they are two of the leagues top goalies. It is not an accident, it is Trotz boring system at work. It is like watching paint dry but as a fan if you told me my Wings could win ugly or lose pretty, give me the ugly wins any day of the week.
  14. The team with the best record in Hockey which will certainly be Tampa will get a bye throughout the playoffs. Oh and welcome to the forums!
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