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  1. Carolina is plus 94 in the shot versus shots against differential, third in the league. the Wild are 25th at minus 43. In this game the Wild have flipped the script, wildly outshooting the Canes (pun intended). I dont watch much Wild, but I love how they are playing five deep in both zones. Carolina looks frustrated, unable to gain any traction. Fun game, if the Wild play this style more I will start watching them more.
  2. I watch a lot of Carolina, their bread and butter is throwing everything on net and rushing the goalie, your Wild have done a great job of preventing this for the most part. Killer shorty by Parise, never saw him as a P/K guy.
  3. TJ Brodie was standing at the blueline leaning on his stick this morning during drills when he collapsed tot he ice, convulsing. Teammates and trainers came to his aide until paramedics got there, he was taken to the hospital where he was treated. A bit ago it was announced that he had been released from the hospital. Scary moment, not sure the cause but the team has promised to release information as they receive it. Wishing Brodie well.
  4. Ilya Kovalchuk has been a healthy scratch for the Kings, who reportedly have told him he can practice with the team but he will not be playing in games. What a freaking mess. He signed a year 18.75 million dollar deal at the age of 35 so even if they buy him out (something they are rumored to be considering) his remaining year and a half will count against the cap. On top of that he has a full no move in his deal so he can veto a trade if by some miracle the Kings do find a taker. He was supposed to bring offense to a team in desperate need, last year he only had 34 points and was dropped down to the bottom six. This year he has 9 points in 17 games, good for third among all King Forwards in spite of playing only 15 minutes a night, usually on the third line and seldom sniffing the power play since early in theseason. The coach and GM are saying all the right things about how hard he works, but he ists at home collecting his paycheck after practice. Tough situation all around.
  5. Usually I avoid Flyer section so as not to offend, but Andreoff, , puff puff pass nothing to see here. AHL filler about half the player Jordan Weal was.
  6. The Leafs have went all in on a run and gun team, D-men Barrie and Reilly are more offensive players, Ceci and Muzzin aren't shut down guys by trade and the other two spots are filled by kids due to cap restraints. Throw in a bunch of one dimensional scoring forwards who never back check and this is the result. Scotty Bowman in his prime would have difficulties with getting this team to play defense, I actually like the Leaf defense as it is built but only if they add one or possibly two shut down guys at or near the deadline. The top four can all create chaos, but none will ever be confused with Norris caliber play. So when you have your top four guys logging huge minutes and an offense that is not clicking because of injuries it makes it close to impossible to win a lot of 2-1 type of games.
  7. Nah, just a nice weekend. Fabbri is a talented player, always has been and was a favorite of mine his first two years with the Blues before blowing out his knee not once but twice. Great passer, nice shot, hits everything, speed gone at 23 but a nice reclamation project for the Wings to take a chance on.
  8. Blash has been ruining Athanasiou since the kid came into the league, Blash hasn't figured out if he is a winger or a center and is no closer to knowing what the hell to do with him today than he was two years ago. Actually as far as scoring goes, AA has hit at least three posts and been stone cold robed several times, he will break through eventually. Too talented not to.
  9. The racist old fool should have been put down a long time ago.
  10. Fabbri, I really liked him a few years ago, not afraid to crash the net played hard, gave it all every night. Then he blew out his knee not once but twice, lost his speed and his confidence, doenst play with the same style anymore. A change of scenery for a former first rounder kind of like Perlini. De Larose never did much, will be quickly forgotten. I like the idea of collecting kids in their early twenties who were former first rounders for essentially nothing. Low risk, decent reward guys if you will.
  11. I could not agree more. Yesterday against the Monsters he got caught pinching in on the power play and the result was a couple of Cleveland Monsters breakaways that went for short handed goals, it is a learning curve, he will get there, like I said he is probably already our most well rounded blueliner in the organization but it isn't like calling him up puts us over the top. a year of learning at Grand Rapids wont hurt. Speaking of the Griffins, Rasmussen who was out for 4 games with a LBI is back and looked rusty yesterday, Zadina is starting to heat up a bit. Veleno looks lost a lot but has a couple of goals lately. I think all will be with the big club by March, all will be there to stay but all have work to do on their game first.
  12. Couldn't not post this.... Evander Kane is being sued by the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas for not paying themback for a half million dollars in chips that they fronted him six months ago. Normally I would say no big deal. However..... Here is the deal, the date that the Casino lent Kane the half a million bucks was April 15th, smack in the middle of a series between the Sharks and the Knights. Ugh. This has to be the leagues worst case scenario with players visiting Vegas.
  13. Sabourin worked his tail off to reach the NHL, not much of a player but lots of heart. Hope he is ok.
  14. @SpikeDDS Yeah, WOW they dont look like the same team that was responsible and checking and winning 3 of their first 4. Losing is one thing, losing by 3 or 4 goals every night is just cringeworthy. Seider looks great in Grand Rapids, he seems to rapidly be gaining confidence (2 assists tonight, one on a 80 foot pass to Chris Terry setting him up for a breakaway. With Rasmussen out hurt I have been watching more of Seider to get a feel of him and he truly looks to be more of a complete package than anyone on our current roster. That said, I dont believe he should be rushed up to learn bad habits from the F-Troop we have playing right now with the big club.
  15. Buffalo and Vancouver are beating teams regularly, Buffalo sits at 9-4-2 with 20 points they are 3rd in the East, out West the Canucks are sitting at 9-3-2 with 20 points, also good for 3rd in their conference. The question is, are either for real? Are both? Both teased last year, Buffalo had a torrid start and was among the best teams in the game early before a complete collapse, Vancouver was never that high or that low but hung around the wild card race until late in the season. here is the case for and against both.... VANCOUVER THE CASE FOR The West is going through some changes this year, the Sharks Wild, jets, and Stars are all down, others such as the Flames seem to have come back to the pack. There would appear to be a case for the Canucks to squeeze into the playoff hunt. Demko and Markstrom are a fantastic pair in net, Pettersson and Boeser are doing amazing, Horvat has become a boss, JT Miller is better than advertised. Quinn Hughes looks like a sure fire Calder candidate. Alex Edler has found his game, this team has two monster lines and is scoring at will. The thid line of Virtanen, Sutter and Leivo is off to a fantastic start. THE CASE AGAINST They are not the only upstart out West, Anaheim and Edmonton also flew out of the gate so the dance card for playoff spots might be limited. Free agent adds Ferland and Myers have been busts so far. Edler is playing over 25 minutes a night, among the most in the NHL and way too many for someone his age. even with the young kid forwards, Edler may be the least replaceable player on the team with a very thin back end. BUFFALO SABRES THE CASE FOR like the Canucks, the Sabres have started hot, Eichel has been an absolute beast, rookie Olofsson is in the Calder conversation, Reinhart has turned into a solid contributor, Skinner is on pace for 36 goals. Dahlin has become a solid puck mover on the back end of what is probably the games most underrated back end. Hutton has been as good as most anyone in the game in net. THE CASE AGAINST Unlike the West, the East and especially the Atlantic are especially deep. In order to make the playoffs the Sabres need to jump over some of the Lightning, Leafs, Panthers, Bruins, Canadiens, and from the Metro the Caps, Flyers, Penguins, Islanders and Hurricanes. There are going to be some really good teams in the East who stay home. Other things against the Sabres IMHO is lack of forward depth. Johanssen was a nice add but Sheary, Okposo and especially Mittelstadt have disappointed. And Hutton has been a career backup who is likely playing way over his head right now. Of the two, I think that yeah, both COULD hang around all year, for two very different reasons. Vancouver has depth and the West is wide open, the Sabres Eichel seems to be a man on a mission. If put on a spot and told one is in, one is out, I would go with Vancouver, although the lack of depth on the back end hurts. Buffalo seems to need a bit more middle six depth but has plenty of time to add someone.

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