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  1. I dont see it happening. Simply dont. If you look at the UFA list you see a bunch of 28-30 year old AHL stars and near stars who were missing an ingredient when it came to an NHL are all unemployed. these guys usually get gobbled up by AHL clubs or at the least KHL and Euro teams when they go overseas for one final decent payday. Instead the NHL has sold these guys down teh river by sending top prospects to play in Europe eating the roster spots usually reserved for fading vets, (hell if i were a team in Sweden i would rather have a top prospect over a TJ Brennan too so i cant blame them). There are literally HUNDREDS of players who were regular AHL players last year who are unemployed. They have been hung out to dry by the system. What I think will happen is this, the NHL will follow the MLB model of carrying a roster and a taxi squad of players who can step up and step in as injury replacements or to give an aging vet a day off as the NHL schedule will be skewed towards a lot of three games in four nights. I wouldnt bet the ranch on there being no AHL season but i would bet more than a few bucks. The guys who will be left out in the cold are guys such as TJ Brennan, Dustin tokarski, Beau Bennett and Keegan Lowe as well as scores more who arent young enough for a team to invest in, not quite good enough to earn a Euro payday over a top flight prospect. That is how i see it.
  2. Nieto another former Shark was signed to a one year deal. Apparently they are bringing back every former Shark out there, Ryan Clowe and Jonathan Cheechoo prolly next.....
  3. @Villette/Lavaux I love Faksa, my kind of versatile player underrated, solid player with a moderately high ceiling. Good on the Stars to recognize what they have andlock him up. Janmark, man i remember when the Wings traded him for the ghost of Eric Cole, i threw a fit at the time, we at the same deadline for Zidlicky gave the Predators Jankrok, two players with similar names and even similar styles who we gave up for more or less nothing. So frustrating. Instead of watching the two kids develop in our bottom six i have watched them grow with the Stars/Preds while the Wings have had guys like Abdelkader and Vanek stumble and bumble up the wing. Sigh, the dangers of trading prospects for a deadline add.
  4. Schmidt to Vancouver for a third, Vancouver taking on the entire remaining 4 years at 5.9 million. Solid replacement for the departed Tanev. Austin Czarnik has left the Flames bottom six to take on the same role with the Isles. Nice hard working little guy will split time between the big team, the press box and the AHL.
  5. know we are running with a flat cap for the next several years but and some folks are already saying he is overpaid but look at the contracts of Doughty and Keith and Karlsson and subban. This is a very fair deal. Pietrangelo is one of the best defensive d-men in the game, i dont know how he doesnt have a Norris, probably because while he can play offensively to the tune of 50 points a year his game is mostly shutting teams down while doing so. He grinds it out, he is a perfect add for the Knights and truth is this makes them the team to beat in the West. They still need to move out 6 million a year to make this work, Schmidt is probably the guy to go and i am surprised it hasnt happenedyet.
  6. Still waiting on the other shoe to drop with Pietrangelo to Vegas and Nate Schmidt to be moved out to Florida? Columbus? for cap room. That didnt happen today but here are a few things that did. Janmark left the stars for the Hawks as did the incredibly underrated Lucas Wallmark. In spite of averaging only 12 minutes a night with the Canes he always has about a dozen goals and unlike most kids he is a damn good faceoff guy. Janmark has 46 goals in the first 4 years of his career in limited ice time, fantastic P/K guy who will fit in nicely. Rumor is the Hawks veteran core is upset because of the perceived rebuild, but these two players are flat out steals for the money. The Avalanche continue to load up their deep talented team, adding Devon Toews from the Isles for a pair of second rounders. The Isles were trying to find someone to take Boychuk but when that fialed were forced to move Toews to free money to resign Barzal. Great add for the 'Lanche and a nice package for the Isles in return. Jimmy Vesey to the Leafs to replace the departed Andreas Johnson. Vesey is a 15-17 goal a year 3rd liner, not good enough for the power play and cannot kill penalties but 5 on 5 as a 15 minute a night guy he isnt bad. Brad Richardson, a fifty year veteran (or so it seems) has signed on with the Predators as a P/K killing 4th liner who can sneak a goal past you a few times a year as well. Cory Schneider according to Lebrun has signed with the Islanders reuniting with Lou Lamoriello. I havent found anything official on it but Lebrun is right more often than not. Gustafsson to the Flyers is saved for another thread. He had the one huge year then he didnt do much the following year. He is a nice replacement for Niskanen. Thats about it for today unless i missed something.
  7. Toffoli signed with Montreal today at 4 years 17 million (AAV of 4.25 million). IMHO a perfect signing. Toffoli plays hard, chases the puck, never quits, in his seven full seasons in the NHL he has averaged 21 goals per season and has had three seasons of over plus 20 in that time. He is 28 so he is entering his prime seasons. Montreal entered the offseason deciding to get bigger, tougher and stronger, with the addition of big Josh Anderson and now the six foot two hundred pound Toffoli the club feels they pulled it off while adding offense. Throw in six four Joel Edmundson of the back end and the team definitely wont be pushed around going forward.
  8. Coyotes way overpaid just to let him walk, that will set the team back for years. One thing with Hall, many over the years have been categoric that he is not a winning hockey player. Performing in Edmonton, New Jersey, Arizona, now Buffalo where if the team loses there is certainly fan frustration but it is more or less expected. Truthfully, this doesnt surprise me that he chose a team like Buffalo instead of a team that is a player or two short of contention. If he had went to say, Columbus, Bruins, Flames or Canucks the expectations would have been higher. Going to Buffalo, if they sneak into the playoffs or miss by a few points it wont matter, who he is wont change in most peoples eyes. If he had landed with one of the others on a one year deal and they underperformed it would have hurt his future value.
  9. @Hockey Junkie must have driven off the road when he heard this one. Taylor Hall has signed a one year deal with the Sabres for 8 million dollars. Buffalo is banking on Hall/Eichel forming a lasting chemistry and Hall choosing to stick around. Kudos to both Hall betting on himself and on the Sabres for risking a one year deal.
  10. @TropicalFruitGirl26 Namestnikov has aolways reminded me of his Uncle, Slava Kozlov who was a member of the famed 'Russian five' with the Wings. Slava to me was always a bit of an underachiever but at the end of the day he played forever nearly 1200 games and then another five or six years in the KHL after his NHL career was done.I always thought there was more there than what he showed, brilliant moments, sometimes even nice long streaks but then ice cold. Scotty Bowman constantly berated himand pushed and prodded. Namestnikov is for some reason listed as a center but he has played wing most of his career I like him with Detroit, 20 goal depth player on a two year deal with no NMC in his deal. He needs to put up or shut up at this point, Still, much better than Abdelkader, lol.
  11. Plan the parade, lol Actually i do like Bogo, big lug that he is. Should be a nice fit.
  12. Was really hoping the Wings would sign the Livonia michigan native but alas..... Great puck mover, plays bigger than his size, always felt he was underrated. With Chara uncertain to return it is McAvoy and Carlo time to step up.
  13. So far this offseason the leafs have SHIPPED OUT Johnsson Barrie Ceci Kapanen BROUGHT IN Anderson Brodie Travis Boyd Simmonds A first rounder in the Kapanen deal Unless they manage to sign the big fish it is hard to see that they are any better.
  14. Trade between the Hawks and the Avalanche. Colorado sent rugged d-man Zadorov who has been a career underacheiver along with prospect turned suspect Anton Lindholm to the Hawks for Brandon Saad and non factor Dennis Gilbert. Essentially this deal is the steady but unspectacular Saad for the underacheiving Zadorov. Both clubs hope that a change of scenery will get more out of them. I know Chicago is looking to shore up their back end but i have never been a Zadorov fan. He likes the rough stuff, is not afraid to hit, is not afraid to block shots and get dirty but takes some really dumb penalties at bad times. Saad is a consistent scorer, 20 plus goals in five of the past six years, both teams addressed needs, Chicago got defense depth and Colorado is trying not to have to rely as heavily next year on the top line so it is a good deal for both.
  15. Andreas Johnsson was sent to the Devils who sent a D plus semi prospect in Joey Anderson back but most importantly the Devils took on the remaining three years of Johnsson's contract at 3.4 million per. The question now is this, do the Leafs have enough money to sign Pietrangelo? It looks as if it is coming down to Toronto or Nashville with the CBJ and all their cap room still laying in the weeds. For months TSN kept talking about Pietrangelo and the chances of him coming to the Leafs and i rolled my eyes. At this point i would say it is fifty/fifty that is his final destination.
  16. quoting myself a mistake i made, Fast was reported as being close to signing iwth the Preds yesterday and i jumped the gun. He didnt and today is a Huricane.
  17. Austin Watson, a tough as nails bottom six winger was dealt by the Preds to the Senators a few minutes ago, Possible the Preds are shedding a bit of salary to make room to make a run at one of the big boys, rumored to be Hall.
  18. @JR Ewing Just saw that Mike Smith resigned. not sure what you think of that. I hav never been a fan of Smith because of his penchant for falling to the ice when he needs a whistle, acting as if he were shot through the chest with a hundred and ten mile an hour slapper and a gurney and a priest are needed. Then Lazarus esque he rises once his gassed team has caught their breath to applause from the stands and 'guts it out' staying in the game. Just once, i would love to see a ref with the guts to call a delay of game when he does this schtick. One time. That said, he isnt the worst goalie out there (see Howard, Jimmy) and he came cheaper than a lot of other options so there is that. Plus, like i have said repeatedly, i like Koskinen more than most.
  19. Mikka Koivu to the CBJ for one year at 1.5 million. Now look, i am willing, more than most to say when i feel a player is signed or traded to a favorite team of mine to say it was a lousy deal, this is simply not that. For the Jackets in particular it is one hell of a deal. Koivu as a player has atrophied, his skill level is nowhere near what it once was but as any fantasy owner will tell you the one thing he can still do is win faceoffs with the best in the game. I think anyone who plays fantasy hockey has added him as a late week add to win the f/o cat only to cut him on Monday. Most of us more than once. Last year PLD was the only reliable center for the Jackets and his faceoff numbers, ugh. Boone Jenner had good faceoff numbers but is really a banging winger forced to play in a centers body, while newly added Max Domi was nearly as dreadful as Dubois. 1C Dubois 44.6 faceoff pct. THAT WAS HIS CAREER HIGH. 2C Domi 48.9 ALSO A CAREER HIGH. 3C Koivu 53.1 A SOLID PERCENTAGE, HIS CAREER AVERAGE IS 54.6 HE HAS BEEN ABOVE .500 EVERY YEAR FOR THE PAST 13 SEASONS. So in short, if you are expecting Koivu to suddenly rediscover the fountain of youth and score 55-60 points ever again you will be disappointed. He is brought in to take defensive zone faceoffs, to kill penalties and to take critical offensive zone faceoffs when down by a goal late. 35 points, solid defense, great faceoff pct at critical times. That is what he brings and for the money he is damn worth it. Anyone who has listened to Torts rant about nobody who can play center on his team (he has done so for at least two years since Dubinsky went down)has to think that next year Tortorella will turn over a new leaf and stand smiling all happy on the bench at all times. Nah, that part isnt true. He will find something, lol
  20. Not a sexy signing but the Wings just brought in Troy Stecher, a penalty killing defender who can actually move the puck out of his own zone, not sure why Vancouver let both he and Tanev get away, they were their best two defensive d-men last year allowing Hughes to roam free. Stecher solid under the radar signing for two years.
  21. @TropicalFruitGirl26 Yeah i fired up a day two thread before realizing you had been keeping the torch is the misc signings thread from yesterday. I shoulda checked first, because as usual you did a magnificent job of keeping up with things. Here is one for ya, Tyler Johnson tot he Wings? Yzerman loves him and his work ethic, would be a huge upgrade over the ghost of Frans Nielsen at 2C. @JR Ewing LOVE the Barrie signing. Simply a perfect fit. Oilers 29th in goals by defnders and i believe 26th in points from the back end. Just a great add.
  22. Parayko is signed long term with the Blues, i think he has either two or three years left, Pietrangelo is an UFA and the big piece that everyone is wondering what he is doing.
  23. @SpikeDDS Good deal with Greiss as a filler while we continue to take our lumps. Solid unspectacular goalie who never gets his due, will serve as 1A to Berniers 1B in net, wont steal a lot of games but doesnt lose them with his poor play. So Merrill who is meh, Ryan who is Vanek part 2, and a servicable solid goalie in Greiss, and Veleno/Seider signed in Europe for the entire year. It will continue to be ugly but the clouds are parting.
  24. I started a thread a few minutes ago with a lot of the day two signings as the wife/grandkids have been dominating my morning, lol. Thanks for keeping up on this. Smith, as i wrote there is one of those underapreciated players, he is responsible in all three zones, can kill penalties, play second power play minutes, never takes a shift off, and at the end of the year he has 20-24 goals like punching a clock. Really, really like the signing.

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