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  1. To put these offensive songs into perspective...."That's why Darkies Were Born" was a satirical song that was written to make fun of racism. It was also sung by Paul Robeson, an African American actor and civil rights activist. "Pickaninny Heaven" was sung by Kate Smith as part of the move "Hello Everybody" She didn't write the song, simply sang it as part of her character in the movie. In my mind, this is not a question of moving on from an old tradition, but it is a question of ruining the reputation of a person who can't defend herself since she is 6 feet under. If you are going to trash a person who supposedly meant to much to the team, the least they could do is show us that they did a thorough investigation. For more perspective, take a historical figure like Lincoln and drop him into 2019 where none of us know who he is. Imagine he tweets that all black people should be sent back to Africa, which was his attitude during his time. You think he would be loved or run out on a rail? Point being, it is pretty unfair to judge past attitudes by today's "woke" standards. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I think it's important that all information is known before rushing to judgement.
  2. Per the Flyers, Morin will make his debut tonight. Very much looking forward to seeing what he can do, though I know full well that we will only get to see a small sample size. Still, it has been a very long road and I hope he is worth the wait!
  3. Lies....no one on here would EVER give up on a player like that!
  4. I'm happy to say that while I was in attendance at the game with the "Fire Hakstol" chants, I did not participate. I have never been convinced that he has been the problem. I do think he has made his share of mistakes along the way, but I have given him the same amount of patience that I have given to Hexy and I believe we are reaping the rewards.
  5. Good bounce back performance for Lyon. It's really hard to judge him one way or the other on such a small body of work. I imagine we will be seeing more of him with both of our starting goalies hurt, at least until Hexy is able to find a stop gap. For everyone involved, I hope those 1st 2 shaky outings are not indicative of his abilities at the NHL level, because this team is finally humming along towards the playoffs and it would really suck to once again get bounced out or miss altogether due to crappy goal tending!
  6. What's $250K among friends? But really, they definitely needed to go a little higher than what he is worth if they wanted to ensure keeping him before the deadline. You just don't know for sure what other teams would have done and I think he is worth the risk of a small over payment. Hopefully he is the Patrick Sharp that we don't let get away!
  7. Too bad about Mason. To be honest, I was hoping they might bring him back for a couple years. Injuries of course were always an issue with him, but given what was in front of him, I thought he did a very nice job and brought a little bit of stability to a traditionally unstable position for the Flyers.
  8. I guess the same mistakes will continue to be made over and over until one guy pans out and the GM can look like a genius
  9. Do we really think Weal's price tag will go up that high on such a small body of work? Has nothing been learned from Buffalo's spectacular signing of Ville Leino?
  10. Covered up poor Nisky, all while leaving that good old beacon of virtue and clean hockey, Matt Cooke, proudly displayed for all to see!
  11. It's never too early for this stuff when the season ends and your team isn't in the playoffs! Need something to look forward to.
  12. I thought about that too, but both teams were fighting hard for a win. It was one of those pride games, so I don't think the competition itself was going easy on him. However, maybe his mindset was one of no pressure, but when he gets a more permanent call up during a meaningful part of the season, how will he do? I guess we will have to wait and see, but was an encouraging 1st game.
  13. I was very impressed with Hagg. Granted, I missed the 3rd period, so if he did anything to nullify his good play in the 1st 2 periods, please let me know! Considering how deep in the dog house he was a couple of seasons ago, I was sure he would never see action on the Flyers. It sounds like he really took the advice of Hextall and his coaches by cranking up his intensity. He looked poised and confident out there in his 1st NHL action. He wasn't afraid to take shots, hit people or step up in the play. I was very pleased with what I saw from him. Any one else have a different take?
  14. Merciful end to the 2016-2017 50th anniversary season for the Flyers...We Welcome You!
  15. While I fully agree there is plenty to be concerned with on the team, I would say that whoever made this choice made a good one. It's certainly nothing groundbreaking that will magically put this team on the road to the playoffs, but the decision doesn't make anyone look bad within the org. I'm still giving this front office and coaching staff the luxury of my patience. Great teams are not built overnight, as we have painfully learned for many years. This year has been a major disappointment because you expect to see progression rather than backsliding when you are supposedly building a winner, but one year of backslide is not cause to sink the ship and rebuild. Then you start all over again and you are delayed another number of years. We all knew this team was incomplete and far from the finished product. We are starting to peek out from Cap Hell. I'm interested to see how Hexy does when he doesn't have his hands tied by Homer's horrible sins. We have all been waiting for someone to come along to build a team through the draft rather than go for the big FA and trade deadline splashes. I'm waiting to see how things go when Hexy doesn't have any excuses or crutches to lean on. Sorry for going a bit off topic there, as I know that's not exactly what we were talking about.

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