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  1. II thought Lindbloom played a heck of a game, both ends.
  2. Really the only spots open are 3C and 4th line. So Laughton, NAK, Voryubov, Leier, Rubtsov, Weal, Lehterä, Weiss, and Raffl are fighting for those 4 spots. I like Vorobyev and he has played well, but him centering a 3rd line of Lindbloom and Simmonds does not have much speed!
  3. Agree with thread premise, Wayne is going to want what they got. I hate it as he is my favorite Flyer. WHEN to trade is my question! Right now you are getting lesser value because of how he ended last year with injuries. However, if he shows at camp he is healthy and starts the season well, he’s going to have to get get PP time. Taking spot from Patrick - which is ok. However if he and team start well- his value increases - but then you have to trade in season and replace his start. That will certainly be felt in locker room and on ice. I also think return in season means getting a replacement in return; unless NAK or someone else deserves chance. Again IF he and team get off to great start, timing and return is important!
  4. I don’t want Hamilton or anyone else via trade if we have to give up pick. Unless we can also unload dead weight; Weiss, Gudas, Lehtera, Weal, AMac. Otherwise my choice is Carlson via FA. Perfect fit next to Provy.
  5. My thoughts for next year; 1. One of Simmons/Voraceck traded. Best return, which would be for Simmons. You have right now 3 first two line RW’s- Voracek, Knocney, and Simmons. Nice problem to have but need to improve other areas. 2. FA target - Carlson fits nicely on first pair with Provy. 3. Good by Read, Manning, Flip. Try to rid yourself in whatever way possible Lehtera, Gudas, Weiss, Leir. I would put MAC in that group but see know way. 4. In trade w/Voraceck or Simmons, package Sanheim or Haag. Your 3 LHDmen for next year Provy, Haag/Sanheim, Morin. 5. Lindbloom 3rd line. 6. NAK, Vechione and Morin make team next year 7. Pair Morin and Ghost. Still need 2nd line LW ( no not Ralf), 3rd and 4th line center. G, Coots, (Voracek or healthy Simmons) ?, Patrick, Konecny Lindbloom, ?, NAK Rafl, Laughton, Veccione Provy - Carlson Morin- Ghost Hagg/Sanheim- AMac
  6. I like Wilde with Blues pick. RHDman. Noel with their own pick.
  7. Ok see some of your points, but I guess I'm also basing lots on the perception of Ryan in Anaheim. And I admit, I don't know the answer to my own question. Is he perceived as "wanting to get out," based on some comments. If so, bringing in a "playoff proven" guy will sell a lot more tickets this year, and send a message to fans that going after the Kings immediately rather than when and if some kids develop . Secondly, bringing in a Briere type vet fits better to compete immediately with Getzlaf, Perry, Selana, and Kiouvu. Also the D they added all has some wear on it's tires, in Souray and Allen. Yes they have Sbisa and Fowler as the young future but the D moves they made this offseason, say win now. Trading Ryan for younger players maybe smarter for their future window, agreed; but Briere makes more sense in a shorter window. Selanne and Koivu are up after this coming year!
  8. Potential reasons: 1. They have several wingers coming up that are highly rated, and could collectively make up for Ryan. Palmieri, Etem, and Smith-Pelley. 2. They have had a black hole at the second line center position for several years. 3. My " rough" calculations are it's only $1m cap space difference, and they have plenty of room. Even looking ahed to next year when Getzlaf and Perry are do. 4. They spent/traded to upgrade their "D" so far, getting bigger. Still have not changed upfront from last year. 5. they are 45 minutes away from the Stanley Cup champs. They need to grab that So Cal market attention. All these items are potential reasons, I throw out since as I mentioned in my post that the trading of Briere is fodder and simply hypothetical. The major obstacle will be Briere's NMC
  9. Interesting fodder, if we're playing hypothetical why not Briere straight up for Ryan. Anaheim is clamoring for a second line center. We gain a younger scorer and clear more cap space. Then I would sign Doan. Imagine our lines then: Hartnell Giroux. Ryan Voracek. Schenn. Doan Read. Courts. Simmonds Fedetenko. Talbot. Rinaldo, Wellwood, Sestito Three top lines with grit, speed, and D. Our "D" still needs work but those lines are solid

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