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  1. Did you just call Laperriere a "great" player? Put your analyst on danger money, baby!
  2. I StubHubbed at the last minute. But will try to give more advancenotice in future. Always fun to meet people from the boards.
  3. Patrick is looking better and better, which is nice to see. He was noticeable out there.
  4. 205A (eh?) - we we're in row 9 with some folks who apparently have to be two feet closer to the action and leaned forward ALL GAME. Massively annoying. The place is designed for great sight lines if you sit back in your chair... Then we joined HockeyFan in the front row of 213 and all was good. I was in my usual attire of Simmonds jersey (with the Keystone A) and beat up old Flyers hat. Also annoying were the closed concessions... Doesn't really narrow it down, does it?
  5. @TropicalFruitGirl26 "Legacy of futility"? You know this is the name and the colors of a franchise that won the Cup two years AFTER the lightning, right?
  6. Well, I hope this wasn't an important game or anything. Are they starting Mrazek against the Bruins? That's a big game... From section 205, eh? In the first period and then 213 with our lurker HockeyFan with front row second levels seats they looked slow and aside from about five minutes in the second period, outclassed. I got seats at the end where the Flyers shoot twice. You may have noticed they didn't score in that end. Mrazek needs to be tethered to the goal. He generally tries to cut down angles, or something, around the blue line. OK, that's too harsh, but he does get to the edge of the faceoff circles. A lot. Oddly, he finds it hard to recover for the gigantic rebounds he frequently leaves. They need a killer instinct, and I don't see evidence of it. They may be the six seed at this point, but I'm not sure they're in the same league as 1-5... Adding - where the heck did all the Pens fans come from on a snowy Wednesday in March?
  7. @brelic I traded Kucherov to get Mrazek in NAHANA during the 15-16 season, so I'm familiar with him. He was 2.33/.921 Last year he was 3.04/.901 in his 50 games played. For me, the reason you have a backup goalie is to play the second half of B2Bs. It's not so much about having faith in Lyon (wasn't he one of the "promising young goalie prospects" at one point?), it's about not breaking your goalie. Vegas, as you note "in the same position" as the Flyers goaltending-wise, still rolled out Lagace in the B2B against the Kings and are thanking the schedule Gods for just one more B2B on the schedule. The Flyers still have three. I'll bet you rightnow that Fleury doesn't play both ends of that. The Florida game simply wasn't that important (and, for that matter, Mrazek hasn't shown the ability to carry that load effectively for two seasons). Flyers are still six points up with a game in hand on a playoff spot. That's a good place to be at this point of the season. Florida was ten points behind the Flyers and is on the outside looking in (two points out with a couple games in hand on the current wild cards). And what happens if you do break Mrazek? Elliott's still several weeks out, apparently and Neuvirth is... well... Neuvirth... Finally, Hakstol's "logic" is apparently that putting Lyon in against the Panthers wasn't a good idea, but putting him in against da Broons IS a good idea? What's next? Can't start against Carolina, but let's get him in against the Capitals?
  8. I'd actually criticize GG if he hadn't been riding Fleury. Fleury is a horse of a radically different color than Mrazek, no? With Subban dealing with a hand injury, their other option is Lagace (3.80/.872 - compare that to Lyons' 2.88/.903 and his last start was 1.95/.926). Moreover, Mrzaek's numbers are 2.90/.907 - how is that significantly different than Lyon's? And you know the two games Fleury didn't start in that run of 18 in 20? Back to backs. I have no problem starting an experienced starting goalie on a regular basis - Fleury has 60+ starts seven times in his career with 58 as a starter in 15-16. He's also only got 34 games this season. That's what you are looking for. I don't at all understand rolling Mrazek out there against Florida the night after facing 40 shots, giving up 6 goals and losing a shootout... This isn't the first time Hakstol's made some questionable decisions with his goalies.
  9. A goalie's play can be affected by his confidence level. This isn't some great mystery. Mason is an example of a goalie that had a pretty good game when his confidence was high, but when it left him he was done. Foles is an example of a guy who played above his ability because his confidence level was high and fostered by the coaching staff and Carson Wentz. When he was taken out of his comfort zone, he struggled with the Rams and hung on with the Chefs because it was back in his comfort zone with Reid (and he didn't need to start). Mrazek can be a good goalie, but they did go out and add him to the team because it was a hole that needed filling if Elliott has a setback or Neuvirth is Neuvirth. He doesn't have to be a fairytale, but if the team and coaching staff gets behind him he can play. Or he could blow up. Czechs are crazy. Goalies doubly so.
  10. Hextall addressed exactly what needed addressing and he did it fairly cheap. Mrazek is a crazy Czech goalie who can go on hot streaks. And he can be a head case. I traded for him in FHL when he was on his hot streak thinking he could supplant Howard and then the "competition" the nest season screwed with his head. In this situation he has an opportunity much like Mason did (another good example of how much confidence can mean to some players. See, also: Foles, Nick). Got that for two conditional mid-round picks. And he snagged Oduyanow for nothing. A veteran backline defenseman that provides depth in case of injury. With the way the team is going, it didn't - and doesn't - need a shake-up in the top 6. Let these guys come together and play their way where they've always said they belonged.
  11. A reasonable question is what contract does Simmonds "want"? I haven't heard/seen anything specific from him. If they can get him for Hornqvist $$ I think that's reasonable, pending term (no 6-8 year deals). He's my favorite current Flyer, but if the team gets a good deal for him, they should seriously consider it.
  12. Neuvirth's inability to stay healthy has killed him as an effective player. He should be buried in the AHL next season, possibly loaned to the ECHL. It's unfortunate, but true
  13. @jammer2 I'm kinda curious what Howard did in the situation. It's easy to paint this as "soft malcontent Euro" but we don't know the whole situation (and I suspect many/most don't). Howard has history in Detroit that had to be respected. But the Wings didn't do themselves many favors "respecting" history when it came to planning for the future (Pavel "I won my ultimate goal in a Gold Medal" Datsyuk says "hello"). Sometimes you gotta move on. If Mrazek turns into a 2.2X/.92x goaltender for the next 5-6 years the Wings lost out big sticking with Howard. The fanbase and organization may think differently, but the Wings are - as yave has noted - in some trouble.

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