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  1. Like you, I would have replaced Hakstol after last season... I liked Hextall's general approach, but the devil is certainly in the details. FIFY I could comment on the whole nature of how that happened, but....
  2. @King Knut We don't disagree about Hakstol. Or on Hextall's bizarre attachment to him. And, again, even as probably the board's biggest non-Finn Finnophile, i would have gotten rid of him. That said, Hextall was on a five year plan with the backing of the organization. Until he wasn't. We'll be reaping the benefits of Hextall replacing Holmgren for years. Unless Holmgren screws it up.
  3. Yeah, if they wanted Stolarz you need more than that. The fly in the ointment is Stolarz' possible UFA status. But if Edmonton got him, I could see them making sure he got his 16 games in to keep his RFA status. Especially if they give something up for him. Simmonds and Stolarz for Puljujarvi, Talbot, and a 3rd? Spitballing.
  4. I think you're starting to see more guys - Eichel, for example - who don't want to go through the whole Junior process of shipping off to live with a host family in Moose Jaw. Or something. There are more guys coming out of the NCAA - certainly not to the extent of Juniors, but not insignificant. Which raises the level of competition in general. Again, still a long way to go. My two favorite players ever are JLC and MSL. That may have something to do with UVM. OK, those are my two favorite skaters. Parent will likely always be #1 overall. Even the Finnophile I am would have bought out or found some way to ditch Lehterrable. That said, if you told me I had to have Lehterrable on the roster for two years to get Frost and Farabee, I wouldn't have thought twice about Vecchione.
  5. Yeah, I have him in FHL and, well, wish I didn't. Probably won't for much longer. Of course, part of that is the absolute mess on the ice in front of him as well. As, indeed, it was for Stolarz earlier in the season.
  6. He's still sporting a 3.33/.902 for the season (3.58/.901 in the A). Not sure how many other offers he'd get to beat out the Flyers. I still kinda feel like they want a "seasoned vet" as the backup in a "mentor" position for Hart. OR mentioned Talbot in the shoutbox, and he's got an existing rapport with Hart, so that could be an option?
  7. Well, "heartbeat" might have been hyperbolic, let's say if they were the two main pieces. But other things were involved. And, as @vis, added, you were going to re-sign Stone. This is also looking at Sanheim and then Myers as potential 60-point defencemen in the league. There's only so many pucks on the ice and so much power play time. And the Flyers can certainly use some proven, productive top six help. When they finally started using JVR as the first line scoring forward he is, his production went up dramatically. Putting Stone with an actual center? That's something that could work out very well. I'll grant you this is more of a "win now" sort of move - with "now" being defined as the next 2-4 years ("down from 3-5!") and being around the current core minus probabmaybe Simmonds. But it seems that's the mindset in the organizayshun.
  8. I do think he needs to "get his groove back". I think part of the problem is the general disarray of the defense for much of the season. They have a lot of nice parts and Andrew MacDonald but they haven't paired out well, for whatever reason. There have been overtime games this season - yes. But they've been overtime games with a parade of second- and third-rate goaltenders who really shattered the confidence of much of the team. He played 78 games last season. 76 the season before. If that happened, it didn't happen very often. I don't blame a coach for wanting effective defence out of his defencemen, especially in front of subpar goaltending. I think there may be a few giveaways this year that turned into goals that weigh on him even if it really reflected more upon the guy between the pipes - whichever one it was. Something that struck me looking at the top line stats here: [Hidden Content] Is that his TOI is right in line with his career average. His Corsi is pretty much the same as his career average. But his offensive zone starts are down over 5% on his career average. That, along with not anticipating 11% shooting, has most likely had an effect. Ghost strikes me as the guy who - befitting his moniker - can get "lost" in the swirl and then take advantage. But he needs to have the confidence for that - and I'm not at all saying Hakstol wasn't "a" problem. And he needs to have the opportunity for that to take place. Put the overall malaise of the team - something for which Hakstol can be held culpable - on top of that and he's just simply having a bad year. He doesn't appear to have anything physically wrong, so giving up on him would be silly. Getting something we would consider "value" is something else entirely. Because you don't like college players. I'll give you a pass because it's New Hamster. **** those upside down ********. It would be something akin to their Gostisbehere or Konecny. What you're hoping for is to find a not-yet-emerged Teuvo Teravainen or Justin Williams. And maybe a pick here or there. I'd go in on a Simmonds for Puljujarvi trade, for example, but, then, I'm me*. * SUOMI!
  9. I agree with much of your post. I just don't go along with the idea that he was always going to be hitting on 1 out of 10 shots throughout his career. Also how his rookie numbers were inflated by 3 on 3 overtime play. You mentioned competing with McDavid and Panarin for ROY. I would take either of them 11 out of 10 times over Ghost. And no one in their right minds would trade either of them for Ghost straight up. Ghost is a 60 point defenseman with liabilities in his own end. That's what he is. What he's been. And likely what he always will be. He's not at all a Karlsson or a Burns. Not sure he's even a Byfuglien. I would ship him to Ottawa for Stone in a heartbeat. And that has nothing at all to do with Hakstol. It's got all to do with Ghost. And, of course, Sanheim and Myers in the pipeline.
  10. He played more TOI, had a better PPG than his first season, and had a career high in points last year. His power play and even strength production was basically 50/50. What metrics are you using to evaluate?
  11. Ghost did have a career high in points last season with 65 (13/52). Evenly split between the power play and even strength (6/7, 26/26). Also his highest points-per-game (.833). Also his highest time on ice. What he's not, is not shooting 11.2% as he did in his semi-miraculous first season (.71 ppg). And as the #1 skater on the team in average power play time he's not putting up points - nine power play points in 52 games (.17 ppg). After putting up 33 the year before (.42). It's unbelievable to me that he last scored a power play goal a few weeks before Hextall was fired. And he has all of two power play assists since. I get that he's on pace for where he was two years ago, but he followed that year with his best (statistically) yet. Is he a sine wave player with good year/bad year/good year/bad year? I'm betting it's "nyah nyah nyah - we can't hear you". This team was a Hartbeat away from ignominy, and I have to believe that if Carter Hart hadn't come in like a house afire, assets would have already been moved. Also, jettisonning in the dead weight of Weise and Lehterable and handing over the reins to the Next Generation has made the existing core more effective and given them a jolt of energy when it was most needed. Those (Hart, Weise, Letherable) were not IMO moves Hextall would have made.
  12. The question now is "is he earning his $925K" because he doesn't make $11.6m until next season... I'm still not convinced that any player is "worth" $10+M. We'll see...

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