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  1. The crossbar is playing a helluva game for the Flyers tonight.....
  2. @TropicalFruitGirl26 I don’t disagree at all. Just saying I don’t want Hart permanently scared from getting shelled every night because of s**t d-men and lazy forwards. I think because Hart can stand on his head the team plays looser in front of him because they have him in net. Team just plays different when Moose is in net.
  3. Moose has been great in his limited action this year. If the Flyers should win tonight I think he deserves a couple more games. Points are even more important in this shortened season. Let Hart have a couple of games to reset mentality.
  4. Thanks! Battle health issues definitely puts things in perspective. I turned last night off after they went down 3-1. Trying to no longer “sweat the small stuff” lol hope they will right the ship but not confident it will happen. I just don’t want them ruining Hart or running Provorov into the ground playing him 30 minute a night
  5. Mediocre Defense (I’m being generous) Lazy forwards Outshot at least 2-1 every night 60-70% of the game played in their zone coaches who refuse to call timeouts to slow opponents momentum Hart is a great young talent and one of the top goalies in the league but how long can he endure this BS before it scars him. He’s playing his ass off and still giving up 4 goals a game. He melted down last night and it was refreshing to see a Flyer pissed off and passionate and not embracing the suk.
  6. Yeah been battling some health issues so I have been on a long hiatus from this forum. Things are improving so I may pop in and out more frequently. p.s. I still hate Jake
  7. I am still waiting for the Flyers to draft or sign a player that has a selfish, shoot first mentality. I want someone in O&B that will lead the league in shots on goal. I’m sick of everyone trying to be a playmaker. Going to be a long season getting outshot 3-1 every game. #justkeeppassing
  8. Obviously I would love to see son of Sami in Orange & Black. Make it happen Fletch!
  9. Must be something wrong with my server because all I see in this thread is: xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxx
  10. Didn’t watch because I knew what to expect playing the second game in 22 hours with a patched lineup. I see Sbisa scored the obligatory goal required by a former flyer each game...
  11. Forget hockey, I just hope they found it early and the kid has a long happy life. #prayfor23
  12. Made the drive down from Rochester this morning so they better win!
  13. People I haven't blocked on Twitter by Jake Voracek
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