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  1. Or he'd have been far enough behind Gretzky and the play that his numbers drop significantly. Play style matters. The Penguins have proven that as recently as this past year. The team adopted speed and attack... And Malkin's numbers dropped significantly. Some players just don't gel together well.
  2. [Hidden Content] NHL INSIDER Sidney Crosby surprises family with visit Penguins captain personally answers request for signed jersey by Cristina Ledra @cledra / NHL.com Staff Writer 10:43 AM Share Tricia Pottie heard the doorbell ring Friday around noon and figured it was the cable guy who was coming to install a new service. When she peeked through a small window in the door, she couldn't believe her eyes. It was Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby. She panicked, not wanting to open the door because she was in her bathing suit, but she knew she couldn't let him leave. "I opened it a little crack and I said, 'Hi!' And he said, 'Hi! I'm here to sign the jersey,'" Pottie said. Three weeks ago, the Pottie family put a sign on the front lawn of their home in Enfield, Nova Scotia that said, "Sid please sign my jersey." They took it down after a week, but Crosby saw it, remembered the house and dropped by two weeks later. When the Pottie family moved there a couple of years ago, neighbors told them Crosby often traveled on the road in front of their house. His native Cole Harbour is about 30 minutes away. "I said jokingly, 'Well I'm going to put a sign out front,'" Darryl Pottie, Tricia's husband, said. "He wins the [Stanley] Cup and I'm thinking, well now's the right time." Darryl took a piece of plywood from the boards of the family's 30-foot by 80-foot backyard rink and made a sign with their 21-year-old daughter, Madisyn. It stayed up for a week, around the time Crosby brought the Stanley Cup to his hometown, but Darryl needed the plywood to help haul their hot tub out of the garage and into the backyard. "When I took it down I thought, you know, he's probably been busy and I certainly didn't hold anything against him if he didn't see it," Darryl said. "I thought, he's probably just busy and being pulled in a million different directions and he's got so much going on." Two weeks after the sign came down, Crosby was ringing their doorbell. He explained that he saw the sign and got a laugh out of it, but he was on his way out of town. When he returned to the area, he paid them a visit. At the time, only Tricia and Madisyn were home. Darryl and their other daughter, 24-year-old Breanna, were at work. The entire family are huge fans, so they had numerous Crosby jerseys and other items for him to sign. Tricia scrambled to put more clothes on while Madisyn chatted with Crosby about the hockey team for which she played. When they couldn't find a marker for Crosby to use, he went back to his truck and got one. Crosby stayed for about 20 minutes and also spoke to Tricia about her children's mental health program called Strongest Families, which won the highest Ernest C. Manning Award for Canadian innovation in 2013. "I talked a little bit about what I do because I know he's into youths and mental health," Tricia said. "And I just told him, we're so proud of you and my husband is such a big fan." Once Crosby left, Tricia sent her husband an email with the subject line, "An old friend popped in." "There was a picture and I open it up," Darryl said. "Right away I recognize my daughter and I look beside her and it's like, 'That...that's Sidney Crosby! Wait...wait a second. That's in my house! He's in my house!' And I'm screaming at my work and people are looking at me like, 'What are you talking about?'" Darryl still gets choked up remembering the scene of Crosby bringing the Stanley Cup home in 2009 on his 22nd birthday and the enormous crowd singing "Happy Birthday." He didn't make it to Crosby's celebration this time, but safe to say, this was a special consolation. "He's the best hockey player in the world, an amazing guy, such an ambassador of the sport, an international superstar, and he takes the time just to drive into a guy's driveway and sign his jersey," Darryl said. "Just amazing."
  3. His BS excuse making is sickening. You don't extend your arms after hitting a guy you "didn't see until the last second" or try to hit. I get it that his head may not have been fog free, but there's a certain level of malice there.
  4. Funny... Players are human too. Good read.
  5. For the record, Crosby is the one that stopped at Tim Hortons with it . Lol
  6. Were they a dynasty? I dunno. Suppose that could be argued both ways. But it seems the cap has caught up with them.
  7. Knock ole Phil all you want... He deserves credit for this... [Hidden Content]
  8. @aziz @mojo1917 @ruxpin Losing Lovejoy will improve our defense. Rust and Sheary will continue to do well because it's a fast system, they're young Nd want NHL jobs, and nobody is going to key on them when Malkin and Crosby are with them. See to me that's key. They're mediocre talents but with the speed to play the system. They create space for the star talent by overwhelming defensemen with that one facet they have. And both have shown a bit of a touch with the puck. I I don't think the Pens deserve to be ranked very highly because of the Cup. It's a factor to weigh in that they beat the best of the west, but ultimately, my reasoning is they were the best team in hockey by a landslide the entire second half of the season. They were in 12th place half way through the season. They were the best team in hockey for six months.
  9. I'm thinking somebody forgot their run after the all star game (best record second half of the season), and ignored them dismantling every team they faced in the playoffs unless the opposing goalie played an amazing game while their own completely failed. Their depth got them through to the end with great secondary scoring and stellar defense. Two number one goalies strikes you as a lack of depth. Usually you're more more objective thinking.
  10. ok but wait a minute. Shero had the same four corner pieces and tried year in year out to find the right guys to finish the puzzle. You guys pounded him repeatedly for not getting it done, losing often in the first or second rounds. You can't sit here and say "oh Rutherford had it easy" so shortly after saying they sucked and couldn't get it done. I'm sorry but you can't have both sides of the coin there. As for Rutherford's drafting... We all know drafting is more about scouts than the GM. And Carolina was in the higher end of draft choices more often than not. I I do agree about the free agent market though. Nobody that's not named Staal wants to go there. And with Eric gone now I wonder if Jordan wishes he were elsewhere too?
  11. Im a fan who despised the hiring of Jim Rutherford. But after the past year I have to ask... What the hell was wrong in Carolina??
  12. I agree nobody was paying 4... But if Ben Lovejoy can get 2.67....
  13. Maybe he didn't get much interest from other teams? And winning a Cup probably makes you willing to accept a little less to try again.
  14. One year at $1.4 mill... I'm very happy with this. [Hidden Content]
  15. I spoke to him not long ago and he said he was staying in Pittsburgh to work, so I assume that means within the organization and not necessarily in a scouting role.
  16. Thanks brother. Our region is pretty pro-police. But I've gotta be honest, with the persecution these days I'm looking forward to retirement in a few years.
  17. Just remember.. in many of those videos she turned out to be correct LOL
  18. Reasons why Sarah Palin is dumb by Sarsippius
  19. What hockey forums critics know of Palin's Governance - by Ruxpin (sorry buddy I had to! I'm trying to avoid political debates but you guys make it difficult!)
  20. In case any of the Pens fans here haven't seen this one yet...
  21. At $2.67 mill per I think Shero overpaid.
  22. "List of Alaskan governor's more successful than Sarah Palin" by.... Uhh... All those criticizing her
  23. My sentence for violating federal laws by Hillary Clinton

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