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  1. Yeah Moosehead's fans have been pretty lucky over the years getting to see some NHL quality players. I am still wearing my Moosehead's Voracek jersey to the games. I hope the OHL gets up and running but not with no hitting rule. I personally think that is ridiculous.
  2. Another 4 goal game for Elliott Desnoyers tonight for my hometown Mooseheads vs Charlottetown Islanders. Moose win 5-4. Desnoyers scores winner with 35 seconds left. He now has 10 goals on the season. That is two 4 goal games this season. Happy the Flyers drafted him.
  3. York is a solid prospect, but how, at that stage of the draft, do you pass on a guy who scored 72 goals? I don't care if he is as tall as Peter Dinklage. Some great offensive players available at that point. We have defensemen now that we don't know what to do with.
  4. Well I was really psyched to watch the draft Friday and Saturday. Should I make other plans?? Are we going to have any picks worth getting excited about.
  5. I would be very happy to get Drouin but they would have to include a pick if they want Ghost.
  6. I was very unhappy with the Simmonds trade and posted that. I was more generalizing that Chip Kelly ruined the Eagles(for a short time) and I think Fletcher is going to do the same to the Flyers.
  7. Let's make the playoffs so we can get dismantled by TB in the first round. I hope we lose every game the rest of the way.
  8. Hartman?? We now have like 6 guys that should play on the 4th line. I am tired of all the average players we have on this team.
  9. what a f***n joke of a trade....everyone is getting a 1st rounder for a bunch of scrubs and we get a 4th yipeee!! Great job sh** for brains Fletcher.
  10. I am really going to miss Simmonds. Heart and Soul guy...doesn't take any sh**
  11. Winnipeg just acquired Hayes from the Rangers...I doubt they are interested in Simmonds now. Gave up an 2019 1st rounder and a player and conditional pick.
  12. You guys are seriously upset they traded Stolarz?? Why? This was done strictly for Hart. He considers Talbot a mentor. Hart is their baby now and the team revolves around him.

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