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  1. I think the Flyers will move up and take D Noah Dobson Bathurst. Right shot defenseman. They watched him a lot this year while watching his teammate Rubtsov. Sean Couturier owns part of Bathurst and Couturier's Father is GM.
  2. No I wouldn't do Simmonds either...just being a little facetious. I didn't think Zadina's skating was that bad...but what do I know. I would be very excited to draft him but he will be gone by #14.
  3. After watching Zadina live and in-person all year I also would send both our 1st's and throw in Simmonds. Zadina is a pure goal scorer. He would be fun to watch in Philadelphia.
  4. Don't think this will keep Patrick out for any length of time but does this guy have bad luck or what? [Hidden Content]
  5. Vegas trades Methot to Dallas. [Hidden Content]
  6. No, Hextall said the personal meeting he had with Nolan was to talk about his health issues. Or that is what Hextall is saying.
  7. Ridiculous statement saying Hischier might be a hotdog. Obviously you haven't heard him talk or heard his back story or watched any of the hilights of him. I am happy with Nolan Patrick I just hope he is not a bubble boy.
  8. Yeah who would have known the Flyers would be in the position to draft one of my favorite hometown guys. Though it will be a bit disappointing if I have to watch Hischier on New Jersey. Did get to see Voracek and Jody Shelley on the Flyers. Just need to make that trade for MacKinnon, Drouin, Ehlers and Meier.
  9. Not sure if this has been posted, I didn't go back through the thread. Interesting article. Tell me after listening to what Halifax GM Cam Russell says about Nico Hischier that you don't want him on the Flyers. Also clarifies that Nico is not on loan to Halifax, so its the Flyers or Halifax for him, no AHL. Hope NJ doesn't read this article. [Hidden Content]
  10. I talked to someone in the know and they just told me that Nico Hischier is NOT ON LOAN FROM SC BERN AND IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THE AHL next season. This might not be big news for Flyers fan's but for Moosehead's fans it is. This tweet is from a member of the Halifax Moosehead's Organization.
  11. There was discussion among Moosehead's fans if Hischier was loaned to the Moosehead's or just released by SC Bern, so I am guessing Metzler knows the difference. So it doesn't look like Hischier would come back to Junior either way.
  12. It is kind of interesting because there has been discussion on the Mooseheads message board discussing if they think Hischier will be back for the Moosehead's next season. The discussion was dependent on what team picks him. Some fans now are happy because they feel that if he more than likely goes to the Flyers he will be back next year. Don't think their is any science to it but I did feel myself that he has to get stronger to make the NHL. He probably is elusive enough that he won't have his head taken off in the NHL but I think one more year with the Mooseheads would probably serve him well. He did play with SC Bern in the Men's league for a short time before he came to the Mooseheads. I don't mind waiting for one year for him to make the Flyers.
  13. I was trying to figure that out myself...I didn't recognize the guy.

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