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  1. Does he remind you Carter ? But remember - "Carter shots - wide and high" I think it's same reason Haynes has only 50 points .
  2. I'm still wonder how is 55 - 60 point guy got 7 mil per year ! OV makes 9.5 per year ! But OV scores 50 + goals every year!. NHL goes nuts with salary. They should not do a cap space but other way around , grading per point match to salary. That will eliminate potentially future bad contracts. When guy got waived and everyone end up with loss. So next in line for contract Nolan Patrick and Travis Konecny they got 72 and 82 points respective, so they will get 9 mil !? they will make same as OV? WOW .
  3. I wonder if Flyers will move Giorux for cap space and get young prospect ?
  4. Its lot nowhere Wow I didn't know.
  5. I have not seen Flyers team worst than this team. They are really bad. I told many time send away Giroux, he is useless pr.... He does not make anyone better, just good player. But he is not Flyer, all this to be Flyer left in 2010???
  6. Willson is diver . What is piece of **** . Penalty for nothing
  7. I'm saying just as I watched highlight and his shot is really good while he was with Chicago. Last time I have seen same accure shot it was Briere. Yes he doesn't have skills as Briere but most goals are not lucky shots
  8. Did u read my post completely or just as usually choose a parts you wanted. I said his goal, his shooting accuracy is amazing.
  9. I don't know if Simm or any other player better each other, its only one thing, Flyers has at least 4 same type players like Simm, Nolan, JVR and Courter , so one of them has to go. I'm ok with Simm to go, as he is 3.5 mil already plus UFA and Flyers has 3.5 mil cap with Provorov to sign and many other players like even Raffl. Hartman's goals highlight are looking like Danny Briere!. Yes I'm not smoking anything his scores for Chicago is looked like Danny Briere once again on ice. I'm not sure what is happened with him Nashville. Well Preds has never known for really high scoring team, plus this year they have lots good young players. I think it didn't work out for him in Preds something
  10. I guess Flyers has a very little room for cap space (3 mil) and bunch needs to sign. So it's someone got to go. And Simm is UFA so he will trade or will lose during off season. Flyers will not get much for me. Maybe 2nd round even so doubt about. Who is really needs to go is Andrew MacDonald. Remember Provorov is RFA. Flyers are either sign him or he gets what he wants thru arbitration. Beside McDonald I have a big problem with Jakub Voracek. Big money but not really good production.He has tendency over hold puck. He is big guy but very rare using his size to drive a net.
  11. So guy has talent but don't fit into Flyers. But he is not talent enough to make other player better. Like Crosby or Ovechkin and many other
  12. Let me give you a good example - John Tavares . He is as good Giroux but NY were really bad, all depended how he did play. 2004–05 Toronto Marlboros GTHL 72 91 67 158 — — — — — — 2004–05 Milton Icehawks OPJHL 20 13 15 28 10 — — — — — 2005–06 Oshawa Generals OHL 65 45 32 77 72 — — — — — 2006–07 Oshawa Generals OHL 67 72 62 134 60 9 7 12 19 6 2007–08 Oshawa Generals OHL 59 40 78 118 69 15 3 13 16 20 2008–09 Oshawa Generals OHL 32 26 28 54 32 — — — — — 2008–09 London Knights OHL 24 32 18 50 22 14 10 11 21 8 2009–10 New York Islanders NHL 82 24 30 54 22 — — — — — 2010–11 New York Islanders NHL 79 29 38 67 53 — — — — — 2011–12 New York Islanders NHL 82 31 50 81 26 — — — — — 2012–13 SC Bern NLA 28 17 25 42 28 — — — — — 2012–13 New York Islanders NHL 48 28 19 47 18 6 3 2 5 4 2013–14 New York Islanders NHL 59 24 42 66 40 — — — — — 2014–15 New York Islanders NHL 82 38 48 86 46 7 2 4 6 2 2015–16 New York Islanders NHL 78 33 37 70 38 11 6 5 11 6 2016–17 New York Islanders NHL 77 28 38 66 38 — — — — — 2017–18 New York Islanders NHL 82 37 47 84 26 — — — — — NHL totals 669 272 349 621 307 24 11 11 22 12
  13. G is soft and bad in defense , and he bad influence on team. As he is stop playing when things don't go well, so team react same way . He is just terrible captain. As its impossible to take his captain level it easy to trade for 1 pick and prospect . lets done with it's over for him in flyers uniform
  14. yes defense is terrible . all team is just looked like not team just players from beer league . But Giroux is biggest factor in that situation . All hated Mike Richards was good captain he would take game as captain should it.
  15. It's really whole team is bad and worst ever I have seen my life in defense. Vorcek, Simm should go too. Couts should be evaluated. JVR is useless guy as he was before in flyers.
  16. Many years in row I was saying Giroux is soft and send him out. I was only one who has this opinion. All you guys are making fun of me . I have even replaced my avatar Giroux sucks . The guy is worst captain in flyers history. F him . I hope it's last year as Flyer !!!
  17. I agreed he needs to go. He did mistake yesterday he thought puck deep in offence and he changed players, when it was not Flyers puck !. he lost a game with his bad players changes. It's not happening for first time. it was 20 sec to go only . And of course he can't win in overtime ever !
  18. Just saw on my mobile device . WOW. I think as always Flyers has no patient to wait for something better. Problem is not him problem is defense not playing well all games, all goalies are really bad !. that is his fault 100 % .
  19. well today Giroux is typical Giroux at begging of the season. Avg player with looks like forgot how play hockey
  20. You are giys have to ask a question, who would you like instead him for same money, well of course about same price tag player? Also who is available? I don't think you can much see around a league would be a good fit. Plus he showed ability to lead a team, as Leafs player, even before Matthews. I think it's upgrade for our offense.
  21. I hope Flyers dump Elliot forerver. He is bad he had good moments and he is lazy goalie. F this guy . Why is Flyers got him? Jeez! STBlues: A 23–8–6 record during the 2015–16 NHL season earned Elliott the starting role for the Blues for the 2016 Stanley Cup playoffs. He led the Blues to a first round victory over the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks. He made 31 saves in the deciding Game 7 victory on April 25. Elliott and the Blues would then move on to face the Dallas Stars, who had been the Western Conference's number one overall team. Again, the Blues prevailed in seven games. Elliott's only faltering occurred in Game 6 of the series, when he was pulled in favour of Jake Allen after allowing three goals on seven shots. He would rebound the next game, making 31 saves in a decisive 6–1 victory that propelled St. Louis to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2001.[11] Flames: During the 2016 NHL Entry Draft, Elliott was traded by the Blues to the Calgary Flames in exchange for a 2016 second-round pick (Jordan Kyrou) and a 2018 conditional third-round pick on June 24, 2016. On October 24, 2016, he won his first game as a Flame against Chicago in a shootout.[12] However, he struggled with the team early, prompting them to switch to Chad Johnson as the team's regular starter. Elliott regained the starting job after starting the season off 3–9–1 with a 3.31 GAA and a save percentage of .885. On June 17, 2017, GM Brad Treliving informed Brian Elliott that he will not be returning to the team for the 2017–18 season
  22. Comes back to Giroux and his team. Again captain was Sucked this game a big time. I can understand goalies are bad, but you have score, if none can;t score it's Captain should or he sucks.
  23. I like Flyers as they played at end of the season, but Pens with added Brassard I think it's long shot for Flyers, since goaltenders are really bad, yes they are all bad. Two years at least for Flyers and good goalie. Also it can see Flyers possibility if Our Defense will stand on Head to protect goalie. Flyers has better defense it's for sure. Provorov is better defenseman than Lentag today. Pens in 6.
  24. As Title said. Just go there and scroll thru the headlines all teams have some highlight but not FLYERS !!! [Hidden Content]
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