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  1. This is what I was trying to tell you a few months ago. I feel like we always get excited about these young players and they don't usually work out. Not that I'm giving up on any of them yet, but most of them didn't even make the team. As for Patrick specifically, I'm not impressed either. The way everyone was talking about how this was a two-person draft – and the two people worthy of being top picks are going to come right in and be impact players.
  2. F-cking ridiculous. There's no excuse to not even give him a shot.
  3. I love that in back to back posts one guy tells me that the coach isn't an idiot and one guy tells me that he is. I'm not normally a fan of that many of your lineup being so inexperienced, but playing those two idiots over Morin is just insane. At least give him a game or two before sending them down.
  4. Playing Manning and MacDonald over him makes me think otherwise. If he's ready, you make room for him. This team is not overflowing with proven young players, so it shouldn't be this hard to fit in one guy. Again, that is if he's ready.
  5. I don't think there being cautious. I think they don't have a lot of faith in him. I don't do preseason sports, but everything I have read indicates he had a good camp. He should have made this team.
  6. See, I think you're the one with tears in their eyes. Your carrying this six-year grudge against anyone who dared to *gasps* simply point out the truth and the second you get the opportunity to say you were right you make sure you do. I mean, come on. Five games? Really?
  7. The tone of Martinez's tweet puzzles and worries me: What does he mean he's not sure what's next for him? That is something you say when the future is uncertain and how the hell is the future uncertain for a kid with one game of NHL experience?
  8. He should be, but I don't know he will be. The organ-I-zation seems to not think all that highly of him.
  9. Wow, that is f-cking low. Christ, I hate people
  10. Why do people post crap like this? In six seasons – not one, or two, or three, but SIX – his career-high was 39 points. And now because he has six points in five, count em five, games, you think you think you can buff out your chest and brag about some prediction you made seven years ago… That still hasn’t come true?! Jake scored 81 points three years ago, will likely never score that much again, and there is still a portion of the fan base wants him gone; because apparently anyone over 25 is useless in today’s game. SIT DOWN, buddy. Couturier could score….. I dunno, 96 points this season and
  11. It's game 4, bro. And you just got done telling me that two thirds of that line is not playing well.
  12. He thinks Couturier is a number one center, so I'm gonna go with no.
  13. It's 2017, you're not allowed to yell at the players anymore.
  14. I read something on Twitter that it is believed that his contract plays a role in that.
  15. Thank the hockey gods that West Coast trip is over. Whatever ass hole at league headquarters decided that an Eastern conference team should open up the season on a three-gam West Coast road trip deserves to get punched and throat. I watched the ffirst period, but that was it.
  16. It's not even about food, the little ass holes just want me to get up. They walk all over me, head butt me, poke, etc.
  17. I can't stay up that late anymore. I'll probably watch the first. On Saturday, but won't make it long past that.
  18. I thought that I liked him, but I honestly can't remember. I don't remember him being here just one season and thought that he was a fan favorite. Now I just think I have a confused with someone else.
  19. I have three cats who do the same. The dog, however, let's us sleep in.
  20. Did anyone actually watch it? I didn’t see a second of it. 10:50 start time, what a f-ckng disgrace by the league. I'm too old for that sh-t.
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