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  1. I remember Coffey doing the same thing when he played for the Wings!!
  2. Aves already letting players leave like Saad because of a cap crunch and they will trade Burakowsky, who makes 3.5 mill and is 6 years younger than JVR?? Fiala is 7 years younger coming into his prime and trending up, why would the Wild do this? Forsberg is a legit top line player with no center in Nashville, or he would be an outright star. The crappy rebuilding Ducks are going to take one of their only worthwhile veteran assets and trade him for a more expensive 32 year old JVR?? If your gonna try and make spaghetti stick to the wall...try boiling it first!! WTF, what a
  3. I think Errson steals the top job on the Phantoms.
  4. I know, very subjective stuff here, but the folks at at dropyourgloves.com rank Behn as having the highest winning of any NHL fighter....ever. Very impressive, I must say. Both my all time favourite Flyer goons finish in the top 5. Behn at the top of the hill and the immortal Dave Brown coming in at #4. Dave was the best left handed fighter ever in my estimation.....but he could knock you out with either hand, but that left was just extra deadly. I bet former players faces are aching with arthritis as I type this....lol. Dave had more than double the fights Behn did, so his winning percentage
  5. Not sure if this offer is official, or just a rumor, but apparently it's Marcus Johnsson and Michael Neuvirth for Roberto Luongo and Mason Raymond. This would be a pretty big deal if it went down, the secondary players are pretty decent. I guess the ball is in Vancouver's court, but can't see them getting much more back for Roberto....we shall see huh guys? http://www.insiderrumors.com/2013/vancouver-canucks/capitals-offer-on-the-table-for-luongo/
  6. NHL is looking into this one. Drew Doughty scored the winning goal with one second left, but time *should* have expired. Apparently the clock *froze* for a second, which gave Drew just enough time to pot the winner. Perhaps a misguided fan working the clock, perhaps the Kings knew nothing about it. Nonetheless, time the NHL looked into just who is working the clock and how they can be made accountable for their actions. This should be interesting....but regardless, the result cannot be over-turned. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=386722
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