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  1. Exactly, this playoff is decidedly tougher than any other. The round robin was 3 games against top teams...extra chances for injury. Ditto for qualifiers advancing, extra series never played before. Chippy ice due to 5 games a day being played on the same surface. No real home ice advantage, fan wise. Risk of covid, even in the bubble. None of this deserves an asterisk...much tougher to win. The battle of attrition known as the Stanley Cup Playoffs is considerably harder.
  2. I'm in the same boat. We have a lot of really cool, dedicated, long suffering Wild fans on this site...as good a reason as any to hope the Wild catch a break. Plus, the region has long supported hockey without fail. From a Flyer perspective...get the kid in the other conference!
  3. Didnt see a thread on this, apologies if there is one started. 3 questions: 1) Which of the 8 possible teams needs Alexis the most? 2) Which 2 teams would make you vomit if they won the right to pick 1st? 3) Which team does your gut say will draft 1st? 1)Minnesota. They need young star power in the worst possible way. Suter and Praise are + 35 and getting worse each season. Landing a talented winger like Alexis could attract a legit star center through free agency. This team has never had a super star center (apologies to the Koivu contingent...lol). 2) Pittsburgh and New York. Toronto would also sicken me to the core...but NO WAY do I want a division rival to snag this kid!! 3) My gut says Florida...we shall see.
  4. How to build a gritty playoff winner: Every Toronto GM since 1968.
  5. My 2nd round adventures: Toronto Maple Leafs.
  6. So....if we beat Tampa tonight, its 100% locked into a 7 game series with the Habs. If we lose to Tampa we play the winner of Toronto and Columbus....correct?
  7. I get letting Farabee get the shot on the top line. But, I'm with you. Would have loved to see NAK inserted there. I can just picture him having some huge 2 or 3 goal game and never looking back. He needs just a bit more confidence and he can become a legit secondary point producer. He has all the intangibles, tenacity..solid shot...nice hockey sense. He just has to put it all together. A LOT of guys playing pure old school Flyer hockey...NAK, Cooter, Konency, Laughton, Grioux (some of the time...lol). Even Grant and Thompson make thos team much tougher to play against. That is a **** of a lot of forwards playing inspired hockey. This group is gonna punish an opposing defense in a 7 game series!!
  8. Bunnaman looked a bit nervous at times. The more he plays, the better he will get. He actually has nice hands down low.
  9. I'm great...thanks for asking. Just glad to have hockey back!! Big test coming against TB...a nice measuring stick. The way to early match up thought...but we beat TB and the Habs hold on against the Pens we have a french date @therewillbeblood.
  10. Nice puck support again today. Sanhiem and Myers are evolving into one of the better 2nd pairings in the league. Nice game by NAK. Bunnaman was respectable position wise, and better suited for a bottom six role than JVR. Wise to get Elliott some work, we might need him at some point and having him come in Stone cold is not wise...plus has good numbers vs Caps.
  11. Very wise choices in the bottom six. Not even talking about the goals from the 4th line. All about defense first, work ethic, and experience...which encourages puck possession. Was thrilled to see guys like Pitlick, Thompson and Grant in the line up. Flyers seem to play better when Laughton is moved up the line up. With Cooter and Hayes on the top 2 lines, we should have initial possession 60% of the time. When the bottom 6 does their puck possession thing, this is a formidable team.
  12. If not Coots, Hayes would be a nice secondary pick for C.
  13. That would be a nice addition...dont sleep on Rossi though.
  14. On the surface, it looked foolish. Would love to see hockey, but not at the expense of a player dying. I agree, call it a day. Maybe if the numbers decreased...but the numbers coming out of half the States are truly alarming.
  15. No official comment from the Leafs yet. Of course his health is the important thing here, but you can bet the Leafs and their fans are wondering about recovery time with training camp scheduled for July 10.
  16. With no fans, home ice advantage basically comes down to familiarity with the ice surface...ie quirky tendencies in regards to pucks coming off the boards differently in certain spots...that kinda thing.
  17. The NHL has already said, if a city is a hub location, the home team cant play their games at home. They would have to travel...unfair advantage I guess?
  18. Strictly from a Flyers perspective, finishing 4th in the conference and playing a round Robin to potentially get 1st seed? Nice...but to what end? We had the best home record by far and now play no home games? Advantage...rest of the East. We lose the most by having no home games. Overall though, at least the team, which was arguably playing their best hockey of a decade plus, get a chance to see what they can do. Very important for Hart to be playing games when it counts. He needs that to develop...ditto for all the youngsters.
  19. I think they should have let each league decide what to do. Personally, I was roster experimenting, knowing I had a playoff spot already. Was also carrying guys who had favourable playoff games played at the expense of better pt producers. Oh well...congrats!
  20. Wow. Insane. Dethroned without losing a playoff match up. Wow.
  21. Dont mean this to sound stand offish...but until somebody actually beats me...I'm the champ.
  22. Flyers seem to fire on all cylinders when Laughts is centering the 3rd line. Hopefully that does not change if and when Patrick comes back. Where do you put Patrick eventually. Top 2 C positions spoken for...and Patrick's first round status basically rules out a long term 4C designation...I'm pretty adamant about Laughts staying in the top 9 though...and FCs post punctuates this line of thinking.
  23. New main attraction at the Flyers Wives Carnival...which brother has more drool in the bucket...Eric or Brett??
  24. Is he good in his own end...can he blanket the opposition?

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