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Status Updates posted by jammer2

  1.  We know you are doing your best. The appearance is totally secondary to interacting with the great hockey minds that fill this place....


    1. hf101


      Thanks jammer.  It's been a tough weekend.  Hopefully, more will look and work like normal tomorrow evening.  :)


    2. jammer2


       I'm sure I speak for more than myself when I say, I'm more concerned with you being to hard on yourself.......it's really no biggie. We all owe you for setting up the format that allows us to interact with some awesome people. That is the biggie...not the appearance!!  It's just a slight shuffle in a lifelong card game....LOL

  2. hey rad....not sure if you saw this or not in one of our NAHANA threads....

     Sorry I did not post the last little while, had maybe the worst cold of my life the last 3-4 days.


     My work schedule in drafting context....


    I work 6am to 6pm until Oct 3rd, then I switch to nights which is 6pm to 6am.


    Days I don't work for day shift, Sept 21st, 22nd, 26th, 27th, 30th Oct 1st, Oct2nd plus, any of these days I can do a draft on any days, off or on work, as long as it starts at 7pm or later.


    Night shift starts on Monday Oct 3rd....


    Days off on night shift,

    Wends Oct 5th and Thurs Oct 6th....can't draft on any of the days I work on night shift due to the  6pm start time.


    after the season starts is my easy week, where I have lots of days off Oct 10th, 11th, 14th, 15th 16th, but obviously to late to help.


    also...going to wait until after the world cup is over to post keepers, never know when a wicked injury can happen in this hard hitting tourny ...the latest it can end is Oct 1st, assuming the final goes the full 3 games

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  3. Hey rux....what's up?   How is your daughter doing?  Hope all is well. Getting crushed by OT....which is ok for money....but not much of a life....off until Monday night now though....WOOWOOOHHHHOO!!!


    Not sure if you are interested, but this is the link to my tv watching thingy....I'm not sure if it costs anything, or if it's a free download...but it is a very reputable site. We run a pirated version...just pay 50 bucks up front...been running for 1.5 years on that 50 bucks....basically, it's every show....ever....and every movie...ever....steaming from your laptop to tv....just passing it along in case your interested....it is very cool....free sports also.




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