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  1. I don't see anyone making an offer. The risk is enormous considering the return. Maybe there's a return several years from now when he can get the issue under control through medication, or maybe it never gets under control. I think we're stuck.
  2. Just the eternal pessimistic Flyers fan!
  3. The only problem with this is that Patrick won't last 20-30 games. That's inflated by a factor of 10. He'll have 2-3 games, uninjured, and then it'll be wheels off and we're right back where we started......
  4. Last line of the article is the best -- “They don’t have a choice,” Vigneault said. “That’s just the way it is.” Good for him. Take charge, establish your authority, and do what you need to do to win. Somebody needs to get a firm grip on these guys and light a fire. It's been a somewhat lackadaisical preseason so far.
  5. Thanks. That is tight. But at least all the major pieces seem to be locked in.
  6. With Provorov and Konecny now both signed, how much is left to work with under the cap? I haven't been keeping track......
  7. It's just an impression, but his penalties seem to come at the most inopportune times. But, you're right, his trend is down over the last few seasons with the Flyers. Total of 579 over his career. With the Flyers: 116, 93, 83, 63 PIM over the last four seasons. For comparison purposes, Orpik has 972, then Seabrook and Burns at 653 and 651, then a bunch of current players in the low 600's, then Gudas. You raise a good point on suspensions. Penalty minutes are one thing, but when you have to sit out an entire game, multiple games, because of a suspension, how many minutes off the ice has that added up to???
  8. It may help more if the Flyers spend less time on the penalty kill courtesy of Gudas.....
  9. I agree with that. It doesn't mean we should turn a blind eye. And that was my point. If we turn our eye on Kate, then we have to carefully and honestly examine everything, everyone else up and down the line and across all mediums, who may have ever done, said, sang, painted, written, you name it something similar. If we have a standard, we have to apply it equally to everyone and everything. Heck, even Abe Lincoln should be called into question - he gave speech in 1862 to a delegation of black ministers at the White House where he stated that he recognized slavery as a source of the Civil War and that slavery, by its very presence on this continent, had instilled violence. Lincoln proposed that the way to get around that violence was that the slaves needed to leave the country and that, in doing so, they would find a peaceful existence abroad, enabling whites to find a peaceful existence in the US. What are we supposed to do with that? It was before the Emancipation Proclamation, so his thinking may have evolved, but still, it's appropriate to question his motives.
  10. And I bet that, given the time period during which Kate sang these songs, she and very few other people would have believed her decision to sing those songs was a poor one. They just didn't think that way - the way we do now. It's all relative. Like my Great Aunt who hated the Japanese for her entire life - and she lived to be 94 - well into the 1980's, because "they" killed her brother at Pearl Harbor in a sneak attack, no less. It was always interesting how the type of attack bothered her as much as the result of the attack.
  11. I don't think they have statues of either. Just pointing out similarities for consistency's sake.
  12. Exactly. When not put into context of that time, it may seem, to those in this day and age, absolutely horrifying. And we know what happens when people who are absolutely horrified by something react. So, if we are going to judge by our standard today, we should at least be consistent and remove all trace of Bing Crosby, his songs and movies. Anyone ever watch the Christmas movie "Holiday Inn"? Remember the song "Abraham" and the routine done in blackface? Fred Astaire was part of that too. Ban him. Johnny Cash covered "Pick a Bale of Cotton." Ban him. The song "Ol' Man River"? Racist. Ban it and anyone who has ever sung it. Pretty much every American folk song we sang as kids is racist. "Oh! Susanna", "Camptown Races", Jimmy Crack Corn", "I've Been working on the Railroad." Ban them all. And while we're going down this path - what about the MeToo movement? "The Lady is a Tramp"? Sexist. Ban Frank and anyone who ever sang it. These are just a small few of the more obvious and we've barely even scratched the surface but we're on a roll!! The only question is, where do we stop?
  13. Anything involving a shoot-out to determine the outcome of anything would doom the Flyers to relative obscurity forever!!!
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