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  1. Tough break, indeed. Just seems to be our luck. Right when they were clicking. Good news, though, for those with injuries. They'll have some time to heal.
  2. So both these guys, Grant and Thompson, are great penalty killers. Does this mean the Flyers are planning on taking more penalties as the season winds down? What don't we know????? Hmmmm.........
  3. That is good news and I'm glad he's skating. I'd love for him to get through this. But, and there's always one of those, I wonder how his head is going to feel the first time he gets hit or knocked into the boards multiple times throughout the course of a game. It's the contact I'm worried about - even if he is cleared for it.
  4. As an eternal optimist, I'd like to note that at least whatever may have happened, it didn't involve a Porsche........
  5. AV doesn't have that deer-in-the-headlights look that Haskol always seemed to have standing behind the bench.
  6. I'd love to see this. Put the conspiracy rumors to bed. Call out the League on its biased inconsistency.
  7. The League clearly still has a bias against the Flyers. There is no consistency or fairness. There is no equal application of or treatment under the law. Just look at TK. Hey Bettman, Flyers Lives Matter!!
  8. Is Ghost performing at a level that will get a good return? I'm afraid we may be selling low there. Other teams may see his potential. Maybe he just needs a change of scenery. Guaranteed he'll take off and play lights out, though, for whatever team he's traded to. That's the Flyer way!! I'd shop Giroux. He's underperforming this season too. Definitely off his pace. But we might be able to get something decent in return.....before it's too late. If it isn't already.
  9. I think Buffalo Rick also made the transition to this site......
  10. I don't see anyone making an offer. The risk is enormous considering the return. Maybe there's a return several years from now when he can get the issue under control through medication, or maybe it never gets under control. I think we're stuck.
  11. The only problem with this is that Patrick won't last 20-30 games. That's inflated by a factor of 10. He'll have 2-3 games, uninjured, and then it'll be wheels off and we're right back where we started......
  12. Last line of the article is the best -- “They don’t have a choice,” Vigneault said. “That’s just the way it is.” Good for him. Take charge, establish your authority, and do what you need to do to win. Somebody needs to get a firm grip on these guys and light a fire. It's been a somewhat lackadaisical preseason so far.
  13. Thanks. That is tight. But at least all the major pieces seem to be locked in.
  14. With Provorov and Konecny now both signed, how much is left to work with under the cap? I haven't been keeping track......

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