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  1. I agree. Move the others first. If you don't want to keep him for his production, and it's been pretty solid this year, I'd keep Giroux for no other reason than that at some point these young players will need someone with experience to look towards, who could be a mentor to them, guide them help them learn the game in some way. The young guys are going to need that voice and guidance and it'd be better to keep him than it would be to bring in the outside "veteran." Keep Giroux, but take the pressure off him in the next couple of years to be "the guy." Pass the "C" along at that point when it feels less forced, mutually agreed to, after the organization has sorted out what it's going to do, what it's plan is. I don't think he needs to be captain for life. He'll still be decent enough to contribute and he may surprise us if he's relieved of that responsibility.
  2. This is the key, right here. And it applies to the coach too. I like to think that in watching other sports, watching how coaches perform -- college football, professional football -- the most successful teams I've noticed have coaches who are vocal, engaged on the sidelines, intense and high-energy. It sets the tone for the team, for the individual players. They know what is expected. They hear it and see it from their coach. It trickles down to individuals in the unit. It's how leaders lead. I've seen it in the military too. It's what drove me nuts watching coaches Stevens and Hakstol.
  3. Is this the same Buffalo Rick that was on the old Philly Enquirer forum boards from years back???? The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  4. Excellent! I knew one of you old timers would come through. Loved watching that video too. Good times, good times!!
  5. Three more seasons, then three more seasons, and if we're lucky, three more seasons after that.
  6. 2nd best FA available. Don't doubt it. But it always seems to be what happens AFTER they come to this team that is so frustrating. They hardly ever (I almost feel comfortable enough about that assertion to say never ever, ever never read my lips never, not gonna do it) live up to the billing. In fact, I can't remember the last time a player picked up during FA did. I'm too sick to do the research myself, but somebody on this board must know.
  7. But the Flyers have a hard time passing on old, used-up sacks! I'm sure it would have been tempting under the old regime. Clarke and Holmgren are probably right now deliberating between a NTC and a NMC.
  8. I guess we'll find out how much of this lackadaisical, uninspiring, win one-lose one play was due to coaching and management or due to player (under)performance. Sneaky suspicion it may have just as much, if not a little more - tipping the scales ever so slightly, with the latter as opposed to the former. Players gotta play now.
  9. NHL doesn't allow toughness anymore, unfortunately. Not the old toughness the Flyers used to have anyway. This team has had a target on its back for the last 5 or 6 seasons. The "new" NHL has neutered this team and when that happened, they lost their heart and soul. Management never adapted, never figured it out. And it's been a dang shame. Miss the old days....but then I'm old!!
  10. Groin injuries are nagging. It's pretty much a given, with his track record (and luck), he'll never fully recover from this and just keep reinjuring. Kinda like a lower body concussion. I vote for cut bait.
  11. I've always thought Kessel himself looked a little bloated too. Last year he put up the most points in a season in his career. With our luck, wherever Voracek or any current Flyers goes, they'll do the same thing for their new team. It's our curse. Send anyone we trade far far away!
  12. Amen to all of this! Though I'd be ok with a little more fighting, self-policing, if you will. But then there's hardly anything to self-police these days because the NHL has neutered the game and taken all the emotion out of it.
  13. And then end up re-injuring themselves, doing more harm than good.

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