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  1. What Hakstol needs is some talented players. Problem solved.
  2. They should have traded Giroux two years ago when it made sense. Then they could of had some promising forwards coming up with the upcoming D'Men.
  3. Right there with you. I don't even watch anymore.
  4. He needs some talented players to coach. This team in loaded with slugs.
  5. How is that possible? And how is Lindros elected over him? I don't get it.
  6. I like it. He was surprisingly very effective last year. He does some bone head things once in a while but his style of play keeps the other teams guessing. I like his edge.
  7. I can't justify tying up $10-12 Mil for 1 player. Especially one who seems to be injury prone lately.
  8. Stamkos? Yikes! Now that's one I say no to.
  9. Well yeah, I wouldn't back up the truck for him, but if he can be had at a reasonable term he would be a great addition. Not many players in the league with his size/skill/grit combination. Something we are extremely lacking.
  10. We need to take a run at this guy. We need some skill with size up front.
  11. Provorov, Sanheim & Ghost are untouchable in my opinion. I'd maybe consider Morin and a current roster player plus out 1st. Although I'd hate to give up Morin's size. Tough call.
  12. What would we have to give Edmonton to move up to #4? Obviously they need defense and we need a skilled forward.
  13. Would love to see him in O&B next year. He's exactly what we need.

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