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  1. But your argument seems to be solely based that experience is everything. And the benchmark is five plus years. I think you need to look at what the players are, and what they are capable of. Ghost had a down year on a team that ranked 23 on the pp. So of course his stats will be low, the team sucked. But he has been a top player since his first full season and I have no problem giving him more responsibility. I feel the same way about Provo. If they are in a playoff hunt come midseason, i think they have to consider a move. But I dont think it will be on defense
  2. I don't think it's a wash at all. The toughness can be replaced by Morin. What you are getting is not really present in any other player on the roster. Plus you rid yourself of a liability. Technically, this is Ghosts 6 season, but I get your point. It's funny that if a defenseman is young he gets criticized for it, but wingers and centers don't. I think a young D is smart. If they don't go FAR in the playoffs that's fine. At least they got there. You can't put a price tag on that experience and you can let them grow together. Think long term, it's not a sprint
  3. However, if the talk comes from within the organization, it has more credibility than two fans debating. I dont tend to believe anything reported by media, unless verified, but they do usually get info direct from management. All that aside, the Flyers felt this was the right move and they dont seem to be worried about age. The comments Im reading are more related to leadership and mentoring. If that was Gudas' strength, he would still be here. And the suspensions are factual. He's managed to get some type of one each of the last three seasons
  4. Faster than the skating ability of Mike York?
  5. Gudas was a suspension liability everytime he stepped on the ice. If not that, then a game misconduct. The target on his back forced him to change his game which will lessen his effectiveness. Since the team is trying to build a stellar defensive in front of a franchise goalie, there is no point starting out with one leg cut off. And lets not forget the logjam at D.
  6. give me his compliment, im sure i calculated something ....once
  7. Lot of in depth analysis and opinion on this deal. At the risk of over doing it, I think this was a good move. The defense will be better in that you added a better leader who can do more (pk), with less liability. And you have only picked up a two year commitment. This should allow the younger D-men to develop without hamstringing yourself. It certainly appears there is an emphasis on suring the team defensively. And I think this puts an end to the speculation about Ghost being moved
  8. Based on things i've read, Niskanen is more of a locker room leader than Gudas is. And he doesnt bring the on ice liability. In addition to suspensions, Gudas has a habit of being ejected. It also doesnt appear he was much of a leader. Assuming he makes the team, and stays healthy, Morin will pick up the nasty edge lost by Gudas
  9. Good points. I would say the same points apply to Ghost. However, that has been discussed ad nauseam in other threads
  10. I live this time of year. Things rarely make sense. I love checking the local fishwrap in Philly every day. They have them possibly drafting everyone. I keep waiting to see a write on the availability and fit of @Podein25.
  11. An article out of Philly highlighted Myers role at the Worlds. I guess he was getting 14 minutes a game by the end. He also got to know the coach a bit. All indicators of a positve future. I dont know much about him, and the story said he was undrafted. Did the Flyers luck out and find a gem?
  12. Thats why the NHL will always be at best, number 4 in major sports
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