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  1. im ok with the Flyers sweater, but why did they put it next to a roll of toilet paper?
  2. i suggest you make a Dr. appt ASAP you must not be feeling well
  3. not taking that bet ..lol Laughton's first season was 2012-13. He only played five games. He played 31 the next season. So if you want to throw out the first because of the amount of games, ok by me. Im in agreement that players should be allowed to grow, but at some point they are what they will be. I don't see this guy turning into a consistent 25 goal scorer. And that's ok. He's a decent player. So is Raffl. But 6 Raffls + 6 Laughtons won't equal a contender. This team needs offensive players that can do damage and force the opposition to respect the threat. That did not happen this year. Somewhere is this young group, or future groups, this type players need to be drafted. Right now there are bunch of maybe's, who are loaded with "could be" talent
  4. TK is a good player, but he was a no show in the PO I agree with the defensemen NAK might be good, but then again, he might be Raffl 2.0. Speaking of which, Laughton isnt who Im referencing. Hes been here 7 years and hasnt matched Raffl in stats over the same period Lindblom? I hope he's for real, but we are concerned aboit health. No one could see that coming
  5. Carter and Richards were both drafted outside of 10. They were successful in winning two cups. I hope the pool of talent in the farm system is good enough to put the team back on the winning map for years (ala 70s and 80s). It just seems to me that every season there are new kids to discuss, and last years kids are clumped in When do all these valuable chips actually turn into significant players? By the time they do (if), it will be time to replace those older players who were significant
  6. Since i initiated this thread, i feel responsible and will put myself in timeout I will refrain from responding for at least a few minutes
  7. Pods lives in Canada. Thats reason enough to move there
  8. Pitlick gone. NAK in. Which do you prefer?
  9. So did I.... Then the season started
  10. since there are no games tonight, whats everyone drinking I think I will go with Bourbon

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