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  1. I think the forum needs a vacation! beers, bar-b-q, and Bourbon
  2. Settle down! What happened, you not sleep last night? I have no problem with Wade Allison. I just thought it curious you were okay putting a rookie on the second line, while saying another rookie couldn't be expected to have an impact. Maybe you and I have a different understanding of the definition of "contradiction". I didn't know it would get you all triggered
  3. To say a person's take on the subject matter, or opinion (same thing I suppose), is "ridiculously judgemental" is, well, judgemental. By reverse, a person could say your take is, blind naivete. There are fans who will love Flyer players no matter what they do. Perhaps this is you. I know it used to be me. Then there are fans who will criticize for a myriad of reasons, all usually based on some level of emotional disappointment (prolly me now). Neither are wrong That said, I disagree with your premise here. I don't think anyone is saying, "they should all walk around hu
  4. Is Cote Irish? I swear, I never saw a Flyer tough guy take so many punches to the face. He's got to have some long term lingering issues from that. Isn't he employed by the Flyers in some role? That's proof right there
  5. SHe looks like Riley Cote after his nightly two minutes of game time
  6. by the same token, you're pushing it as "steak and shrimp", diminishing it to fit your narrative what he said was, "I still remember AV (Vigneault) coming in,” Scott said. “We all went to Prague to start the season and won. We came back and had a big celebration with ownership and really the front office, the players, the coaching staff and significant others. He talked about a new era with the Flyers. We’ve all bought into that." taking in the totality of circumstances, that sounds like he's pushing it as big thing to make his point
  7. fair point. I agree. But in this case, referencing having a "big" celebration for a meaningless win is on par with celebrating Scott Laughton leading the team in playoff scoring it doesn't get you very far
  8. This was exactly my point and why I started the thread
  9. we offer it to both, they will accept, switch lockers then go into long term covid protocol
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