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  1. why didnt we all pitch in an buy him a porsche?
  2. i dont want any part of him. He`s a bust and the sooner he is gone the better. i`ll help him pack and drive his ass outta town
  3. 30 goals is still pretty damn good. I'll take it. It will be enough to lead this team this season
  4. So what to do with that? Why did he suck with the Flyers, tear it up in toronto, then suck again? what makes this happen? Personally, I think he is a head case with talent. He wont ever reach his ceiling with the Flyers. Guess what? His trade value will never be higher!
  5. the other thing that bugs me, and its particularly specific to the Flyers at the moment, the break can derail momentum. Coming off a couple of key games, and a win against PIT, they now have to shut it down. It will suck goat balls if they come out after the break and lose 4 out of 6 Side note, I recognize the benefit of injured players getting to heal, and how that benefits the Flyers also
  6. A lot of this goes back to a discussion being had in another thread about injuries. These players can't afford to get hurt, so they cant play a game at the true level. NBA and MLB are closest since they are non contact sports. Since that is the reality, and making money on these gimmicks is the goal, I just as soon be done with them
  7. I used to love the All-Star games for NBA, NHL and MLB. It was cool to see what a team would look like if it had all the best players on one roster. Now its just gimmicks and ever changing formats, so i have lost interest. I'll watch it if Im bored and nothing else is on. I have never watched NFL Pro-Bowl I do not watch ANYTHING NBA I'll watch MLB All Star game if it fits my schedule NHL skills competitions are the only ones still somewhat fresh and interesting
  8. we have a 30 goal scorer firmly rooting himself on the 3 and 4th lines. Thats the Flyers for you "There's just no reason for the Flyers to do it." Excellent point. I totally agree. There is no rush when it comes to this. See what you have and hold your cards close. At seasons end you can look to make major changes. Maybe there is a deal at the deadline for Ghost, Jake or JVR.
  9. its simple, you trade them at a point when their trade value will never be higher. Thats normally one good game
  10. riley cote....i figured everyone else was doing it, why not me? seriously....I hate every player who isnt on the flyers, wish them all ill will, and would like to punch all of them
  11. todays game has been softened to protect monetary investments. players in the 70s/80s played with injuries because they loved the sport, competed hard and didnt want to sit out. In an era of over caution and fear of liability, injuries are assessed as more serious. Therefore, there are more of them.
  12. i just dont see a scenario where a high profile mascot, at a public event, could do something like what is alleged, without a video or witness who saw it. It sounds to me like the kid may have gotten a bit out of control hitting gritty in the head, and the dad is blowing it out of proportion for an attempt to "cash in"
  13. "Heim-ers" there is a comment about "cherry" rolling around in my head, but it isnt materializing

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