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  1. This is a prerequisite to be a flyer They are issued Guitar hero and rum punch upon signing
  2. I like OUR thoughts. Its like sitting in a kiddie pool, wearing an inflatable raft, playing catch with a plugged in hair dryer The mind of a lunatic is a vast expanse
  3. Rux, i like your view on Seattle. I think keeping jake and exposing him makes the most sense. You create a space to jettison the dead weight, while protecting someone else. On the flip side, maybe by some miraculous surgical procedure, he figures oit how to remove his head from his ass. Its a win win considering your relaistic expectations have to be JUST making the playoffs
  4. No way, as a first season coach, i trade two pr3ven assests without getting back player(s) that will help the team immediately
  5. Is this.the new standard by which Flyer players will be judged? Voracek is in trouble
  6. Last week they played on my birthday. You got the win and i didnt Forum pet!
  7. Trade him now! His value will never be higher
  8. Funny you mentioned that. I saw a guy in his late teens/early 20s wearing a macdonald jersey My first thought was , does his kid get in for free?
  9. I get your point. And i hope your right. Im just illustrating the Flyers track record of drafting isnt very good
  10. Actually, he does mention it. He doesn't detail, but its there. If you missed it, that makes your point. It wasnt emphasized I bought tix on stubhub. I paid $114 for 2, but i could have gotten cheaper. I paid that much to sit where i wanted and still be reasonable. Parking was $20 (ugh). Beer was somewhere around 15 for a 20 ounce, and coffe was around 5. The $7 popcorn was absurd. The fan gear was consistent with online prices, theres always cheaper options Going in to this I knew i would spend money. But i did because it was the flyers and i had an expectation based on past experience that made the decision easy. To Sielskis point though, it was the on ice product that made question whether it was worth it I was disappointed

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