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  1. Giroux- veteran Coots- veteran JVR- veteran Hayes- veteran Nisky- veteran Voracek- veteran Elliott- veteran Provy- veteran Braun- veteran Konecny- veteran Raffl - veteran Laughton- worthless veteran Thompson, grant, pitlick, brassard, ghost, Gustafson, Atkinson
  2. Rikard Grönborg?? I had no idea who this guy is, so I read up on him. That would be out of the box thinking. I dont think Fletch has the stones though
  3. I have always loved the trade deadline speculation. There was a time when the Flyers would make a trade mid season and add apiece to an already potent line up. It's been a long time . Recent years have obviously been different, and the excitement/anticipation is mired in hope. The Flyers just completed their second 10 game "winless" steak this season . They have lost 21 of 26. I dont recall a worse time. I'm excited now, hopeful, because I feel like we have finally reached zero ground. It can't get worse, can it? They have no choice but to clean house....right?
  4. We're evolving. I have a new partner. He needs some training. However he is signed to a long term contract which he won't be worth by the time it's over
  5. Wait AV took 2 teams to the finals? That can't be true. If so then those 2 teams must have been soo good, they could win in spite of his ineptitude I just read he has a bunch of wins as an NHL coach. That's weird
  6. I dont disagree However, going into the 2019 playoffs, this was one of the hottest teams in the league. Many of us thought they were legit contenders and I dont recall a lynch mob forming for AVs head. I dont care that he got fired. I care that they blamed another coach for the players failures
  7. No. I dont know this. If some other coach turns this current roster in to winners, then I will know AV was the problem I'm not addicted to the o/b Kool aid that makes people think every player who steps on the ice is a stud
  8. Jim Montgomery (assuming he has gotten his alcohol issues under control) Claude Julien, Mike Babcock, John Tortorella
  9. Just a year? When did you become Mojo1917?
  10. So when can we expect this to take place? He has a coaching record of 178-200, and a .406%
  11. "Flyers' record losing streak is 9 games in 2006; record winless streak is 12 games in '99" Challenge accepted
  12. Why would tocchet be any tougher or hold players more accountable than AV did? Being a tough bastard is not a reason to hire a coach. Neither is the fa t you were a significant player for past Flyer teams. We don't need nostalgia. We've had, STILL HAVE, enough of that
  13. I'd be ok with Babcock. Isnt he facing some kind of legal issue?
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