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  1. No way this works. These two will compete with each other over who can do the least, and be voted "laziest" on team
  2. Caveat: we are Philly fans, we have an endless supply of hate.
  3. Start with Chuck, let it trickle to AV, then bump it up to Risto. By the time you get there a clearly defined a$$-hat will emerge Trust the process
  4. we're Flyer fans and its a new season. We are goldfish
  5. Whether I care or not has nothing to do with how the team performs
  6. @radoran I personally don't give a rats ass about contracts and term. Players come and go. My only real investment in that part of this team, is the info I get from the good people on this forum, yourself included. I'm not saying I'm ignorant of it, or that I don't see the significance. I just don't really care. All I want is a team in the ice that either good enough to compete, or hungry enough to play thier asses off
  7. I'm never thrilled when I am, so I try hard to stay away from wrong. Drives my wife nuts If the signings are measured by results, then isnt the negativity at the beginning of a contract a premature reaction. Shouldnt we wait until the end to figure out if we should have been pissed about it
  8. it really doesn't. we will be able to trade him for a 6th round pick and second stint of Ghost, after he wins his cup with some other team
  9. some day I will pass on into the abyss. I know this depresses many of you, but hold your tears. I will hold on to my Flyers pessimism until that day
  10. i find it tough to believe this would happen
  11. i clearly see the difference. As for the point of Hayes strong arming the team, do you blame him? It isn't his fault they offered the contract. It's a business, right? My point is, that we shred management for every long term contract they sign, except if it's for a guy we like. If Hayes comes out and has a 30+ goal season and the team has a good playoff run, was he worth it? Or more specifically, should the Flyers happen to win a cup during his time here, will we still bitch about the length of the signing? Sometimes a little tappy-tap on the brakes can rel
  12. i don't consider it any type of mistake
  13. So Chucky signs Coots and Farabee and then brings in Brasaard Seriously, I think he reads this forum and does this stuff just to fck with us
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