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  1. They havent been competing for the last six weeks. Why should anyone expect that will change? The competing is up to the players. If they arent doing thier individual best, the coach will know. Sit those players. Any team doing a rebuild faces the same issue. They get poinded on while they develop and learn This team is no different, except that the franchise has never really admitted to undergoing a rebuild, or needing to
  2. Yes Lets kids like allison play. Take the pressure off Hart. Use this as evaluation for next year
  3. Crosby is wearing abeard. He looks like when Cartman bought pubes
  4. he just showed you..... how to turn a PP into a penalty
  5. Jake skates it in the zone... then skates it out of the zone...then plays it back to his defensive end...then floats around watching others try to make plays he's conserving the minutes he can control
  6. we were discussing Hartnell and Taryn Is it just me, or does he look like one of those monkeys banging symbols
  7. Morin Out! Game turned OFF! I am heading to DC tomorrow to see my son get hitched. No need to start my vacation on a sour note 7-3 pens. Crater gets a hattie and that other ex-flyer guy, I forget who he is, will get another one
  8. weird that during the time frame the Flyers have played their most pussified hockey, the biggest puss in the league has run roughshod over them
  9. Wasnt it Hatcher who crosschecked Cindy in the mouth, his rookie season?
  10. I might watch just to see if Sam will beat up someone. Then again, I might have anything else to do
  11. I hate the Penguins more than I hate a inflamed case of the clap. I fcking hate them! ...and I hate the franchise (flyers....right now)!
  12. I really think there is something to this. Last season I remember games where they were down a goal or two, then they would flip the switch and score in boatloads. How many times did we make jokes about JVR scoring junk goals in a 6-2 game? It just seems like something happened after that round robin run to the top seed. I have no specific "evidence" to point to, but it just seems like there is total dysfunction. I personally think key players either want out, or want changes to go their way. And assuming they know the coach isn't going anywhere, this is the result I wo
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