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  1. So...does the Flyers organization REALLY have a plan? Im sure they do. But like Mike Tyson said, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face"
  2. why am I both proud, and offended? well, I would be offended if I had any feelings
  3. why do I feel like this is Carson Wentz part deaux? Is it a Philly thing?
  4. the X factor in al this is coaching. AV is good at what he does. He might be able to make adjustments to get the most out of the club
  5. I hope we are all over reacting, but it seems like they over estimated this team. I get the injury problems are a factor, but a team with depth can overcome that I think OR is right, Fletch is not in jeopardy of losing his job. He will be forced to face the reality that the team isnt good enough. Best of luck to him trying to dig out of this dumpster
  6. Good post. However, I dont understand the switch. As stated, we have all these "homegrown" dmen, and for several years the discussion has been solidly about how good they "will" be, given time. Now the discussion is about how they might not be, and there is fan acceptance of possible trades Well what friggin good is all this "development", if it isnt panning out? And what does this say about expectations of those "still developing"? If this highly touted farm system is chock full of potential impact players, when can we expect to see them? This goes back to one of our f
  7. This is how ive been feeling since the end of last season. Who is that guy that other teams have to game plan against? The current success will mask the shortcomings that are lying under the surface. Again, just like the playoffs. The team looked great until it was exposed by a faster, more physical opponent in series We keep hearing about the depth they have. Where is it?
  8. If you look and own the lineup, there are no players who fit this mold. I don't know that you can ask them to focus on that, when the result on the ice is what we just saw for 2 games. However, this is what happened last season, the team won a lot of games but didn't have to be physical. Then playoffs rolled around and they got knocked all over the ice. The coaches would have to instill the mental commitment to the being physical to get this group to be that Option 2... personnel changes that allow a physical player to be brought in
  9. well 2021 is starting off as bat **** crazy as 2020...has this ever happened before? A Pissburg player fined for a cheap shot on a flyer?
  10. Nice to see you are channeling your inner CoachX
  11. yup...frost call me hayes....im slow
  12. I think we should just tap the brakes a bit. Things are going well and we are two games in. Two big games with wins. If Coots is out, make a move to replace him with your next best Center, and fill the vacancy with the best available center. I would assume this is Frost?
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