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  1. Lets not jump off the ledge. I expect the NHL to do everything it can to have playoffs this season. Next season will be fine and no teams will fold
  2. Interesting. Werent you the guy yesterday who was upset because this was interrupting your ability to watch hockey and Austin Matthews quest for 50 goals? I dunno, maybe this puts things in perspective. Maybe the NHL did the right thing
  3. the longer it goes, the easier the decision will be. you can always say you have next season to consider if you started the playoffs as is. they would do it for Pissburg
  4. based on the article, the pct points idea sounds fair. if not that, I would think they set a format where all teams play the same number of games. If you take this route, how do you accomplish this? Do you just have the team with a lower number of games played finish up while the other teams just sit and wait? im not sure that is fair because it would be like giving those teams tune up games going into the playoffs. but then again, these could be crucial games that knock them out of the PO picture,making it a moot point.
  5. I forgot all about Oscar and Patrick. I dont see either playing this season As for JVR, im convinced it'll be expansion draft for him
  6. So what happens now? For the Flyers this is an opportunity. Assuming the league resumes and there are play offs, this time benefits them. Myers and Thompson can heal. Hart and Elliott can rest, and we know there is always a mystery injury that not reported in Flyerland, that is the cause for some player's poor performance. I don't know if the stoppage halting their momentum will have a negative effect or not, but that would be my biggest worry I read that the playoffs, if they happen, can extend into July, and possibly impact off season events. That would be interesting. A question on my mind, if the season is cancelled, what moves do the Flyers make in the off season based on how the team was playing at the time of stoppage?
  7. I"m a specific person. I dont speak in generalities
  8. not at all. I reached pandemic proportions years ago, but the health care industry chose to ignore it. they gave me a shot instead
  9. I ****** hate covid-19
  10. Tough break. Our boys were making an impact They can rest up and get healthy in case play resumes
  11. Wow! I was initially joking. But now I reiterate my point about not arguung with an idiot
  12. ABSOLUTELY! The NHL should ignore public safety and open themselves for massive lawsuits, just to satisfy the personal "wants" of Leafs fans. That makes all the sense in the world next thing you know they will be rigging the draft to save the "darlings" of the league from bankruptcy ...... oh ,wait
  13. never argue with an idiot... they will just drag you down to there level and beat you with experience (yes, this applies to Leafs fans)
  14. one potential upside....if they cancel the season we can say the flyers didnt lose the Stanley Cup

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