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  1. Well I called it. I posted they would win. Yay! Im smart again.. until next game
  2. If they don't move him and decide to re-sign, it has to be small term/small cap Lets assume what we are seeing is a result of his medical issue. Maybe thats a fixable issue. Ok, it get fixed. What then? Prior to this he was a decent player at best. And he has a history of injury related issues throughout his career. At this point you are holding on to nothing more than a faint hope you have a diamond in the rough. The reality suggests not The team needs help right now! He cant provide any of that wearing o/b
  3. This comment caused me to spike my coffee
  4. Put me in the camp that supports you. Im on a day off and have coffee in hand
  5. Well, well, well ..... Giroux shows up big. Finally, this is what we have all been asking for Great job G. i hope its a sign of things to come
  6. The REAL captain did do something. After smashing his stick, Coots shot a slapper Im certain was aimed to go right through Jarrys friggin melon
  7. Down 3-0 in the first 4 minutes. The team is reeling and in need of something.... Giroux, of course does nothing! Hit someone. Score a goal. Get an assist. Pick a fight, even if you have to get the extra 2. PINCH SOMEONES ASS FOR FCKS SAKE! Show some friggin heart man! Your team is getting embarrassed
  8. NAK needs to be in the lineup. He's definitely the better option over bunnyman, or any other AHL call up they have
  9. My new life motto... I just hope mrsX never finds out
  10. Local guy I know distills his own using an accelerated process. Hes a retired military pilot and current pilot for a major airline. We play beer league together Anyway, if you can find it, its called
  11. Im not suggesting pulling the plug in him permanently. Im saying that he is getting thumped pretty soundly in key games this season. If Elliott is hot hand, and you go with him, does it jack Hart up long term? This is much like the discussion of Coots. Are his best years going to be overshadowed by being on a bad team? Is Hart going to be emotionally/mentally damaged by the same thing? Its something Im worried about
  12. Good point. That was the first 2 games of the season. Since then they have lost 5 straight to BOS, with Hart in goal 4 of those games. He also has a 6-1 defeat against Buffalo Moose is in net tonight. If he wins, is there a goalie controversy facing the team?
  13. I predict they will take this game. Its part of the cycle. Just at the point where we all see the stake hovering over their heart, they pull a rabbitt out of their ass and give us all false hope Its kinda like when Bugs Bunny finally beat that frggin turtle, only to get arrested by an over zealous po-po (prolly a distant coachx ancestor)
  14. You can yell as loud as you want. But in the end, all your posts are based on hope and circumstance The Flyers keep losing important games/series at the most important times, against the best talent So unless, they manage a miracle, your POV will never come to fruition. This is a simple debate of emotion vs. objectivity
  15. And there it is! This has not, and most likely, will not happen
  16. Yes. I would move TK, for the right price. Im not sure what his problem is, but at this point i wouldnt call it a slump All star last season, then a complete drop off since
  17. They definitely need to do something different. They keep adding peripheral parts to a core of that cant get it done. Its time they make a bold move to really shake things up Obviously you keep Coots, Hayes and Farabee, and Provy, Myers and Sanhiem on D. The rest can be blown to pieces and moved for....wait for it...a REBUILD! The horror!
  18. They play well against weak teams and get taken to the wood shed against top teams Anyone care to guess what that results in? The consistent weak defense, the abysmal power play and lackluster effort indicate this team will not get better So, is it coaching? Or is it sub par talent?
  19. what an exciting first period. Its so nice to see the players getting along and showing good sportsmanship
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